Straddling the Dimensions


The cosmic events of March, along with other supporting energies, have now propelled us into very new spaces indeed. This immense movement that has just taken place can manifest as follows:

A loss of a sense of place, which is very typical of the ascension process. Usually, the “no sense of place” feeling comes in regular intervals, as we are moved out of one energetic spot and into another. This time, we have literally moved into one totally new role for ourselves, and it can bring great feelings of confusion indeed.

This movement into a new role or purpose is grand and wonderful for sure, but can certainly come with its own set of challenges. This “new role” or individual purpose can feel great as it totally encompasses our next step or most certainly our passion. It is as if all the pieces have finally come together for our next phase and we are here at last, or perhaps we are now poised and completely in a supportive space of gathering new and important information, or even readying and really now truly living in the space of what we will now be bringing forth for the New Planet Earth.

We have been placed here now because we are at a new and completely different place in our evolutionary process. But what are some of the challenges? Being in a new space can feel so good that we no longer desire, and can barely tolerate the old space. Remember our old forms of generating money for ourselves? Do they not feel like somewhere that we no longer belong? Is it not hard to discipline ourselves into going “back” there and continuing with what we used to do? But if we leave that space and quit our old money generating ways, how in the world will we survive? Is our very new purpose able to generate money and support us?

The ascension process is truly brilliant with these types of scenarios. Are you one who experienced a challenging health situation in the past that knocked you out of your old groove and forced you into being a new you? Are you one who lost your job, your old friends and relationships, or moved to another geographical location? Have you ever wondered how you would survive when emotionally and mentally you felt that you had no power and were nowhere indeed?

The ascension process simply will not allow us to end up sleeping in the gutter with no food, shelter, or clothing (unless, of course, you are carrying a strong victim or powerlessness consciousness). When we are really and truly going through this process with all our hearts and souls, we are always supported somehow. It cannot be another way. Riding the wave or energetic flow that arrives for us, even if we do not know how things could possible turn out, always places us in alignment with Source. Following our passion, what feels good, and noticing what is miraculously arriving for us, places us in this effortless flow, but it can take a certain amount of trust. This is why old things need to get so bad, so that we are more than willing to let them go, don’t care anymore, and can then move with more ease into the new space that our souls have intended for us.

Am I suggesting that we all just drop all the old and move right into the new?  Well, evolution does not work that way. It is a see-saw type of action, and we usually integrate the new to a full extent before we can drop the old completely. But another scenario is present as well, and it involves living and being behind the scenes, or in a higher realm, while we simultaneously continue on in a much more limited way on the “dimensional border”….I have mentioned this many times before (hope it isn’t getting old). 

This recent shift into the new can make us wonder where in the world we now are. Nothing may seem to fit anymore, and we may feel discombobulated indeed. As if being pulled in several different directions, where in the world do we now belong?

When we follow the flow of Source, or our soul plan, we are always taken care of. It was meant to be this way. We will be OK. All our needs will be met. Keeping one foot in the old while we spend more of our time now in the new, is simply how it is meant to be for awhile. But the good news is that the new is coming in like gangbusters, if we allow ourselves to follow the crumbs….the trail of our passion and what we just know at our deepest levels is our next step. Things will literally be handed to us on a silver platter, and this is the indicator that we are on the right track, even if they currently are not bringing us any financial income.

As we are really arriving now in the higher realms, we may also be having experiences with the departed. Dreams involving those who have died, unusual encounters with loved ones who have passed on to the other side, and the like, can become more prevalent than ever before. This is because we are beginning to occupy the same space, or certainly getting closer and closer.

Another recent manifestation of the current energies involves yet another experience of bloating, tension, or otherwise indicators of more higher energy arriving. This manifests as the old familiar pressure and sinus scenario, or even feeling as though you may be having some sort of breakdown. Panic, fear, and anxiety can also be present, as at some level, we know that something has ended and we are going somewhere else, but may not be sure where that is. Darkness and fear are also indicators of the loss of the old and denser energies.

Add to this some unusual occurrences of sleeping for hours and hours at a time, dead out in a coma state, and we may wonder how we are ever going to survive all these erratic, sudden, and bizarre experiences!

Yes, the new is arriving at our feet in a variety of arenas as we have moved forward like never before. Are you ready? Are you ready to accept what is divinely yours? Are you ready for your dreams to come true?

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.

Until next time,  

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