The Solstice Energies.....What a punch!

The solstice is doing its job well, and it can be felt in a variety of ways. Masculine solstice energies go deep…like a rotor rooter machine, they dig deep down into whatever is left within us, and trudge it up for evaluation and release. And add to this the Mercury retrograde energy, and thus, we are being forced into going back into anything and everything that needs attention and needs to be dealt with. This particular solstice is packing a powerful punch…as the higher we vibrate, the more intense the influencing energies can be felt. But the good news is that we have released and purged so much already, that was is left, is really just piecemeal. And this means that their duration is much shorter. If we can glean the benefits, we can get back on a new and better track in a very short time.

Some manifestations? Things that we have been putting off or have not wanted to face, can no longer be ignored. They are now up and ready to be examined. These many things that are unique to each and every one of us, may go dormant once again, but if we bless and agree to utilize the energies that the planets and celestials are currently offering us, we can make some great progress indeed.

If we have any issues left within us, we will now know about them. If we have a pattern that needs adjusting, we will now feel uncomfortable enough with the situations that we have created, to hopefully be inspired to make some changes.

These current energies really push. You may have disruptive sleep, strange and intense dreams, feel claustrophobic, pushed, or pressured, and just want to escape. You may feel that you have been pushed out of your familiar groove, and not know where in the world you were once headed. You may feel as though you are having some sort of spiritual crisis. You may feel as though you are breaking down, falling apart, and coming unglued…..this is, of course, because you are! Oh, how we love the ascension process!

If at all possible, it can greatly help to step back, remove yourself from your familiar environment, and then take another look. Being on the outside can greatly help to clarify things. It can be extremely difficult to see things clearly when we are in the heart of all the commotion! And with all this pressure and closing in energy, along with everything that is now at the surface and staring us in the face, it can be extremely difficult to see the forest for the trees.

We can also experience a lot of weeping when we are releasing. And during a solstice period, we are always releasing. Absent mindedness, scattered energy, and a loss of direction are natural by-products as well. With the higher energies now here to stay, take into account the rapid manifestations, and this only serves to add to our increased busy-ness. We can greatly benefit by taking a breath, nurturing ourselves, saying “no” once in a while, and stopping to smell the roses. Being out in nature or simply having a few days at home to leisurely attend to business or creative projects (in between napping!), can greatly assist us in refocusing and getting back on track.

Basically speaking, these current energies are telling us that we cannot push certain things aside. They must be dealt with, will eventually have to be dealt with, and thus, we are being shown what is the closest to the surface so that we can make some changes.

And then, we get to move forward with much less baggage! As we know, hiding is not allowed with the ascension process. That old light of illumination shines brighter and brighter with each given day. Yes, we are softening, we are releasing many of our rough edges, we are learning to love more (and the higher frequencies love the energy of love!), and we are slowly and surely becoming human angels.

The solstice is creating a situation of colliding energies, as what is up now needs to be released. And this is the way it is with our spiritual evolutionary process. We at first collide, then integrate, and as always, move forward in a much better and more comfortable way. This “gutting” phase we are currently experiencing will bring more up and out to be cleared away, in regard to ourselves and certainly our old systems and ways of being that were created in the old reality.

Lower vibrating and denser energies are on their way out, and when we see them flying by, we can feel fairly uncomfortable as well! But they are greatly in the minority now, as we have made so much progress. This is why we feel so ughy when we encounter them, as we are vibrating so much higher now and the contrast is very extreme.

Solstice energies can create wonderful re-structuring as well. My new web team is still working diligently on checking each and every page on this site for programming errors, as they are now formatting the entire site differently so that it can be viewed perfectly by every browser.They are like little angels, cleaning up and moving out, so then, purging, restructuring, and making new can feel great as well.

Miracles will still be the mainstay, the more prevalent, as will much love and abundance, as we begin to realize that these minor and short lived purges are becoming less and less predominant. We are making great progress indeed…

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.

Until next time,  

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