September 6, 2004: Good-Bye "Old"

As we move into another stage of entering a New reality and a New World, much energy is moving and being released. We have closed the door to our old “home” and packed up what we wish to take with us into a New way of being and living. As the experience of moving carries with it many emotions and tensions, we are feeling them, even if we are not fully conscious of why. As the energies have begun to move swiftly, supporting our move forward, we may be feeling short tempered, edgy, having heart palpitations (from the strong moving energy), pulled in too many directions, scattered, and a bit on overload, just as we would if we were having to make all the many adjustments and plans to “relocate” in any reality. At some level we know that something monumental is about to occur, but may not be fully aware of what. In addition, as we are not in our “old homes” any longer, at times we are in a state of “huh?”, not knowing really WHERE we are! We may be losing our balance and feel “turned around” and confused. Feelings of an emptiness, a void within, a “blank slate” state of mind and a “where am I?” and “what do I do now?” sort of feeling are all indicators of the transitional state we are currently in, but soon will pass.

As the decision making phase and last minute energetic preparation phase have been completed, our next step has been triggered and is being felt. We are surely and swiftly moving ahead. As the light is very predominant now, and we have made our individual choices whether to stay and support the light and the New World close at hand, anything else is being severely pushed to the surface for release. As the remaining energies of the old are being met by the now full throttle energies of the New, some are experiencing accidents and health situations. All is being met head-on. There is what feels like a “frenzy” of energy moving now. We were given a very LONG period of very slow moving energy throughout the last few months, to integrate the New energy of the Venus transit and to fully allow our souls to have ample time in this remaining last stage to embody all the light they chose to and to be as fully prepared as possible to embrace the New. Our souls know very well what they are doing, and we need not worry about not being good enough or that perhaps we will be left behind, etc. Not possible. We are all perfect and divine beings of light, and our decisions were made according to what we each chose to have as our next experience…….to create and experience the New World or pass up this particular experience. And perhaps EVERYONE has decided to experience the New World!

This clashing of energies, along with the high tensions and emotions being released on the planet, is creating situations in form. The violent school incident we have heard about in Russia, and the hurricane situation here in the United States, to name a few, are instances of rapid moving energy being released and then manifesting in form. As most of us are aware, similar energies attract similar energies in a perfect matching puzzle, always explaining why some are affected and some are not. Beings who wish to leave at this point, will use these opportunities as a vehicle and a gift for their departure into the higher realms. All is in divine right order and has been orchestrated at a soul level by each individual soul in complete perfection. At the same time, this is a time when much of the catastrophic predictions have been greatly diminished, as so many in the past few years have chosen to embody light and a higher way of being. As WE are the ultimate creators, and as we are now so beautifully and rapidly connecting with our own souls and higher states of consciousness, we can now become “conscious creators”, and chose how we wish this process to unfold. As we focus our energies in unison, we can easily create a transitional state that is graceful, supportive and gentle for all.

On Friday, I was in a friend's yard and we were both looking at her garden. Suddenly, I felt a tremendous impact on the side of my leg, precisely where I had sustained a severe leg injury three years ago (and was just now getting back to walking normally!). Her very large dog had evidently leapt up in the air to catch a bug and landed on my leg. The pain was substantial enough to lead me to believe that I had broken it again, or perhaps dislodged all the hardware within. After some prompting with the doctor, we both decided that it would absolutely not be broken. He agreed to play, and gave me a thumbs up. The x-ray technician also agreed, and even said that we would create a miracle right then and there, and the x-rays would indicate that there were no broken bones. With the pain I was in and my inability to walk, this almost seemed a tall order, but I had a lot of cooperation! Well, the x-rays indeed indicated no broken bones, but the doctor insisted that I had sustained some damage to the soft tissue and would need more testing. After a day at home in a brace and on crutches, I was able to walk normally with no pain or assistance. Aware of “why” the incident had occurred, and now deciding to go in a direction that was better suited to me and my purpose and passion (which I had know for awhile, but was taking forever to get there!), I decided that the painful part was no longer necessary. When we decide and know where we are going, why can't we be conscious creators, and make it as painless as possible? Can we unite our energies and create a peaceful, graceful and gentle transition by knowing it is already done and it is now the new reality we are experiencing?

