Ready To Retire From Your Space In The Old Reality?


Mission accomplished. And what a mission it was! Whether you were consciously aware of it or not, we have been busy purging, releasing, and re-aligning for the next platform of reality for the past several weeks, and we are finally done.

(If you have been having feelings of insecurity or perhaps an unusual lack of confidence or even a feeling of dis-connect, know that it is only because you have successfully let go of parts of yourself that are not needed in the higher realms. You will be back on track once again in no time!)

This great feat did not need to occur intentionally for us. As we are lightworkers and always and completely connected, we experience for all of the whole. It is a given and will always be so. It can be no other way. (And we need not intentionally activate this grid, as it is always in perfect position…any meddling of this perfection would only serve to create a great disruption and distraction from the perfect connection that we have always had. All is always and will continue to be in divine right order without any intentional meddling ever needed.)

This completion phase can manifest as a strong desire to simply do nothing for awhile, or perhaps take a very needed vacation and just hang out with no responsibilities. If you have been feeling as though you were wading through quicksand trying to get anything accomplished, really dragging, not wanting to have to do anything, feeling a great resistance to your old duties and ways, or even feeling exhausted or crabby, you are most likely experiencing this latest energetic space we are currently in.

The universe would like us to bask for awhile. The universe would like us to pamper ourselves. The universe would like us to take a “day off.” The universe would like us to just be. The world will not fall apart if we take this time for ourselves. It has been rightfully designated. We need now really give to ourselves for a brief time.

These feelings and desires are also in alignment with higher realms reality. In the higher realms, we are basically “retired.” If you have been searching for a way to retire of late, this is why. What does “retired” exactly mean?

Not having to be anywhere at a certain time. Having no agendas. Having all our needs met easily and effortlessly. Having no responsibilities. Having complete and total freedom. Doing what we want each and every moment of each and every day. Living in our passion, while we spend most of our time in creativity and/or in service. Sitting still and enjoying our loved ones, and simply loving each other.

Yes, we are really here now. We have arrived at yet another rung on the higher realms ladder. This new reality of great peace and contentment, along with a new unity of helping each other and connecting through our passions and purpose, is at hand once again.

As lightworkers, we have been so very dedicated. And as mentioned earlier, even though some of us might not be consciously aware of what we are accomplishing, we are accomplishing much. This last phase of the solstice and Mercury retrograde inspired “clearing” and aligning went very deep, and really took a toll on some of us.

But we have cleared the way for another energetic leap, and we will now see great rewards. The see-saw process of ascension is on-going…as it only serves to provide for us better and better feeling spaces.

If you are one who is not feeling top notch right now, or perhaps even experiencing shell shock energy from this shift, or even a bit down, the best thing you can do is to align yourself with the new energies we are now residing in. And this involves really giving to ourselves.

Yes, we can let go for awhile. We can take a break. Doing this places us in alignment, and when we are in alignment, this is when all our needs are magically met. This is what the universe wants us to do. Resisting this current space is what causes the discomfort. Letting go is what will bring us back into the higher realms. And simply being.

We can now really allow the universe to bring us what we need. By being willing to be shown our next step, or perhaps even how to solve a dilemma of how to retire, or any other situations that we seem to have no solutions for, opens the door for the answers to arrive. Be willing. Allow.

This new space of beauty, peace, unity, and ecstasy is actually here. We need only allow ourselves to be in this space. We can tap into it through our intent and by letting go of the illusion of where we think we are. Just focus and look. Look for it. See it. Allow yourself to go there now, as it is here. Leave one world and enter another. Find it in the eyes of your partner, or perhaps in the eyes of your four-legged companion. See it in the eyes of another as you connect as one. See it in the beauty of nature. Hear it in the melody of a beautiful song. Smell it in a flower garden. Feel it with your fingers as you stroke the texture of magnificent creation.

Stop for awhile and rest. Re-connect now to the next rung of our evolutionary ladder. The universe wants you to do this. The universe is telling you that this is the way it was intended. We are being granted this awesome and beautiful experience of basking and being. It is our gift for our incredible service as the light bearers that we are. We are magnificent beings indeed. Yes, we are being appreciated and thanked.

Where will your place in heaven be? Where will you reside? What will your reality look like? What will you allow to come into your space? What will you create?

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.

Until next time,

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