The Out of Control Energies, Staying Vigilant & Getting Back in the Saddle

Is anyone minding the store? Are things completely out of control? Why are some of us feeling vulnerable, fearful, lost without a rudder, with chaos abounding and perhaps wondering what in the world is going on? Has it become near impossible to put even a toe out there without having a strange and uncomfortable experience? Do we need to keep completely to ourselves behind a closed door with no interation with much of anything? Are we being taken advantage of and used for our love and kindness? Is there a sense of danger at every turn? Are things actually being monitored for our best outcomes and are we indeed being protected at all? And at the same time, are bits and pieces arriving for us if oh so slowly, for our new residency to become intact in the higher realms?

After we finally reached this next plateau, weren’t we supposed to arrive in heaven on Earth? If we are indeed here in a higher vibration now, why is it so uncomfortable and unpredictable?

Well…….we actually have arrived in a higher vibrating reality and here are some of the current manifestations, but as always, we are in a stage which will indeed be completed eventually, as it will most certainly not last forever. But I have to say that this is one of the strangest stages of ascension that I have seen yet, and it is mostly here now because of our freedom of choice and our own personal vibrations.

Currently, we are transitioning (when are we not transitioning?) from a reality of dependency on a controlling facet of energy to one of complete independence. We are at the helm now and it is vitally important that we make decisions on our own, without being swayed by outside infulences of a lower vibrating nature... or even outside influences from others who view things from a completely different filter or stance than we do. It is important now that we step back if needed and remember who we are and what we indeed came to contribute...that we remind ourselves what we are here to do, and not what others may want. And in this way, stay very vigilant in what we know to be the best for ourselves and for the planet.

When we first arrive here in this new and higher vibrating reality of late, we may feel very naked. This is because there is so much less density in higher vibrating realities that we can feel nothing much between ourselves and most of everything else.

In this regard, then, we can feel extremely vulnerable with no protection. Perhaps even raw and helpless, but this is the way it is when we can see so much more of what is there, without having to look through walls of density or forests of lower vibrating energies. And what we can now see can feel scary, dark, perhaps uncomfortable, and may even leave us feeling spooked. Much is open now. The walls and density have very much dissipated.

And add to this the fact that we have dropped much of any lower vibrating and dense energies within ourselves as well.....hence, our old defenses are no longer available. We are vulnerable and raw indeed.

So then, what are some of the manifestations of this current situation we may be finding ourselves in?

In the health arena, many are having different experiences to medication. We may not respond to certain medications now like we did before. Or, a combination of medications may not interact in the same way. This is because of the openings to a higher vibration we are now having, and it creates new alignments and changes within our systems. Blood pressures are becoming eratic as well. Too high for awhile, and then strangley and suddenly low. (Please seek medical attention when needed...not everything is an ascension experience.) Weight loss if finally here! Wheeee! I have lost 15 pounds since the end of March. We need not hold that density of protection and of the light for others any longer within ourselves.

After seeming chaos and stressful scenarios, solutions are now manifesting and many are finding themselves in better than ever states of health and wellness.

Learning about appropriate boundaries is more prevalent now than ever before. The process of ascension always brings regular phases relating to less boundaries because of less density, and we are now in yet another one indeed. The boundaries become thinner and thinner and we need to be ever more mindful to practice setting stronger boundaries...especially now when there is not much left of the old world and old vibrations to hold onto for many, and they will naturally, then, strive to grasp onto something else... which many times is those who vibrate higher. This also relates to darkness trying to hold on as well. Thus, extremely tight boundaries are more important than ever now. So then, if you are one who is here to serve others needing assistance, it is time now more than ever before to be vigilant about appropriate boundaries between yourself and others, and to be ever mindful of taking on the energies of others....a very natural things for a lightworker because of how we are wired. Over-helping, too much compassion, and putting others needs before ours can create this situation as well.

And if you are one who is usually very open, trusting, sharing, and very considerate in healthy and appropriate ways, you may very well get clobbered now and in times to come. And the reason for this brings us to another current situation which is creating yet another experience as well.

Along with the situation of clinging and grasping energies mentioned above, much of the old reality is falling away now and this is creating unusual and fearful behaviors in many...among those a natural human inclination for some to look out for oneself, to protect oneself, to grasp onto something to save oneself, and thus, to completely forget about the whole in these times of stress, fear, and uneasiness.

Here in the US we are feeling the pressures of skyrocketing gas prices and food prices, to name a few. This can create a continual feeling of uneasiness and fear, of uncertainty and insecurity for many. For those who are sensitive, it can be quite a daunting challenge not to pick up these energies. But this is part of the fall. This is part of the passing of the old. We are being turned inside out in order to start anew.

This falling away is a planetary occurence as well, as there is not much of the old density left for much to hold onto. Tendrils of this process which is now occurring quite intensely now in the US will branch out and eventually affect the whole in a more substantial way. And in addition, there is also much occurring in regard to re-setting or re-aligning all over the planet, manifesting as earth changes and much else. What a transitional time we are in indeed!

A natural human tendency can be one of survival. So then, we can also find ourselves experiencing many who are greatly looking out for themselves, and thus, making things difficult for others. This is part of the process. For those who are supporting the whole and who see unity as a natural by-product of the fall, these times we are currently experiencing can prove to be dissapointing, exhausting, deeply saddening, and most certainly unpleasant as well.

What we are experiencing now is the transition of leaving the old world behind and beginning the transition into unity. This is creating chaos, distress, sadness and grief, but at the same time, there are the beginnings of this new unity manifesting as well. As in any transition, it can be difficult in the beginning, and then it eventually snowballs and a higher vibrating reailty then becomes the current and new reality.

