Sharp, Cutting, Moving, and Direct...We Move Out the Old


The current energies are interesting indeed. I love it when they are new and surprising, as it is always fun to see something I have never seen before. It keeps us new and fresh, and certainly always open.

Laser intensity, sharp, disruptive, pushing…always moving, and cutting can best describe what is currently occurring for us now with the energies present. It is now or never….the new absolutely has to move in…and a no nonsense approach is needed. These cutting and sharp energies are supporting our current evolutionary stance.

The new and higher ways must be direct. They must tell it like it is. And in addition, in the higher realms, energy simply moves in and moves out. Always direct (like our new little ones!), with no room for maybe’s, second chances, and we will wait attitudes.

These new energies and this latest phase of evolutionary growth is manifesting in a variety of ways. You may find yourself ever busy, wondering it you will ever catch up with all there is to do for your new creations and for your new spaces. With all the pushing and direct energy, it may seem like it is now or never for the new. Will we ever get to sit back and bask again? With all the immediate manifestations, can we keep up with it all? With the new and fast energies pulling us this way and that, it can be difficult to stay focused and on track.

Here in the US, Paris Hilton is creating much controversy, as she was sentenced to a short jail term and then released early. She is embodying much of this latest energy that is serving to support the energies of directness, now or never, no room for second chances, and the like.

This latest energy is very tight. It is creating disruption in our lives, squeezing, and a tense attitude of a choking nature. Here is the big picture: It is absolutely finally time for the old structures, paradigms, and systems to completely fall. In the past few weeks this has created fear in many ways. It first created a holding on for dear life and an attacking scenario based in fear. But now, the new is really pushing out the old. Because the time for the old is now absolutely over, the new is not willing to wait one more second. “Enough already,” it seems to be saying. “Your time is over.”

Consequently, it seems to be getting stranger and stranger, and uglier and uglier “out there.” Everything will begin to fall rapidly now, not much of anything will make sense, and there will literally be no energy to hold these lower vibrating creations together.

So then, many of us will be motivated now more than ever to stay in our sacred spaces of home, to stay in our places of the beauty we have created, and to stay in the higher vibrating surroundings we have made for ourselves.

We, of course, will not and do not need to be involved with what is falling. After things have fallen to a certain degree, it will then be time to move in and introduce the new. Yes, it will be time to introduce new and higher ways of living and being, and thus, our store-fronts.

We are in the final vestiges of the falling away of the old 3D physical reality. Many will begin looking for something new and different. “What do we hold onto now?” many will ask in panic. It will be our responsibility as lightworkers to have created a firm foundation of the new that works in the higher realms we now find ourselves residing in.

Behind the energetic line of dimensional hierarchies, we are creating these new and beautiful spaces. And these new spaces feel absolutely awesome indeed. We will want to be in them as much as possible. As mentioned so many times in the past, we will go back to the old, which is waiting for the guidance we have been receiving and now embody, for short periods of time to teach, advise, and support, and then return to our sacred spaces.

Because of “the fall,” many will now be ready and poised to accept something new, and the something that we have to offer. It is supposed to get uglier and uglier out there. Everything is supposed to fall apart. This is a part of our evolutionary process in divine and perfect order.

The more tapped in we are to a higher vibrating reality, the more our lives will flow with ease and all our needs will be met. It is a matter of residing here or there….in a higher or lower vibrating reality. We came to support the ascension process through ourselves. We are supposed to be supported. We are supposed to be successful. Our suffering days are over. It was not intended for us to be a part of what is falling apart. We are miles beyond that. The fear and falling are not ours to be a part of. We are being protected. We need not get caught up in it. Our reality is meant to be different, as we are ahead of the game and we are the wayshowers.

This is the way it was meant to be. All is in order. Watch as miracles occur that will protect you. Watch as you find yourself in a very protected sacred space. Watch as your world begins to build and strengthen. Watch as perfect solutions arrive for you that were right there all along and just not tapped into yet. And know that you are now residing in the reality of your dreams…not the reality of what is now departing.

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.

Until next time,  

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