It is time for us to begin mastering our emotions and mastering the now high vibrational and very powerful energy that is running through us. As filters and vehicles that Source energy pours through, we create and experience what this energy hits and activates within us. By consciously training our thoughts as purposeful creators and by holding our emotions in balance and love, our outcomes and the outcomes of the planet can be drastically altered. We can master our vibrations. We can command what we want. We are not victims and the New energies will support us in whatever we choose, but we must “choose” and not just be “waiting” to see whatever happens. These New energies are at a much higher vibration than what we are used to. By default, we will individually begin seeing what we are about and how we are choosing to run our energies. This in itself, will be a great catalyst and inspiration for mastering our thoughts and emotions. There are many modalities out there to assist, and others will soon arrive. Meditation (I, personally, have never meditated, as it does not work for me), the Sedona Method, Abraham-Hicks, yoga, breath work, or just being in the moment are a few. And for sure, just have fun, goof around, enjoy yourself and play! You will know and be guided to what works precisely for you. In addition, we have the opportunity to experience a great influx of Source energy. Sherri and I have both had, as I am sure have many of you, experiences lately of feeling great surges of energy. We have noticed that if we focus our thoughts on gratitude (which this energy puts us in naturally anyway), or other higher emotions, we can hold, play with and manipulate the energy for longer periods of time. It is here for our access and in this state of experiencing this strong Kundalini energy, we receive so much clarity as well!

In the next few months, it may seem as though our structures are being turned upside down (or right side up!). Everything will be coming to a final crescendo, all at once, with all the old finally being exposed in a vast upsurgence of events. Things may seem very chaotic with “unrest” present and a theme of destruction. That IS NOT what is going on. As there will be no more energy to support any lower vibrational ways of being, anything vibrating in the old will begin to collapse. This is simply the process that allows the New to arrive. As much of this has already been accomplished at the higher levels of our being and our planet, it has now finally trickled down to the physical, which is always the last to experience a transformation. The planetary alignments in October will bring in the blueprint for the changes in form energy. September will have a theme of removing old energies as they come up to the surface for release.

This process of the next few months is part of our arrival into the New World. The old structures and ways of being in the physical are now ready to leave. There will be so much to take their place! We will finally get to begin creating a world that we have always known. Many of us are already experiencing a new success in our work and feeling a “readiness” to move forward. As we have already been individually aligned with the higher ways of being, in that we do not want to do things that we do not want to do, we are now tuned up to do and “be” only what is ours to do and “be”. We will eventually be supported in only doing what is ours to do, which is vibrating our own unique way through our particular gifts and passions. Everything else will be someone else's gift and passion! Part of this “ascension” process involves releasing all of the aspects and multidimensional parts of ourselves where we have infused our “original” energy. We now get to begin coming home to our purest vibration. And in our current reality, no more dissipating our energies into forms that do not support our purest intention before birth! If we are feeling that we are doing everything but what we really want to do, it is just our evolutionary process indicating that this stage is well underway. And in addition, the New way of “being” is to simply put out our request to the universe and allow Source energy to do the legwork. We need only be in our passion and joy, in the moment. We are weary and tired of “doing” all these tedious chores and mindless errands because we are “tuned up” to a New way of being that is yet to arrive.

A friend of mine whom I had not spoken to for awhile was telling me a story recently about her new relationship with her new partner. She said that he was a person who got lost easily and did not have a good sense of direction. As he would navigate his car out of a parking lot, he could rarely remember which direction to go in and could not remember where he was or how he had gotten there. Instead of becoming frustrated and impatient and judgmental with him (as she would normally have done), my friend decided to take a different stance. She now very calmly and lovingly guides him in the direction they need to go in, and he willingly accepts her guidance and support. In this way, they are now a team. In times to come, as many others will need our guidance and support as they will be confused and not know where they are, we will be poised and ready to offer our loving assistance. In addition, once again, the feminine energies will be leading the way. We know where we are going and we know what is going on, as many, many others will not. As things begin to collapse and people may become fearful, we are the lights that will shine the way for all to follow. We will begin to create the New World as we have always envisioned it. Get ready. Our time is here. We know what to do.

Are you ready to create the New World?  Are you ready to make your unique contribution of passion and creativity?

I thank you for sharing in my joy of being me through this energy alert.  Many blessings, much peace and incredible joy in these miraculous times,




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