The Solstice Pain and the Energies for 2007


The Solstice Pain

We have just completed an amazing cleansing and re-calibration, and now we are poised to move onward after this most recent “wrap up.”

Solstices place us in energy where we have the opportunity to reach far and go deep, and this most recent solstice of December 21 was a very intense one. The days surrounding it, whether before or after, brought in some interesting manifestations, and the holidays only added to (while actually supporting) this process.

Emotionally, these energies elicited what I can only describe as deep pain . It was a painful feeling relating to all that has not yet changed. It was a deep pain that cried out for all the suffering and for all the ways of lower vibration that were so barely tolerable. It was a deep pain that wondered if anything would ever change. And it hurt. The energies were going deep and magnifying what was left of the old.

Much was up and ready for movement and change…and it could be felt because it was right in our spaces. Physically, it manifested as body aches, head and neck stiffness and pressure, hip and leg pain, and even back pain. Much pressure was present as we were moving and transmuting the older energies. Head and neck pressure, as well as all over body pressure, and even muscle cramps.

This is what was occurring: The holidays brought up much of the older energies, as we have progressed so much vibrationally since last year, and our older patterns and traditions had not yet changed to match our new and higher vibrations. Much pain could be felt emotionally and physically because we were going back into the lower vibrating dimensions. It reminds me of a scuba diver when he/she dives deep into denser waters and thus experiences pressure (and our ears can really feel it!).

We can no longer survive in the lower vibrations for very long…it simply wreaks havoc on our physical and emotional systems. It is too dense there. But this is what we decided to do, and we will continue with this pattern for awhile ….as we decided to go back into the lower vibrations and transmute them through our presence alone. As we are most certainly becoming human angels of the higher realms, part of our new residency involves returning to the remainder of humanity which resides in the lower dimensions, for short periods of time, to shine our lights and offer our services. It is part of our agreement and we will gladly and lovingly do this as we progress though this amazing spiritual and evolutionary process.

In addition to the energy of the holidays as our reason for “returning,” we also returned in order to cement in, “wrap up,” and secure some new energy in the places where we returned. We were making sure that many more were now on board and had the opportunity to enter the higher realms…these could be family members or any others who were ready and willing to move up the evolutionary rungs of this spiritual evolutionary ladder.

If you found yourself connecting with, speaking with, and in the same space as others whom you had separated from in months and years past, this is why. Many have chosen to move up the ladder now, and at soul levels, we have returned to greet and assist them.

In times past, the lower vibrating energies were almost repulsive, and we may not have been able to bear them, but now that we are vibrating much higher, they seem to roll off of us more easily, as we are no longer embodying them ourselves and have risen above them. In this way, we are able to return for short periods of time to assist through love, support, and caring.

And I must say, we were gloriously successful! If you did not have this experience literally in a physical reality, you contributed just as much through your existence alone. Just feeling these physical and emotional pressures are sure indicators that you were right on board transmuting the energies along with most of everyone else.

If you did not notice any change consciously, or see any results of a shift, this is not because one did not occur. A new pattern or higher vibrating ways are usually introduced and then accepted, but it always takes some time before they completely manifest into form in a permanent way.

Our love as lightworkers is what will cement things in. Without allowing the outside influences or even the outside “illusions” to affect how we are in turn vibrating, we can create miracles. When we respond to the lower vibrations, we then become them ourselves. When we return to the older vibrating world, staying in our own energy that we have worked so hard to embody through this challenging ascension process, is what will support our evolutionary process as a whole to a great degree.

This is a new phase. While in the throes of ascension, the lower vibrations always feel pretty intolerable. This reaction is divinely orchestrated, as it encourages us to create something new of a higher order. But while we are creating the new on “the other side,” we will now need to return occasionally to the lower vibrations, and our best defense while there is to vibrate as much love as possible. Residents of a lower vibration are not feeling so great, and naturally grab onto and move toward any energy that feels better….a happy, joyful, loving, and compassionate energy of support.

Do you remember when you were feeling so lousy that any sign of love or caring from another was like a lifeline from above?

