Something Wonderful is About to Happen

Get ready! October will bring in a full manifestation of our new roles, our new purposes, and a whole new set of “responsibilities” to our beautiful planet earth. Our “careers” will blast off, as we will then be poised and ready to offer the services of our heart’s desires to those in need of them. Not only will our new store-fronts or portals for receiving money be activated and greatly utilized, but many miracles, higher connections to others, new arrivals of hopes and dreams, and much of everything else will fall in our laps as well. There will be so much going on for us in October, that we will barely be able to keep up!

During this lull of the past several weeks and even for awhile longer, we are undergoing a process of preparation for our new roles. We are opening more, and readying in many ways to be carrying new responsibilities. We will be holding much more light, and thus, carrying much more responsibility for the awakening and evolution of the planet. Our very new “assignments” are being placed within us most assuredly now.

Within this lull or eye of the storm, it can seem very quiet. We may think that our jobs are drying up, that our source of income is waning and perhaps over forever, or even that we are sitting here twiddling our thumbs with nothing much occurring anywhere for us. We needed a rest and we needed to rejuvenate from the gut wrenching energies of July and the latter part of June. After this restful period and still within the lull, we then began the “re-wiring” or rather preparation period for our service to humanity…our service to those on differing rungs of the evolutionary ladder. And we will indeed be needed.

The full solar eclipse of August 1st opened the door for these new arrivals. It was the start of a very new beginning….at last. Most recently, it was time to really let go of much. It was time to cleanse and clear out anything in our lives which no longer fit us, which dragged us down, and which placed us in a less desirable space that what we would have preferred. The interactions and manifestations of the past year and a half that were not as pleasant as we would have hoped, were now very over. The time for doing what we really did not want to do is now very over. Experiencing any unpleasantness is now very over. Any sacrifices on our parts are now very over. (Apologies here….I have been writing on my book so much of late that I’m having a hard time putting a sentence together!)

We have literally left one world behind and are now fully enmeshed in another reality. This new reality is so very light, so very quick to manifest our every thought, so very loving, so very there, so very free, so very complete, and so very magical indeed. Currently, these energies are surrounding us but in a much more quiet and peaceful way. Come October, they will be much more forceful, moving, and will manifest so much for us that we may become overloaded with too much of a good thing.

During this time of movement into the new, some of our animal companions who embody much of our old energy are chosing to leave. Although they will not be going with us in their current form, they have already made plans to come back into different situations and are so very excited about their return...whether returning again to us or to our loved ones.

If you are currently not experiencing any of the peaceful stillness mentioned above, I would suggest to you that you have not yet let go entirely of the old world or the old reality. All you need do is to close the door. Close the door and open another one. Tap into something different from what is falling. Tap into something different from the old outside manifestations. Remove yourself from the old, literally or not. Take time for yourself. If you are still in a job, when you arrive home, turn off the phone, the internet, the television, and take a wonderful walk, read a pleasure book, bake or cook, do something creative, take a hot bath, and simply be in another space altogether.

Remove yourself from the old

Refuse to be a part of it. Refuse to participate in the dramas of others. Look ahead. See a new horizon. Know that it is indeed there, just waiting for you. Decide what it is that you really want to do now. Know that there will be a place for it. Remember what it is that you wish to offer the world. And know that this gift of service has been within you always…you need not learn anything new. And know as well that a gift of service can be a work of art, a piece of music, or anything that serves to connect others to a higher light.

In order that things become stabilized during this massive transition from the old world to the new reality, a few things have been set into place to hold the energies firm during the fall. Firstly, the new babies are arriving. These new little ones are coming in rapid numbers, in twos and threes, and arriving as quickly as they possibly can. Because there are so many of them, and because they carry such a high vibration, they are thus laying a very solid grid for the creation of the new. Another stabilizing force is Barack Obama. He will be poised and positioned perfectly to bring the entire planet together, there-by creating yet another grid of unity that will serve to stabilize things as much as possible during the fall. We will connect and support each other through his divine and highly evolved leadership. All, as always, is in divine and perfect order. Things are being put into place very perfectly indeed, including us! We will be an additional piece which will hold things together during the fall, as we assist those in transition.

