Tears, Vertigo, and the Natural Disasters

As more and more is becoming aligned to the higher frequencies we are now being embraced within, much movement is occurring which is creating a barrage of varied manifestations on the planet, within and without.

At the end of March, just after the equinox, openings arrived and we were able to move forward with much opening up and many miracles abounding. We had most certainly touched a higher place, reached a new shore of a new reality, come to the end of the birth canal, and it felt much like heaven indeed. Then, almost as abruptly as it all began, things suddenly went into a chaotic state, as energies were attempting to re-align themselves with their higher purpose, or best fit for how they were now vibrating.

This is a very common pattern of the ascension process. We reach a higher state of being, or dimension, it feels awesome in the beginning, and then everything must align itself to this new residency in the higher realms. Thus, all is always in divine and perfect order, even though most of the time many of us may feel that we are in constant transition, a continual state of purging and releasing, and may wonder if we will ever arrive in the heaven on Earth we have always known would arrive one day.

But the ascension process has several steps which are repeated again and again, and once we become familiar with them, no one would probably ever need to read these energy alerts, as it would be evident what was occurring! These steps are all listed and explained in the book The Ascension Primer, but I will continue providing many of them to you in the book excerpts those of you on the e-mail list receive along with each announcement that a new energy alert has been posted on this web site.

With the advent of the cross-quarter, the mid-way point between the equinox and solstice on May 5, we once again reached a pivotal point, experienced a shift, and moved forward one more notch.

This created more room to expand, to move ahead, to open up, and to reach even further into our new land of heaven on Earth. We had reached a place as a critical mass where we could again move ahead, and the cross-quarter served as the vehicle to assist with this next step ahead.

May 5th marked a point where more alignments were finally manifesting, and much was embraced and taken along with this wave. The presidential election process here in the US has been manifesting itself in accordance with these re-alignments. This is why Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have been neck and neck for so long. A manifestation was not yet ready to occur, as the new alignments were not yet intact. The old was still in the process of leaving and the new was arriving. And then with the advent of the cross-quarter…..boom! The shift occurred and things began to take their places.

On May 11th, more new alignments occurred as well. The 11th is many times indicative of an opportunity to move through an opening to a higher vibrating reality. The portal of an 11 is usually an exciting event indeed, depending upon where we currently are and what has been transpiring.

If you were one who went through this latest portal, you may have experienced vertigo, spinning, or an extreme loss of balance. This is a common occurrence of ascension as well. When we connect more fully with our Merkabah, or light body, we then utilize it to catapult us into the higher realms.

Merkabah is defined as: “The divine light vehicle allegedly used by ascended masters to connect with and reach those in tune with the higher realms. "Mer" means Light. "Ka" means Spirit. "Ba" means Body. Mer-Ka-Ba means the spirit/body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of light, (wheels within wheels), spirals of energy as in DNA, which transports spirit/body from one dimension to another.”

Thus, it is common to experience spinning, vertigo, and a loss of balance when we are arriving more fully in the higher realms. The first time I had this experience, I began to panic, as I experienced panic attacks when I first began the intense part of the ascension process back in 2001. Feeling as if I was walking a foot or two above the earth, almost floating, used to freak me out as well. But as we become used to these experiences, and know what they are about, it can actually become a fun ride. Late on Saturday evening and into Sunday, when I was barely able to walk a straight line, I could only say “Wheeee! Here we go again!” Now many of these experiences are great fun as I know they are only indicative of a great move forward and I am truly grateful for them.

Natural disasters are becoming an epidemic now. Floods, typhoons, earthquakes, droughts, tornadoes, and fires are arriving in epidemic proportions. The earth must now align with the higher realms, and this is creating much movement within and without. Areas which need the biggest adjustments are experiencing great movement in an attempt to align themselves with a higher vibrating energy.

During the past several weeks, some of you may have had an experience of great weeping, feeling like you could cry a river, and perhaps wondering why tears seemed to want to appear like a tidal wave or tsunami within you. For no apparent reason, it just seemed like a good cry could not be stopped.

This phenomenon generally occurs when there is great loss at hand. It generally occurs when a massive planetary purging is due to arrive. At our highest levels, we feel the imminent loss and a great sadness accompanies it. Then, sure enough, a substantial natural disaster arrives and we know the reason for our earlier experience of great weeping.

For the first few months of 2008, many of us became disillusioned and impatient for our new beginnings and the new world to arrive. During this time, we may have felt stuck with no forward movement and not much going on. I reported many times that we were “waiting” for as many to get on board as possible. Even though some did not want to wait, this was a very necessary part of the process. Yes, it can be hard to wait at times, especially when we ourselves are very ready.

At our highest soul levels, we wanted to give as much time as possible for everyone and everything to make the necessary changes and adjustments needed, and to more importantly make the choice whether to be on board or not. This was a long process but very necessary, as at our highest levels, we dearly love all our brothers and sisters on the planet and wanted them to be with us and most certainly with all those entering the higher realms.

