The 24 hour ascension flu..ugh!

The energies of the higher realms are pushing us still, and can be felt in a variety of ways. Like a hand escorting us to higher ground, higher experiences, and still very new spaces, at times we may feel as though an energetic cord is dragging us along, keeping us on track and making sure we are where we were always meant to be.

As we go higher in vibration, we must expand. Physically, this is currently being experienced as feeling just plain awful, even though we may not know why. Are we experiencing a bout of food poisoning, or a 24 hour flu? I think not. Bloating, achiness, nausea, extreme weakness, dizziness, intestinal discomfort, head pain (that old crown chakra!), heart palpitations and difficulty breathing, and just a need to simply collapse for a day are common symptoms for many of late.

Emotionally, we may feel like crying a river, and also feel a great sadness for no apparent reason. And on top of everything else, many of us are unusually busy as well……busy completing the new set-up situations in regard to our very new spaces and roles. Pushing, stress, snapping, dis-orientation, and too much on our plates does not seem like higher realms living, but it is only the transitional stage we are experiencing, and in time, it will calm down.

The synchronicities still remain, and what fun they are. It seems that we may only think of something very briefly, and it shows up in record time. And it is the small things that we are not as attached to that seem to arrive right before our eyes when we are least expecting them. This is because we are not as attached to the smaller desires, and we are then in an energetic space of letting go and allowing, which is a mandatory state to be in when creating. The other day I was repeating a phrase in my mind (I can’t remember which), and I suddenly passed a store clerk who had that same phrase on her ID tag.

In actuality, these things are not really synchronicities….we are actually creating what we are thinking about, as these new higher frequencies are doing their stuff!

Another common occurrence now is finding ourselves in situations where we are being blamed for things we have not done. Here is what is occurring: These new higher frequencies are forcing everyone and everything to move ahead, whether they want to or not. This situation creates a lot of fear and panic. The fear and panic creates attacking energy. And the light is what is usually attacked, or anything that does not fit in with what an individual wants to continue to hold onto.

Because of our latest new residency in a higher vibration, there is more fear than ever before. The lower frequencies can no longer exist and this is creating chaos. If you can focus on what is ahead, where you are going or are preparing to go, and know that the new world and the higher realms do not contain any fear, chaos, or panic, and if you can really trust that all is in divine and perfect order, you will feel much better.

When what we have always known as a reality suddenly disappears, and when our so called prior securities can no longer exist, we can feel greatly distressed. Go higher. Tap into more love, caring, understanding, higher ways of living and being, and trust in Source, and your new residency will be in alignment like never before.

Allow yourself to be pulled along into the higher realms. Don’t get in the way. Get out of your head and into your heart. Don’t try to analyze or figure anything out according to what you are used to, as we are now in a higher frequency, and what we have always known does not exist here. Expect something new and different. (If I can marry a wonderful man at age 53, after a lifetime of challenging relationships, anything can happen!) Adjust your priorities so that people, love, caring, support, and your true passion are at the forefront. Open and allow, and let your old beliefs and experiences go. They do not make sense here.

Know that you are loved, supported, and being guided by your soul at every step of the way. This is the way it was intended. It is your time now. We have arrived. We are beginning the new dream.

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.

Until next time,  

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