So now is the time to examine what it is that you really and truly want to offer to the world. I can assure you, when you connect to your soul’s plan, you will be miraculously poised to offer it to the world. You need not know how, you need not plan in great detail, you only need connect to your heart’s desire, begin it, and the rest will fall into place all on its own. 

Let go of the old. Leave your old responsibilities behind if you are comfortable doing that. Know that the struggle is over. Know that you need no longer hold anyone or anything up ever again. Know that unpleasant energies cannot be where you are…if they do show up, ignore them, as they only want your energy and your light…you have better things to do.  Dis-connect from the old reality and trust that when you do, you will find yourself at the gates of Heaven.

Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times...

Until next time,  

Karen Evolution glyph swirl


bryan 30th August 2008 10:09 am

Bryan, I am aware and have gone through the financial, physical discomfort. I believe you just are really frustrated with it and I sympathize and I wish you the best that you will find some stability soon.

cut the pissing contest. you haven't gone thru what i've gone thru and neither has the other guy (.....god)..that's just your EGOs competing to see who is more spiritually advanced.

the people i know that have been going thru this stuff the longest like my partner and i still are having symptoms and money issues.

so knock off that pissing contest crap...that's EGO.

and if this is an illusion then so is your no point in talking about illusion.

bryan 30th August 2008 10:14 am

please bugger off!

i'll repeat what i wrote above:

is this gonna be a pissing contest? don't give me that spiritual competitiveness bullshit saying you've been there...pat pat pat...condescension shit masked as caring and concern but really EGO spiritual superiority bullshit..

i get enough of that nonsense from new agers!

it doesn't matter..

point being that this is illusion. if this is illusion then your body is illusion and the ascension is illusion and the higher realms are illusion and so are the dimensions and energy. if that is the case it follows that we are consciousness occupying no space or time and we "appear to move" from one illusion to the next.

the illusionary role don't make jack shit difference...none of it's a freakin stupid "B-movie" illusion..

having said that..i'd be interested in hearing from people and their experiences without all the EGO nonsense..."i was there 3 years ago"..."i had the "head stuff" 10 years ago"...fuckin new agers!

Joanne Schmidt 30th August 2008 11:21 am

I think you are wrong about Barack Obama. I did his chart and he will not be able to do what he has promised in his speach. He cannot lower taxes and give teachers a raise and have every kid go to college on the government. Where is this money coming from. With his ideas he will bancrupt the USA. That is my opinion.

bryan 30th August 2008 11:35 am

many new agers believe he is "new energy" LOL!..the illuminati jay rockefeller endorsed obama. that says enough. also the MainStreamMedia promotes illuminati candidates. having said that let's look at his record:

1) obama voted for renewal of the patriot act. what is the patriot act. among other things it takes away habeus corpus as well as other constitutional rights. the reason there are people tortured in guantanamo is because of the patriot act. now why would obama vote YES to renew the patriot act when it has allowed the imprisonment of americans and foreigners and led to their torture.

2) obama voted for the FISA act recently which allows the government to spy on americans through email, phone etc. and grants immunity for past and future spying. now why would obama vote to spy on americans?

many new agers are mind-controlled!

Luiz 30th August 2008 3:27 pm

Thanks for this inspiring message, Karen. I am with you!

Iesha 30th August 2008 6:31 pm

What did I miss? This report says October energies what happened to September report?

Bella 30th August 2008 7:53 pm

Ok Bryan- lets get something straight, and listen well instead of all the talking your doing. MC was not trying to compete with anything and prove or pat anyone on any back to say, oh you poor thing. I am his wife, so can speak for me and I will for him. I have had lots of shit, things that "average" people could not even comphrehend so don;t give me the BS, By the way doing all this with 3 children, one a baby. I had been laid up in bed for the last 3+ years sick from all of the symptons that still come and have to be a mother! My husband tried to commit suicide from losing his mind. So before you start putting someone else down and trying to tell them, how they have not been really bad, you better check yourself. I was with you and your postings until this, I was understanding you, but you are playing mental games with people here. Your pisst at the world, and pisst that you don;t have anything. You feel jipped and jilted. So stop playin games and admit your shit. MC was being honest with you and repsectful. You should learn to do the same here, anywhere for that matter.