And now the time is here. The natural disasters have arrived as a manifestation of the earth aligning with the higher frequencies, the energies have built, the pressure is releasing the old, and a by-product of this greatly moving energy is the creation of a vehicle for those who chose to depart to do just that.

There is no judgment here. A sufficient amount of time was intentionally given so that as many as possible could be prepared and could make their choices. There will be other stops at the train station. There will be other opportunities. For those who still are not willing to awaken just yet, they will experience a bigger “thumping” or nudging, and they can then choose again. If the leap can be made, those will stay. Those who feel the leap is too far and not a possibility will now depart. These choices were made at the highest levels of each soul. And some will chose to depart for other reasons as well. They may very simply be done here.

This phenomenon of choice and differing times of moving forward into the higher realms has created many partings. But it has also created new and much better fitting alignments as well. This is why Phil and I had to part, and why someone new is soon to arrive for me. When we are willing to let go of what is no longer in alignment or what no longer fits us, and if we can know and trust that a new beginning will arrive very soon, this in turn allows us to arrive in the higher realms. And Phil will experience what he is in alignment with as well, all in a beautiful and perfect way.

Letting go, trusting, dis-connecting from what does not feel right anymore, and re-aligning with our higher selves or souls will support us in phenomenal ways in arriving in our heaven on earth.

These losses, especially relating to the natural disasters, can be overwhelming at times. We may feel shaky and afraid. We may feel traumatized ourselves if we are highly sensitive. It may seem as though we never know what will happen next. But this is the beauty of choice. And there is more to this particular story as well.

Several weeks ago we experienced a new alignment which related to letting go of over-helping others. It involved taking a very important stance of not going down into a lower vibrating reality where others were residing in order to help them. It involved not being where others were and identifying with them. It involved not pulling others up to where we were without their willingness and true desire to let go and be there. It involved allowing others to make their own choices while allowing ourselves to move ahead into what we were now in alignment with.

It also involved not having great compassion for others, as this emotion takes us to where others are as we identify with them too much in order to be there with them and understand where they are. According to the dictionary, compassion involves pity and a willingness to commiserate with another. These states of being bring our energy down. Compassion is a word which existed in the old 3D reality. It was born there. It came from an old 3D mind.

In the higher realms we utilize love instead. When we do visit the lower vibrating reality of suffering in order to assist and serve, we go with the vibration of love….not with compassion. Love serves as our protection from lower vibrating realities. It vibrates extremely high and gives its recipients the best possible outcome. Compassion does not exist in the higher realms as there is no suffering. So then, we utilize love, as that is what we come to know about and to be in the higher realms. And as we begin to evolve into the human angels we will eventually be, we will vibrate love more and more. We need not intentionally send love to another, as this is much to deliberate and contrived. We will naturally be love in itself, as the ascension process produces this state all on its own.

So then, this stage we experienced involving leaving those behind who pulled us into their reality of suffering was intended to prepare us for what is ahead. This stage of evolutionary progress we experienced a few weeks ago was intended to prepare us for these natural disasters which are now occurring so that we could assist if we chose to, without experiencing the pain of others. We would then be wired to assist and truly make a difference without being affected ourselves, but for brief periods of time as we would then need to return to the higher realms of which we came. And leaving others behind broke a cord that was binding us to the old world, thus enabling us to arrive in the higher realms.

And here in these higher realms, we are re-connecting more and more to the reality of our dreams. As the alignments arrive for us more frequently now, we will then experience more and more of our heaven on Earth. As the frequencies of this new world vibrate higher and higher, we naturally experience on the outside more rapidly now, precisely what we are about or vibrating on the inside. The mirror effect is extremely pronounced. Each and every manifestation occurs because of who we are and what we believe and perceive.

We have been so very anxious to have the energies rev up and to reside in the higher realms, but if we had arrived here any sooner, we would have experienced extremely uncomfortable manifestations for ourselves, as our outside reality would have been indicative of what was inside of us. The uncomfortable purging and releasing we have gone through for the past several years was so very necessary to prepare us for these times. Otherwise, we would have experienced more of a hell on Earth than a heaven on Earth.

The more we choose to let go of, the more we will experience a higher realms reality. And the more we allow ourselves to be in alignment with our souls or true and authentic selves, while letting go of what no longer feels good to us, the more we will experience heaven on Earth and the easier it will be to arrive in the higher realms as well.

As we let go of old patterns, mis-perceptions and beliefs, situations and perhaps even others in our lives, we will surely find ourselves in heaven on Earth. And the mirror effect will allow us to make continual changes as we evolve into the angels on Earth that we intended to be.

Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times...

Until next time,

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Mariù 13th May 2008 6:05 am

Thank You for this one! I so relate with the vertigo and being a bit out of balance...and yes, I'm almost getting used to it!! Now I know to that every now and then comes and I have to let it be. Panic Attacks were there too at the beginning, now more I stay calm quicker it goes :thumbsup:


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