The falling away


September's energy brought in a topsy, turvy, difficult to align anything energy, with chaos, confusion, and the old tossed salad theme, but this happens from time to time, and as always, we will persevere!

The lunar eclipse supported us going deep and examining what we truly wanted. During that time, I had several dreams where I was throwing things out, right and left. When we re-emerged, we were facing a solar eclipse and an equinox, which help to support us in bringing in the New. A new beginning, then, was definitely on the horizon.

During the end of September, much was supporting us in leaving one space, and arriving at an entirely New one. For me, I felt that I had been lifted up from an old reality and creation, and plopped down in an entirely New and different one, with a whole New purpose.

Because of all this movement, a purging and detoxing occurred. This could be felt as body aches, head and neck aches and stiffness (remember, the spine area, especially around the neck, is where we are sprouting our New higher vibrating angel wings).

In addition, that old familiar memory loss and brain fog kicked in as it always does when we are navigating to a higher vibrating space of residency. Not being able to remember the slightest things, a fair amount of confusion, difficulties with comprehension (try learning natural building when your brain is out of gear!), an inability to hold onto much with analytical thought, a feeling that you really don't know a thing, and even perhaps feeling that you are really nowhere anymore (this is because we aren't, as we are in a transitional space).

And each of us has our own specific ways that we purge. You may purge and align through your back, or in your chest area through coughing, or even through your bowels or bladder.

These phases of movement from one dimensional or vibrating space to another are frequent and will continue on for a very long time. And because of this, it is vitally important that we remain courteous and present as much as possible. Frequently, when things seem to be “out” and not “in,” we can feel unsupported and dis-connected from others, but this need not be the case.

There exists a common pattern where one is tempted to put their head in the sand when the energy feels gone, or the tide is out, but that only proves to greatly magnify the situation. If we all did this every time the energy shifted, how in the world could we support our brothers and sisters? This pattern only makes things much worse. What if I refused to write an energy alert when things got rough? This is when we need each other the most and we truly need to be there supporting each other. We are all in this together, and placing oneself in seclusion only creates more separation energy. Withdrawing and holding onto things more tightly when the energy is “out” simply creates much more unpleasantness.

The focus, then, is still on our New roles, and we are getting ever closer as we progress though these stages. When there is re-arranging movement with the energy, it generally feels like chaos and much in the path of getting where we want to go. Things don't seem to flow or line up…it can feel like nothing fits. Energies bump into each other as they move around, and tempers can rise and fuses can be short.

But when the dust settles, like energies are now more than ever attached to other like energies and a grand union can be felt. These stages of movement are always temporary, as pretty much everything is anyway. And with all the moving energies that are going this way and that way, it can feel as though you cannot count on a thing. “Is anything ever consistent?” one may wonder. “First it is this way, and then the story changes and it is that way. Nothing is making sense and there is no stability! It is near impossible to function this way!”

And with things seemingly not working, one may be tempted to change plans on a very frequent basis.

So I will say to you, “Hold on a little longer, and….follow your heart, follow your heart, follow your heart.” Your very New space is the space where your heart is. What really feels good to you? What flows more than anything else? Where are you when you can exhale and let go?

The old ways are most certainly falling away, as this dismantling creates much chaos and disruption, along with inconsistencies and nothing to hold onto that feels stable and secure. Go where the energies are strong and vibrant. Go where you find yourself laughing and joyful. Go where you feel no pressure or stress. Go where you are not overwhelmed and too “busy.” Go to the higher realms. And give yourself a break…

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.

Until next time,  

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