Bella 30th August 2008 8:02 pm

I would advise Bryan to stop swinging negative bats and start taking responsibility for yourself. We will not post another word on your postings. You want someone to talk to get a therapist, or ask for help. Stop pendlum swinging with people here. If you do not like Karen or anyone else that writes, than don't bother reading them. Stop trying to plant negative seeds in others because you feel negative. Your words have meaning until your other side shows up when someone seems to say something meaningful. You want to be right be right by yourself or with your partner. This world will go on with or without you. We have been aboard this ship since the 90's as well. Would you know that absolutely not, because we are not the ones pissing and moaning. You mad because this is what you chose to go through and do, so either you get that or keep fighting the process. I decided to go to a natural dr, to get help. Yes I would advise anyone who is suffering terribly to "get help" there are things to get you through a phase, or state.
Why suffer, There are drs yes, that understand "the shifts"

bryan 31st August 2008 4:04 am

i don't give a shit your a mother. another ego-based idiot popping out babies. why? to feed the ego. big accomplishment procreating. like noone ever has done it before...gee only 7 billion on the planet.

let's give bella a metal for her baby making achievement

i used to work with these women in san diego when i worked for the city. always coming in and moaning and telling me i don't know what it is like because i'm not a mother...always moaning and complaining and using their kids as an excuse.

i don't care that you chose to have kids to feed your ego. you chose it and now you deal with the consequences. i don't wanna hear about morons having children. you aren't special. you are a "dime a dozen".

and my experience with these ascension symptoms is that there are very few that have what hans and i have to the degree we have it. i can tell you exactly where MC and mr. god were coming from...EGO. how do i know that bella? because if you were listening i told you with the "expanded consciousness" hans and i have i can "SEE EVERYTHING". lying/EGO shit everything!

bryan 31st August 2008 4:13 am

not to try and control people. i'm being my authentic self and you can't control that. too bad huh! you new agers are all the same. you wanna control people but you CAN'T! i'm expressing stuff you don't wanna hear so you try to control free expression...big surprise..another one!!

are you getting "stomach sounds" in the heart area followed by diarrhea as hans and i? are you getting "head stuff" where everything around you looks fake and "like props on a stage"?'re not and noone i know has it...and whatever it is that hans and i have it debilitates us more than what others are having. i honestly don't believe you're getting anything. just another new ager with an inflated EGO.

doctors are for people who believe they can get sick. you were probably raised that way. i had a bio-mother who doesn't go to doctors. they don't know shit about what's going on...NOONE DOES!

"the shifts" you know they are've read stuff and now you're regurgitating. fact remains you don't know shit of what's going on and neither do "doctors" or the rest.

bryan 31st August 2008 4:21 am

karen puts her self out there doesn't she? another expert like celia fenn...all claiming to have special abilities and claiming to know what's going on...hahahaha...THEY KNOW NOTHING!!!

then i get reactions from 3D-ers like bella whose EGOs still rule and they read karen's alerts and karen mentions "intestinal distress" and you know what people like bella and other 3D-ers do...they get a little gas and they say "oops i have one of karen's symptoms"

fact is bella if you were getting what hans and i get you would understand me and you wouldn't react as you have.

fact remains anyone getting the symptoms we're getting are "aware" enough not to go to doctors..

i know personally one other person like us...she considers herself as having the illusionary "first waver" know what? she doesn't talk to anybody...especially not new agers...hans does the same thing..he doesn't talk to people like you...they know people like you couldn't possibly understand...i'm a bit more slow..but i'm learning not to talk to 3D new agers..thank you!

bryan 31st August 2008 4:26 am

What you get is what you create. Perhaps if you remove the thorn, we can see the brillant person that you are.


let me repeat. YOU KNOW NOTHING. you are repeating new age doctrine "you create your reality". what do new agers do? well here in the matrix we have reading material. now wouldn't writings in a matrix be part of the matrix and wouldn't that mean that they'd be designed to deceive you and keep you in illusion? the illuminati were brilliant with their new age movement creation.

