The Lunar Eclipse


O.K. Here's the deal. These are strange times indeed. With a lunar eclipse today, a solar eclipse on the 29 th , and then the equinox this month and Mercury retrograde for most of the month, things are happening and not happening every which way.

The general pattern and purpose remain the same though….we are preparing and aligning for the big arrival and matching of energies in April and especially in the summer months.

We must be ready and in alignment for a higher way of being and the higher vibration that January brought for us. We are simply getting ready and becoming this higher vibration so that we will match our surrounding environment. We cannot manifest and exist in an energy if we are not being it.

Many are experiencing strange and wild dreams, skin outbreaks, heat and cold (heat burns off the lower vibratory parts of ourselves, and we always become cold with an inability to get warm when we are making a shift), exhaustion and on and on. These patterns of physical symptoms will persist and we just need to get used to them and know that they are a part of the process…..while trying not to focus on them again and again.

But here is yet another situation with the current energies. There also exists a very strange wane in the energies. It is as if all the energy that brings in manifestation has pulled out and been removed. If you are one that is feeling a big void, can't seem to manifest a thing, feeling as if absolutely nothing is going right and you are totally unsupported, it is most likely because you have already released, shifted and let go of much and are simply waiting for “the rest” to catch up.

Things need to catch up. Energy is infused everywhere, so this means that a lot of things need to catch up. You may already “be there” on the other side, thus experiencing this void or emptiness because for others, they are catching up and you are simply waiting for them. We need to reach a sort of critical mass before we can move forward. So then, enough has to catch up before we move ahead again. Things are catching up at different rates, so some are experiencing one thing and some are experiencing another.

And then there is the weird haywire energy. The Mercury retrograde is affecting electronics and other things to the point that things are functioning and not functioning in very strange ways with no apparent explanation. Mercury retrograde also allows us to go back into the old to complete things before we can move on to new creativity. Adjustment, adjustment, adjustment. And the weather is unpredictable, strange and haywire as well, but this will continue on with all the adjustments to come.

You may also feel that you are only receiving a very small crumb right now to keep you going, and this may not sit well with some lightworkers who are very ready to begin receiving. The lack of moving and manifesting energy can seem nearly intolerable if you are already vibrating high. Again, this is because things are still catching up before we move into brand new territory……..and big, NEW territory it will be.

The things that are manifesting right now might not be so pleasant. When there is very little higher energy present, this allows for denser and not as pleasant energies and experiences to manifest. They are allowed to run rampant, so to speak, as there is no monitoring or balancing higher energy to keep them subdued. This pattern has been occurring for a long time in regard to the shifting of the planet. The lower vibrating energies come out and then eventually the higher energies arrive and sweep them up to carry them to a better place.

So what about the lunar eclipse? The full moon is “covered” and then again revealed. Going deeper is needed here, it we want to be in alignment with what the planets are offering us. Now more than ever before, the energies that the planets offer us are being magnified at higher levels each time there is some sort of movement. As the ancients have done, it is always best to live in harmony and flow with these opportunities, as we are all going in the same direction at all times. Support is everywhere at the highest levels and the planets have been in on our ascension process from the get go.

The lunar eclipse, then, will support our process of going deeper into the shadows to ready ourselves for what is to come. When the eclipse passes, we will then start anew. The lunar eclipse will enable us to release deep within in order to move forward. It swill assist in creating movement and change. All you astrologers please bear with me as I am only an energy reader and accessing the higher dimensions and know very little about astrology!

This is part of the process and a perfect support for readying ourselves. And what is on the horizon? Yipeeeee! MUCH.

Next comes the equinox supporting a new emergence that is due to arrive because we have been readying for the past two months or so. March 20 for New beginnings and creativity. March 2 brought in the individual blueprint for each of us for our better alignment and for our dreams to manifest. As if a huge weight had dropped off our shoulders, on that day it was easy to see and get clarity about where we were headed. Know that we will arrive. March 2 was an amazing day as it connected us to this New that is on the horizon and now we are simply finishing up the final touches to get us there. February 11 opened us to a new road and doorway from the heavens which will allow us to access new opportunities that had not been available to this planet before. We spent a lot of time in February detoxing as well. March 7 brought a bulldozer beneath our feet rumbling and pushing to assist us in moving forward.

So then, we have an equinox coming that will begin the support for the New to arrive with a perfect and now much better balance of equal “night and day.” And then along comes the solar eclipse of the 29 th . The sun is covered……..a time or phase or reality is over…….and then the sun emerges again for a very brand New day and New reality and New time for us. And right on the heels of Mercury now out of retrograde.

This may sound like an astrological report this time, but the planets are affecting us to a much more magnified degree in these higher realms and of course creating and supporting the energies that I am reading. March has been and will be a time for much energetic preparing so that we will be ready for this New reality and very New life to manifest. April will begin the “bringing in” phase. Things will begin to arrive and begin to be put into place. And then next comes the summer………………..another big story in itself.


Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times,




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