The Great Fall and Finding Our Heaven


The higher vibrating energies are still upon us since we arrived in this new space, but it may not feel like it, for several reasons. The ascension process is always an interesting one….never quite what we expected, but our expectations frequently came from a mind that resided in a lower vibrating reality. So in a sense, our beautiful ascension process is teaching us much as we grow and remember. It is a grand experience indeed.

As we arrive and reside in more higher realms, the old and denser energies begin to dissipate, fall apart, and basically can no longer congeal in this space. Currently, this is the case, as always. So even though we are in a much higher vibrating space, we may be feeling and seeing the “dissipation,” or confusion, loss, and even panic of the older energies.

Here in the US, this is occurring in a dramatic way indeed. Our country is beginning its final fall…and it will occur very rapidly now. The rug has been pulled out from under it, and it has nothing much to hold onto anymore. The super power that it thought it was, is now needing to tap into and become what true power really is. The old false power must now depart. There is nothing left to support it. But this is the natural and rightful process of ascension and evolution.

How do we move forward when our systems are falling? How do we create anything from an old world reality? Is each and every country in the world experiencing this?

No. If you are residing in a country where simplicity, allowing, peace, and support are still present, for instance, there would be no need for drastic changes to occur. If your area of residence needs a substantial amount of change to occur, get ready for a wild ride. Uprisings, natural disasters, and chaos will be the norm for a few years yet, but not everywhere.

This was difficult information for me to bring forth. I checked and re-checked it. I am not normally a gloom and doom reporter. I sat on this information for quite awhile, so as to make sure. I even went so far as to stay in a better feeling space, so I would not have to acknowledge the impact. But eventually I had a visit from by ever trusted guide, who imparted this news once again. So there it was, not to be ignored.

The far majority of the time, when the energies are aligned for dramatic changes, a difficult scenario is most always averted. Choices are made by all, and things seem to commonly end up with a much softer outcome. But with the advent of this latest phase of evolutionary growth, a much more dramatic and severe outcome is on the horizon. It is time for forward movement, and this seems to be the course it will take.

Is there room for a different scenario? Always. There is always room for an easier and softer scenario. What I am reporting to you here, is only the current situation. This is the beauty of choice. This is why psychic readings are not accurate at times. They are given from a perspective of the most current time, and most probable outcome in regard to what is in the “now,” and things can always change. We have choice.

So then, even though things of the old will begin falling rapidly now, we need not go down with them. If you have been experiencing roadblocks in your efforts to move forward, know that you are only being protected from the falling energies. For several weeks now, I have been seeing most of us within a very protective bubble. We have basically been protected and “forbidden” to go “out there,” or into places that are experiencing this fall and this chaos. This is why it seems as though we are being held back.

Remember, we came to initiate and bring forth these changes in evolution, and we were not meant to go down with the old. We are highly protected now, so this is manifesting as an inability to move forward, an inability to experience completion with many things, and an inability to manifest our latest “dream.”

Why can’t we manifest our latest dream? Because we have evolved beyond our latest dream, our latest dream may not be in alignment with the old systems, or basically the ways of acquiring it, and we are also waiting for each and every one to fine tune their latest dream into one that matches where we now are.

What we may have thought we wanted, may have been much too involved and connected to the old reality, and that reality will soon be leaving. It would not be there to support us, if we had moved forward at this time. And in addition, that “dream” may have been one from a lower vibrating mind or imagination. Our imaginations and minds have just gone up another rung.

Things will eventually settle out, and we can again move forward (around the time of the equinox and solar eclipse of September 11), but we will be moving forward in an entirely new way with perhaps a new plan that more closely matches our new and higher vibration.

There is a step higher now for us. This step, or “dream,” is even higher than our spiritual work upon this planet. How can anything vibrate higher than our spiritual work? It may sound strange, but creating heaven is now at the forefront. So then, this next step involves living in our heaven. This dream involves living in our own special version, or illusion of heaven. This dream is about enjoying ourselves, having a life of leisure, having all our needs met, basking and loving, and being in a reality that one creates after they have passed over. It is the reality without the struggle or the burdens. It is a reality of peace that manifests in the physical as well, not just within us.

Am I saying that we should run from our responsibilities as lightworkers and become self-absorbed? Do we need to “jump ship” and leave everything behind in order to be in our heaven? Do we need to experience fear and anxiety when things begin to rapidly fall? I say no. What I am saying is that we have now evolved to the next phase of reality, and it no longer matches the old phase. It is not really about running in fear, but about go toward what feels good to us now. So how in the world do we integrate all of this? How do we continue with our spiritual work, and still follow our latest path of evolutionary growth?