i'll repeat cris. you read some new age writings and now you're regurgitating. look at it this way. if we had this illusion minus the new age books what would you believe? did you come up with that on your own? read a new age writing and now you repeat it like a mantra.

i'll repeat cris...YOU KNOW NOTHING! you repeat what you've gotten from the matrix..from your parents..from the writings...from the TV...from your peers and now from new age kaka

what you have are beliefs. they mean nothing. what is important is what IS!

bryan 31st August 2008 4:45 am

i don't want a freakin metal

i want the new age movement gone because it's a big fraud and lie.

i also would like all the new agers with their big EGOs, control, pretentiousness and lies/frauds GONE!

nothing worse than EGO-based control freaks pretending to have "special abilities" and pretending they know what this illusion is all about.

i don't want a medal...i want to "flush the whole world" of the puny humans around me with their big EGOs...

wouldn't this be a great illusion without EGO-based new agers? wouldn't it be great with just animals and nature!

take for example celia fenn. now why does someone who is supposedly a channeler and who supposedly is a "first waver" put "PhD" after her name. because new agers are pretentious and they all want to come off as gurus and they KNOW SHIT NOTHING! they need to shut their mouths.

Medal Awarder 31st August 2008 5:07 am

Don't be modest Bryan, this is your medal - you deserve it! :)

p.s. I think your expanded consciousness is playing tricks on you though, as i'm not Cris

bryan 31st August 2008 5:19 am

you are cris.

bryan 31st August 2008 5:28 am

he is correct. i'm a slow learner.

it's pointless talking to mind-controlled EGO-based new agers.

continue deluding yourselves. LOL!


i won't be coming back here to post or read these fraud new age fictional writings.

i honestly believe also that this "head stuff" hans and i have is unique to us which probably means the ascension story isn't real.

which means maybe this is hans and my last time in this illusionary mind-control matrix and you guys and gals will keep returning.

enjoy coming back. i'm finished here!

and don't be surprised if 2012 turns out to be New World Order fascism which is where it's headed.

suggestion for you new agers. want to know what the illuminati plans. watch movies. they tell you! watch The Omega Code 1999 and the sequel of 2000. they tell you just what new age is about.

for example: check out this simpsons excerpt 6 months prior to 911 (they tell you it's coming):

the omega code movie basically tells you the new age movement is a "cover" for NWO and fascism! LOL

bryan 31st August 2008 5:36 am

The Matrix movie was filmed in 1998.

check out this photo of Neo's passport expiration date: sept. 11th, 2001

the illuminati tells you what they have planned. you just have to "see it"

this is a matrix. the new age movement is designed to pacify people. promote love and unity. "the new energy and love will solve everything".

watch The Omega Code

the new age is a cover for fascism, one world government and unity....hahahaha...don't you just love this matrix?

Bryan" the right one" 31st August 2008 8:32 am

Well Bryan, you have it all figured out, the world, the deceptions,the dillusions. So your done now right? Now whats next for the good Bryan and the partner? I would make a suggestion strongly, to engage with you is like engaging with hypocrisy.Why is that for everything you have bitched about and argued about, and tried to cotrol yourself has not worked. Like for instance, you go on Karens Bishops Blog, to do what? Get attention, so from my observation you are an attention seeker. You wanted to land of the most popular space to get yourself heard. Bravo, non EGO BASED BRYAN! You put down mothers and children and the world as if you had no participation and played no role. What did you land here from a drop off center,no birth? New Age, get over yourself and your "LABELS" aleady! they are illusions in themselves. Your angry, and bitter with no where to go. Sorry, this is why were here to figure out how to do the "right things" use your spidey You have crossed many lines, for your pain is hard to bare, so attack! attack and bark loud!

jan 31st August 2008 8:44 am

the illuminati tell you in movies what the future is gonna be.

i can prove it. a movie and a simpson's episode warn you of 911

look at The Matrix movie of 1998. look at this photo of Neo's passport:

now check out this simpson episode from 6 months before 911:

now what will 2012 be like?

watch The Omega Code of 1999 and 2000.

it perfectly shows you how the new age movement is designed to usher in the New World Order and fascism.