So then, we will break apart and then come back together again. We will re-unite after some of us have had meltdowns, great feelings of loss of control, perhaps panic attacks, and intense disappointments and sadness regarding this current status we are now experiencing. But know that this is simply a part of a great and massive transition. This is the beginning, and these experiences will eventually result in a very new unity.

The energies are dissipating now. The density is leaving. This creates a breaking up or breaking apart of old patterns, old behaviors, and one can at times feel as though they are hanging on by a thread and having one big meltdown. Who is minding the store? Where are the controls? Can anything and everything happen now with no apparent rules or guidelines? This seemingly out of control energy is a manifestations of a higher vibration. It is a manifestation of a new opening and of more expansiveness.

The new guidelines and new ways of being are up to us to set into place. Perhaps we are not used to this new freedom...this new absence of controlling or dense energies or in other words having a lid on things. Sudden and complete freedom can cause chaos for sure. Things are wide open now, a new level of expansiveness has been reached, and within this new openness are still existing lower vibrating energies. They are panicking, not sure where to go, and are either holding onto higher vibrating energies (which are many of us, thus, the need for tighter boundaries), or going into self protection mode and forgetting about the whole. And once again, for those of us who are vibrating highly in unity, being around this panicking and self-serving energy can feel downright awful indeed. And remember as well that these panicking energies will abuse and take for granted energies of a considerate, caring, and thoughtful nature. They are very afraid and are forgetting their connection to Source.

It is all of this that can make some of us feel like staying home in our personal sanctuaries and never wanting to venture out again! But as always, there is good news as well.

Other manifestations? As we begin a new residency in a higher realms reality, any energies which are out of balance or in other words extreme in one direction or another, will naturally attempt to balance themselves. In order to exist here, this will indeed need to occur. So then, we will find ourselves getting clobbered and
having very unpleasant experiences in regard to any out of balance energies within ourselves. Behaviors we may have possessed in which we thought were right and good, may not be serving us well now. We are the way we are because we thought that this was the highest and best way to be. We are being shown higher vibrating ways now, and they may not be what we had ever imagined them to be. Learning the right use of caring and helping is one. In times past in a lower vibrating reality, we may have believed that some forms of helping were needed and a higher way of being, but we are now finding that this is simply not the case. Learning the right use of caring and helping is one, but there are many, many more.

The energies we are residing in are vibrating much higher now. This is creating much movement within and without, and much chaos. Basically, much is re -aligning and re-adjusting. Many of the experiences we are having are manifestations in the physical world of how we are currently vibrating within ourselves. So whatever strange occurrences we are now having, know that they are only a reflection of what is inside of us, and as we are vibrating so much higher now, these manifestations are arriving very quickly. But these uncomfortable manifestations can also serve as a wonderful tool for adjusting our own vibrations to much healthier and balanced states.

One good remedy or saving grace is to simply stay centered and still with no intentional behaviors and no reaching, making things happen, movement, or pushing. We can allow these meltdowns or breaking apart of the old energies to simply occur. This will get much of our old selves out of the way and allow for help to arrive. Yes, help and support. Thus, we can remain still and step back while the fall is occurring.

Knowing who we are by connecting to our highest selves, and connecting more strongly to Source are always things to hold onto and this will never change.

We need not abandon our ways of loving generously, giving, guiding, and being considerate and respectful. We need only know that much of the whole has not yet caught up with where we are, but when they do, we can then let down and breathe, trust more, lessen our boundaries, and relax.

And help, support, unity, and love are right on the horizon. I can tell you this because I am having this experience right now myself, and if you are one who has not experienced this quite yet, you will very soon I am certain. Some of you may have had this experience for awhile now. We are all at different levels and on different timelines, so all is always in divine and perfect order. After the breaking apart begins to lessen, then the new unity and new connections begin to arrive. And it is then that we feel oh so glorious again. There is so much love present here, I cannot begin to tell you. It can make one want to cry a river of joy and gratitude for these new and higher vibrating connections. And there is so much love here! So much love and unity! Having a meltdown, giving up, getting out of the way, and allowing oneself to break apart also allows for help, love, and unity to arrive as well.

We are completing a transitional process. The breaking up or dissipating stage is always difficult. But the re-uniting stage is truly awesome indeed. Oh, it is truly awesome indeed! And June will bring in much more of the re-uniting. So for now, we can step back if need be and watch the outside reality fall, stay in our personal sanctuaries with our loved ones, keep up some very tight boundaries, and be ready for creating more of the new when things settle down and re-align a bit more in times to come.

Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times...
Until next time,

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netdragon 31st May 2008 6:39 pm

There are both "negative" and "positive" higher vibrational energies, since negative and positive energies are a subjective judgment we make. Since we are moving from a subjectively negative reality that's a balance of polarities, we will tend to attract the negative and extreme energies early on as we move into higher vibration. However, as we notice positive things we attract take affect much more rapidly, we will learn to attract the positive quickly and it will take affect quickly. Therefore, the potential for negative and positive experiences both exist in higher vibrations and things shift a lot faster, giving a feeling of chaos, however this ability to shift things quickly will give us the ability to change things quickly to what we want once we know how to work with it.

For me, the biggest affect I've had of the higher vibrational energy is a feeling of constant heat radiating from the center of my body, and needing to drink more water. I know it's because my circumstances in life right now are dominated by the workplace and that's affecting energy flow, causing me to heat.

Betrix 2nd June 2008 8:34 am

The biggest moment for me right now is the "panic" feeling. I have not been able to sleep without a substance such as sleeping medication. Yet, the bring on as we become more sensitive "panic attacks" anxiety is floating around and attaching where ever it is able to find a spot. I was wondering if anyone has had exceptional "panic or anxiety lately?
The physical is certainly changing fast and it does not mean it is happening gracefully that is for sure. Karens messages alaways have something that is going on around me right now.

Thank you,


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