The Energies For February Have Arrived


Even though a message for February 13 was just posted, here follows the very latest. Enjoy and God bless…….

The New energies for February arrived indeed and were most noticeably felt by many on the 15 th . If you are fairly sensitive and tapped in you may have felt like you were having a meltdown or perhaps just wanted to cry for no apparent reason.

A brand New gateway or road or beautiful path arrived and connected to our New Earth that has never been able to be here before. To me, it looked like a Milky Way red carpet that extended far and wide, now offering itself to us for our enjoyment and connection to a very New and different way of creating, living and fulfillment.

There is a hierarchy that exists in the cosmos. One cannot reach certain dimensional and vibrational levels until one is vibrating at that particular way and at that particular point. One has to be and totally embody that certain level of vibration before they are “allowed” access to these realms.

And in addition, we can always go lower in vibration and dimension, but cannot go higher until we are embodying a certain amount of light. This may sound judgmental to a degree, but it is simply a law of energy that relates to like energies attracting like energies, etc. This has been my experience in navigating these realities……I did not make up the rules!

So then, mid-February brought in an incredibly beautiful and high vibrating road or access to more of this energy. This road and connection that arrived was clear, finely tuned, high, pristine and etheric. Having so much energy arriving and connecting with us at this level can bring one to tears indeed. It is as if a very bright light is now shining down upon us and illuminating all that is within and without. It is so bright, that in a sense it can hurt. And here, you can hear the angels sing. The planet Earth is now allowed this connection in a way of total embodiment as this is where it is now vibrating.

Although perhaps subconscious, feelings of gratitude (for the relief of now being able to feel a great light indeed), sadness (for all the past that had very little light and for all that is not matching this vibration and will leave), great unidentifiable emotions (because of an opening to the New that has finally arrived), an emptiness (as this space is most certainly very clear and pure) are but a few of the experiences one might have due to the arrival of this amazing and wonderful New connection.

In addition, finally reaching this higher reality will knock out many illusions. Anything that is not real will be revealed, and along with this illumination comes a very New existence in regard to what is allowed to now be in your space. This is why so much has gone this way and that way………coming closer or leaving our space and our New personal reality. The vibrations are matching. If you have successfully crossed over, you will most likely find yourself in a sacred space where anything of a lower frequency will absolutely not be allowed to enter.

And know that if you are not here yet, it does not necessarily mean that you will never arrive. All in due time.

If you are not feeling quite right or perhaps feeling strange and not like yourself, it is only because you are going from upside down to rightside up. We are so used to feeling, experiencing and living upside down in an upside down world that suddenly being rightside up can feel very New and different.

With no more attachments, entanglements and resistance and having to endure anything that felt uncomfortable and wrong, this is indeed a very New way to live and be. The old world and the old reality may seem very, very far away as if on another planet where you are no longer residing.

So this is why this New connection that most recently arrived will bring with it some very New opportunities. You may find yourself discovering very New and exciting things that feel absolutely wonderful and light you up that you never knew were there before. We are able to now go much further and this can manifest at a variety of levels. For me, I am finding New and higher relationships, incredibly beautiful and pristine New areas in the mountains of Northeast Arizona, and most importantly for me, a very New connection to much higher beings of light that are entering through the New portals here in the White Mountains. And this connection will be here to stay. We are now accessible to so much more.

But here is what I consider to be the most important and relevant part. When we are able to access higher level guides or higher level portals or higher level anything, we are simply accessing higher levels of ourselves. We infuse our energy everywhere….we are only creating more of ourselves. We are our New guides and our new everything. We are talking to ourselves and experiencing ourselves. This New experience is only a manifestation of using energy as we are always making everything up and simply creating more and more illusion to play with and experience. It is all simply us .

Who are you? What do you choose to be? What are you about? This will manifest your reality, and it really doesn't matter what it is………it is simply about the greatest expression of you….one that it is total alignment with who you are. This is what our paradise is about…….the greatest alignment of a reality with who we are.


Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times,




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