Bella 31st August 2008 8:59 am

Metaphors work better in communicating- usually the symptons are based on what is happening within us. You have the shits, why is that? Could be because you have much to get rid of? Maybe it would stop if you would let it yourself be freed and stop trying to over control everything. Not everyone is full of crap, and not everyone is out to get you? Unless you decide it to be so? You choose your weapons/tools,All depends on how you decide to percieve it, and if you stay angry, you will continue to shit your brains out? That is from anger and being frustrated. You can bet on that. I would agree with Karens last posting about playing in drama fields anymore, why bother? You decide do you want to be miserable or happy? I would ask the moderators on this board to look at these interactions, needed or not needed?Censorship, not what I am saying, just whether or not we need to have people using this space for therapy under the writers creations? Give the writers respect such as you would like respect. Find another way to get your frustrations across without demeaning without being so dirty

john 31st August 2008 10:34 am

These people in here react because of their ego's.

New Age is another cult like you said.

I love animals as you do and you are right - People who have babies are selfish to bring a baby into this sick world.

Maluhia 31st August 2008 1:00 pm

Thank you Bella and MC. I was surprised by Bryan's response to what MC said. I have read these comments from Bryan, and what he is talking about is what his experience is, but if someone has an opposing or different experience or response to what he is saying, he shuts them down and name calls. Maybe Bryan ought to quit judging others so much, and quit acting liking anyone with an opposing viewpoint is operating from "ego", maybe he should check his at the door and quit name calling...of course Bryan will say I am name calling just by saying the above. Has Bryan considered that maybe people are trying to understand what he is going through? Relating? I think he is the one with the big ego and a need to be understood and "seen"...
Okay, now this is my thought about Bryan and the diarrhea, maybe his body is trying to rid out all of the toxic thoughts he is having in his body/mind? Or has he considered the fact that drinking "gallons" of water a day isn't good for you and maybe is even causing the diarrhea?

wHAT 31st August 2008 9:48 pm

Bryan I've come to the conclusion that if you went to a psychologist or a therapist you would be swiftly diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

You spoke that you believe dreams are programmed illusions.

You've spoken how that all of history and science has been rewritten and edited for us to keep us conditioned. So how do we keep advancing in technology? Once a certain group of doctors get to a rank they get told the "real" truth? And no one has ever told anyone about this?

You mentioned many times how you just wish you could escape this illusion. That aliens would come take you away. I would probably want that too if I couldn't trust anything was what it seems.

I wish you luck in the future.

Lisa 1st September 2008 9:41 am

>> "what happens? you detach from everything here..your desires go..your mind doesn't work operate from somewhere else" feel much more irritated being around those still stuck in illusion...your sense getting more fine-tuned" can "see things" about everyone...etc.etc..."

I can't help but wonder Bryan, if you are so expanded and so detached, why are you here investing so much energy in petty comments about something you should care nothing about, if you were really "detached"?

You don't seem to be detached to me at all. Maybe you should spend more time questioning your self rather than judging others. Just because you started in the 90's doesn't mean you didn't get lost somewhere along the way. Lack of judgement also goes hand in hand with detachment and expanded consciousness.

You simply care too much. Maybe this is your way of expressing LOVE?

AC 1st September 2008 7:20 pm

"October will bring in a full manifestation of our new roles, our new purposes, and a whole new set of “responsibilities” to our beautiful planet earth. Our “careers” will blast off, as we will then be poised and ready to offer the services of our heart’s desires to those in need of them. Not only will our new store-fronts or portals for receiving money be activated and greatly utilized, but many miracles, higher connections to others, new arrivals of hopes and dreams, and much of everything else will fall in our laps as well."

Same old promises, and when they fail to transpire, just move them out a few more months.
If things were really changing out of the "old ways", this nonsense from Karen would stop.
But it doesn't stop, it's gone on for years and shows no signs of ending.

marvin 2nd September 2008 3:45 am

I agree with you AC.

And I don't know why people have a problem with Bryan. I found his symptoms interesting.

The wHat person seems to have the mental problems. I see your posts all over the forum. Bryan seems to have disturbed your belief systems.

And let's not forget people. If I'm correct the expanded consciousness he talks of he said is seeing beyond the illusion.

Wouldn't that cause you irritation also?

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