The Energies For February


The door has slammed shut. It is about either being here or there. If you are one who is here, you cannot go back. When you try, things do not line up…….nothing works out……..much seems empty, wrong, ugly and misplaced. You do not belong there anymore. You are therefore, basically not welcome. This is only because you have a New home. A home in the higher realms.

When the door slammed shut after your arrival in your New home, some of your life may have been left behind. But this was your old life. Some very important and pivotal people who had been very present thus far in your life may suddenly seem very far away, as if they are about to board a train to some other world or perhaps some other reality. Or they may even be due to arrive where you now are, but just at a later date.

Your old work may have very suddenly ended. You may find that you cannot operate in that old reality of the old world for one minute longer. It totally drains you. You give and give and try and try and work and work for what seems for absolutely nothing in return. There is glitch after glitch and disappointment after disappointment.

If you hadn't done so already, you may have recently experienced a health situation that placed you in a position of having to do things very differently….or rather leaving you feeling helpless and powerless as you are being rewired and forced into learning how to be , how to connect, and how to get out of your own way as you cannot do much by yourself. The way you operated in the past to get things done and to be in your power can no longer be. Your identity needed a change and your ego needed to depart. A very good training indeed and very common for ascension.

You may feel very ungrounded or in “ascension shock” as you don't quite know where you have landed. Much may feel unfamiliar and New…..or just downright strange.

We have finally completed one chapter and have begun another….or really, another completely different book!

Therefore, all our old roles, old reality, old purposes, and old relationships that were there for Book I are no longer needed. That book is over. There is now a very New story. Many of us then, will part ways. Some will choose a different path for the continued growth of their souls and therefore, some strong soul relationships will no longer be. Some will leave the planet, some will stay.

The old you has died. You have been reincarnated once again, only this time your experience will be one of a much higher order. The non-physical beings you usually communicate with have been replaced by beings from a much higher realm…….a much better match for you now.

Old geographical residences may also cease to exist as this very New beginning will place many in very New locations on the planet. A New role, a New purpose, a New residence………and a very New reality. Or perhaps even a New reality in your same geographical residence with a very New you that is now open to a very New experience and purpose.

You may also be finding that you can no longer tolerate anyone or anything that “sucks” your energy. All must be centered, equal and present….holding its own. This is the way of the New World . If you are now here, you will not be able to tolerate anything that wants to hitch a ride. Individuals are either here or there. You will also be wanting to demand much more for yourself. This is part of the process and also part of the ways of the higher realms. You have everything you need and you know at some level that this is how it should be.

Some may feel closer to you….some much farther away. It is as if a huge cruise ship of the old is sinking and some are boarding lifeboats, some are going down with the ship and some are in one lifeboat while others are in a very different one……all with perfect purpose and direction, but very much going in many different directions.

The decisions have been made and now they will soon be implemented.

Interacting with the old systems and old structures will be near impossible. Soon, you will not be able to interact at all and will find yourself living apart from all that “old.”

And here is what February will bring. Now in the higher realms, we therefore have access to incredible New energies we did not have access to before. We have “graduated” in regard to our position due to reaching critical mass, and now we are in the “bigger leagues” and have rights so to speak to all that that offers. February 11 will bring in a New wave of much higher energy. It looks like a flowing unending river of twinkling, shimmering lights and a brilliant road that flows directly into the Earth from a brand New and incredible source that has never reached the Earth before. What a sight it is!

This New opening and New connection will bring in many New opportunities. The end of January and very beginning of February created much in the way of releasing and integrating and aligning. You may have experienced nausea or dizziness or your own particular variety in regard to adjusting. The process continues on with releasing, integrating and so on as we see-saw our way upward and onward.

Whenever a wave of New energy arrives it feels glorious. Then immediately after, we experience the total opposite as we integrate and release, therefore ending the polarity. I have mentioned this so many times, but I cannot stress it enough, as this is the cause of feeling “Wow! We are finally in Nirvana!” and then suddenly, “Wow! Now we are in hell! What happened?!”

Only now since reaching the higher realms, these intervals are very short , and we are mostly just creating what we believe is real and what we are focusing on and thinking about. A good motivation to really become disciplined in one's thinking and believing! And remember, going back to the old (for reasons of security, familiarity, or fear) can create a very unpleasant experience.

What is on the horizon? Now being in a higher dimension opens things up to experiences and realities and connections that were not possible in the lower realms. New visitors from above sharing their knowledge, help, expertise and companionship will become commonplace. There exist different “rules” now in regard to connecting and they will be divine. We are on the same playing field alongside a whole New set of dimensional experiences………on a much more even turf as “colleagues” who are now accessible in a different way without the veil and the rules relevant to living behind it.

And as always, we here on Earth experiencing the Shift and the evolutionary process are reverberating it back for these higher beings to benefit from and experience as well. We are all in this together.

So this wonderful New road that arrives in February will connect us again in an even higher way than before. It truly looks like the yellow brick road as it opens and flows so beautifully at our doorstep as it says in essence “Welcome! We have been waiting for you for a very long time! We are thrilled to be able to touch you with our connection and energies of magic, joy, excitement, wonderment, fun, creation and very New experiences. This is the way of the higher realms. We (the energy the road brings) will show you a whole New way of being. We are so thrilled to finally be arriving. Get ready for the magic!”

It is as if we have now graduated and are now privy to all that this amazing graduation brings…..New Christmas gifts and great surprises from all that has had to stand back for so long!

Mid-summer will also bring in a tremendous shift. A big turning point. I have continually seen and also been told that we will have more than we have ever dreamed possible. We may find ourselves in temporary homes or temporary situations right now because if we move forward now, we will not be getting what we could farther down the road. It will be far grander than we could ever have imagined, but the lining up is yet to be completed. All the upside down to rightside up situations are still unfolding and lining up, so therefore, the glitches and chaos.

So the next six months or so may seem a bit rocky, but it is just the ironing out process. Remember, we are transitioning in a monumental way. This is a HUGE process……and even though the arrow knows its target, there is always that wiggle room in between allowing for interesting surprises!

When I go into the future for this time of the summer, a huge energy current pours through my body and I can barely breathe. There we are, living like kings, so to speak, and so blissfully happy. So up until then, there will be landmarks and earmarks to arrive and adjust to in order to support and create this place and reality we will find ourselves residing in more fully. February 11, then, will be the closest one on the nearest horizon. Then we will receive it, adjust, and go on to prepare for a much bigger landmark due to arrive in the spring. (I realize some of you are residing elsewhere on the planet….just know that spring and summer are simply relevant terms to the US, but the same months for all of us).


Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times,




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