The Light Within

The energies have not changed much over the past few weeks, so even though there is not much to tell, in a strange way, there is.

We are still in a stage where we have unplugged from one “outlet,” and our plugs are hanging in mid-air until we plug into a new “outlet”…but the glimmerings are arriving for that very new outlet in strange and sometimes subtle ways. This is an exciting time indeed. While we are in the unplugged stage, we are preparing and re-aligning in preparation. We are preparing for a whole new us with a very new role, or new aspect to our current roles.

So then, being unplugged means that things are still, as we bottom out before we begin again. When things are still, at times it can feel that there is more going out than coming in, but this will change when we plug in once again. Things may be still without, but not within!

During this preparation period, we were given the opportunity to open and to embody much more light. After this stage is complete, we then begin to feel the glimmerings of a very new connection.

You may suddenly feel very empowered for no particular reason. You may feel like taking a stand. You may feel ready to let go of any of the old that has entwined itself around you or that perhaps you interacted with out of politeness. You may feel like you did your part in a higher way, but you were the only one, and now you must move on….ready to dis-connect completely from any energies that were in a very different space than you. You may feel like it is time to have your way.

Some are having dreams of empowerment, of re-connecting to something new, solid, and of a much higher order, and others are finding new strength in setting boundaries. The past year and a half have been challenging for many, but we are about to finally re-connect to something we have not felt for a very long time…and it will be even better than what we have known thus far.

You may be feeling the glimmerings of being strong once again, as during the dis-connect, we can become disconnected from our true and authentic selves because we are moving into a more pure and higher vibrating version of ourselves. This can make one feel weak, fragile, lost, weepy, and frightened, but it is only temporary. It reminds me of a heart transplant surgery, when the old heart is removed, and all the blood is drained from a patient before a very new heart is then implanted.

In addition, a big shift has occurred over the past several months, even though it may not have seemed like much was happening at all. This shift is directly related to what is about to occur, and all of it has to do with re-connecting to a new and different energy. Over the past several months, we were removed from the old, prohibited from holding it up in any way, and may now have found ourselves in a very new space. Our old roles of holding the light for the entire planet were now abruptly over. This may have caused confusion for some, as who we had always been had suddenly changed, but we are, as always, evolving. We did not need to do this anymore, as we had completed one very important phase.

In times past, the higher energies would bombard the planet, and thus, create frequent shifts. But as time went on, and as we progressed so much in our spiritual evolutionary process, the higher vibrating energies coming from the outside began to diminish and subside in frequency and duration. There-for, these phases of “everything is going so well!” and “there is so much light!” became fewer and far between.

But there is good reason for this seeming lack of light and presence of “darkness.” We are now embodying much more light within. And because of this, it no longer needs to arrive from the outside. So then, we may think that any big phases of light filled ease and glory that we had experienced in the past may never come again, as we have not seen them like we used to. But what is actually occurring is that we need to carry the ball now…ourselves. The scales have tipped….we are the light as never before. There is still the same amount of light, only it is has now been distributed a bit differently, as it is now within us to a much greater degree.

In this way, we are very strangely releasing from the whole…the whole being the outside energies of the universe or Source, as well as the whole being the old energies of prior creations on the planet. And yes, of course we are still and will always be connected to Source, only now we will be running and managing our energy in higher and different ways. We will be finding that the way we utilize energy will now be a bit different. We will thus need to manage energy through ourselves in different ways, and we will be guided and connected to these different ways without needing to consciously know how. So then, we have graduated.

In this way, we are now being encouraged to do what we want to do. This means that connecting to outside energies of Source like we may have done in the past, in order to tap into the “flow” of finding our direction or path, are not nearly as necessary. “What are you talking about Karen?” Say, for instance, that we need to make a decision. In times past, we may have looked for “a sign” or we may have waited to be guided by the higher energies of Source, or placing the light outside of us. We can now choose what we want, and then make it work. It is entirely up to us. There is no right or wrong, or even guidance from above, as the only guidance now is that “it is up to us.” We have earned it. We are re-connecting then, but we are re-connecting to ourselves…our true, authentic, and light filled selves.

But we are also connecting to a new whole, while we release from an older and more densely vibrating whole of the past. The new whole is comprised of purer energies…and most importantly, it is comprised of us. So then, we are connecting to ourselves and we are also connecting to each other. It is then, much more about us now.

As we release the “old whole,” we begin to learn about discernment and boundaries. Although we may still have many different energies wanting to arrive within our spaces, we will now interact with them in new and better ways. This is because we are no longer connected to them in the ways of the past. We are now more detached and can simply see love in every situation, as we now know that everything is not about us. We need no longer “work with them” or even try and be a part of them. We are no longer connected, so we can now observe them, know that they are not about us, and hopefully see them in a loving way.

Wonderful things are about to transpire, but these wonderful things are all in relation to how we choose to handle or interpret what occurs for us on a daily basis. We need not be “waiting” for a better day to arrive, as each day has, as always, its’ own gifts and beauty if we only choose to look. The better day, then, comes through us. In this way, we are now more powerful than ever before. Yes, we may have utilized this knowledge and these principles in times past, but there has been a monumental shift now, so things are different in this regard.

As the equinox of September 22nd draws near, so will our shifting and connecting to things new. Brighter and better things will depend upon each and every one of us now, more than ever before, as we are the ultimate creators. Connecting to our passion, to our true and authentic selves, to what makes us feel great, and to good and special friends are the ultimate ways to connect to more light. And knowing who we really and truly are, while bringing that gift to the planet, will automatically place us in one big and awesome alignment.

I will be in North Carolina spending time with my grandchildren from September 15th until September 25th. I do not have internet access there that allows me to post new energy alerts on the web site, so there will not be a new energy alert until after September 25th (unless, of course, there is some incredibly exciting news to report before I leave on the 15th!)

As always, much love to you all….. 

Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times...

Until next time,  

Karen Evolution glyph swirl


ceagle 13th September 2008 12:25 pm

Hi Karen,
Hope you have great joy and fun with the babies.
Lots of love.

Afiyah Ledgerwood 15th September 2008 10:12 am

Hi Karen,
A million thanks for your energy alert. I was struggling to understand the changes that was going on in me and the kind of emotional drag I was experiencing these last few weeks. It is as if I had entered a kind of emotional limbo after a very marked period of intense psychic communications and significant activity. I understand now.
Blessings and much Light to you and your family.



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