We can go back and forth. We can stay in a geographical or systematic (where simple systems exist outside of the old systems) space which most closely matches the higher ways as much as possible. There, we create our heaven. For instance, if the US is rapidly falling, we could find a pocket of energy there that is as removed as possible from the falling reality. Or we could have another residency in another country, either all-encompassing or part-time, until the time of great change is over.

During these times of rocky instability, we can still return to what is falling, but for brief amounts of time. And when we return, it is then that we provide our service to humanity. We can bring to the falling areas a higher vibration and brighter light.

This requires a continued shift in gears. We stay in our heaven, or personal sanctuary for a time, while we are living in the higher ways, and we go back and provide our own particular service to humanity for brief amounts of time. If we were to continue to reside in what was falling, we would go down with it. It is extremely difficult to shine a bright light when all the surrounding energies are dark. And in addition, we are no longer a match. We would then be no use to humanity and the planet. Thus, we must tap into a new reality, or we would end up severely depressed, panicked, lost, confused, and dissipated ourselves.

There is also the very important aspect of rebuilding. We cannot rebuild in the higher ways, until the fall is over, or has basically reached a certain level of dissipation. This is a natural part of our spiritual evolutionary process. In current areas where the fall is over, or where not much falling is necessary at all, we can begin rebuilding a higher reality or living our lives of heaven right now.

The fall is necessary. If we were to try and “save” these areas of lower vibrating reality, we would only be hindering the process and necessary stage of the fall. So then, this is why the US is readying for its great fall. It is necessary. In a strange way, this is a great and wonderful thing. All is in divine and perfect order.

Yes, we can still have our store-fronts, which will bring us what we need to survive during these times of rapid and dramatic change. How can we have our store-fronts in a falling reality?

When things begin to fall, individuals begin to look for help, or new ways. We will be needed indeed. Do our store-fronts need to be spiritual or specifically helpful ones? Not necessarily. Anything that makes people feel better, or that vibrates higher, for instance, will be in demand. The only thing that matters is that we follow our hearts and our passions.

What is a bit different now, is that we need to spend less time within our store-fronts, as they will be existing in the older and lower vibrating energies. If they begin to consume all of us, we cannot then, have time to be in our heaven, or sanctuaries of basking, being, creating just for the fun and joy of it, and lying in our hammocks with our loved ones!

And our compassion for those experiencing the fall will be great. But we cannot let it consume us, or we will become it ourselves. It will be difficult to watch. We will become distressed and saddened. But we will be here to help and assist as well. If we know that the fall is a necessary part of our spiritual evolutionary process, and that it is simply paving the way for the new to be rebuilt, it is then a bit more manageable and easier to swallow.

Yes, although it may not feel like it, heaven is indeed here. If we can chose to tap into these pockets of simplicity, creativity, joy, love, peace, and basking, and remove ourselves from what is falling, we can certainly feel these higher energies of heaven, as they are very present indeed.

My husband and I never got our land. We did not feel right about either situation we were involved with. One was through a bank, and the other through owner financing. So we removed ourselves from the whole situation. We are currently residing in a small rental cabin in town (where Phil lived for 5 years when I met him), with a leaky roof, no insulation, and some disrespectful neighbors. But we are truly loving it.

We love the simplicity of our life. We love being together. We love our garden and our personal sanctuary, we love our animals and they are blissfully happy and at peace, and when we are here, we are in heaven. We have a lot of time to do whatever we choose. This is what was important to us. This is what is currently matching our version of heaven. It was not becoming involved with the old ways of financing, the unusually high prices of real estate here, nor having to be somewhere at a certain time, with many commitments. We have been strongly guided to another evolving plan as well, but in the meantime, we feel we are matching what is truly important to us.

Any version of heaven is ours to choose. There is no right or wrong version. And we can also choose to go back to the old and assist at times as well.

What is your dream? What is your heaven? What will your store-front be, which will support you until money is no longer needed? How will you help those experiencing the fall? What is your contribution to make when it is time to re-build? As you build your heaven, will you bring what you know and have learned to the areas that need re-building?

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.

Until next time,

Karen Evolution glyph swirl


Janet 18th August 2007 5:19 am

WOW !!You have "cut to the chase" as usual Karen!! Thank you for putting the current "global crisis" in perspective.
of course! It's not about money at all but about realising that we have raised our conciousness to a new level of vibration. A vibrationary level that recognizes that it's about love and peace not the love of money or the fear of lack! You rock my world...literally!
Regards ...Janet from Australia.

Daniel 20th August 2007 2:16 am

Thanks Karin, greetings from S Africa, God bless all lightworkers in this transition preriod, i belief that all is going to be well and that the new now world will be in love and peace


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