Much of the clearing we are feeling now is only a residue and much of it is not even ours. When we feel this great pain and cannot really continue in our normal activities, switching over to a reality of compassion and service to others immediately places us in our impending future. (It is a great remedy, but only if you have been well on your way for awhile. For others, accepting these gifts of service is what is needed. We are all right where we need to be.)

Then it's back to our sanctuaries that we love and have created for ourselves. And since this last re-calibration and transmutation, the way has been cleared to a fair degree. We can now focus on our new creations, as we ready for the energy surges to arrive in the months to come.


2007 will be the year of all-embracing unity. Many, many more will be willing to let go of the old and embrace the new. People will unite as never before. Turning our backs on the old systems, governments, and the like, will snowball. The people will take the power into their own hands. It will be the year of liberation and it will be the year of global connection as well. It will also be a year for much humanitarianism. These are the traits of “nine” energy, but just viewing the future energetically, these themes are very present anyway. Being a nine year only serves to validate what will most assuredly occur.

You Tube on the internet (where personal videos are aired and viewed) has been showing the world what the people really want to see and what is really occurring for some. The masses no longer want to be spoon fed what they can and cannot view. The liberal CNN and conservative FOX news, will no longer be able to present their biased views. The center will be the place to be, as it represents a more balanced energy of unity. Senator Barack Obama here in the US , is embodying some of this unity energy now, as the murmurs abound regarding his possible run for presidency.

And keep your eye on Africa . Africa has been up and coming for awhile now, but the focus on it will greatly accelerate. This will occur for several reasons. Africa contains an energy of the original Earth. Beneath its' surface lies some very powerful energy of the old ways, or now the New ways that are ready to be re-visited. I have been pulled like a magnet to Africa for several months. Just feeling my feet touching her surface would be heavenly indeed. She is currently the light that will show us the way. She has been waiting for this time for quite awhile.

Lightworkers, or highly vibrating individuals, will come forth to showcase her treasures and to bring her back to wholeness. The reason there is so much pain and suffering there now, is to draw our attention to her. These incredible souls who are currently residing there, are doing everything possible to summon the light through their own suffering. It is no accident that many from all over the globe are uniting to bring attention and relief to this beautiful continent. (If you would like more information or to assist in some way, please visit the African Relief page on the What's Up On Planet Earth? web site.)

The energy emanating from beneath the surface of Africa has to do with the very first energy of creation on the Earth. This is why it is so vitally important now.

Global unity will manifest in other ways as well. And this all embracing unity energy will affect our loved ones, our local communities, and much else. The humanitarian theme will be ever present in so many ways. The private sector will become the way to go. By-passing the old structures and red tape will become common, as individuals will no longer have the patience or respect for the old regime. Individuals will begin to do things on their own, and support each other.

Recently in California , there was a situation where many donated money to families of firefighters who had recently lost their lives. The families were told that they needed to pay income tax on these donations. Very quickly, a bill was passed through Congress and this situation was changed. This was due to the public outcry.

And many months ago, seven paramedics from New York went to Afghanistan to offer their services after the earthquake. Going on their own accord and at their own expense, Afghan residents remarked that they had no idea Americans could be so compassionate and loving. They were shocked that things were so very different than they had been told.

This new way of by-passing the old outdated “hoops” is what I referred to as the “new ethics” in The Ascension Primer . It is simply a part of evolution. And although this unity theme will not suddenly occur when the clock strikes twelve on December 31, it has been building and will greatly snowball as the year 2007 progresses.

As 2007 brings in this completion energy, in the form of embracing as many as possible so that they can be on board for the up and coming new ways of the new planet Earth, and as we re-visit the old reality of the prior 3D creations, for these brief periods of time in order to share our light, I am reminded of the words of country singer Rascal Flatts from When the Sand Runs Out :

“I'm gonna stop lookin' back

and start movin' on

And learn how to face my fears

Love with all of my heart

and make my mark

I wanna leave somethin' here

Go out on a ledge without any net

That's what I'm gonna be about

Yeah, I wanna be runnin' when the

sand runs out…

And when they carve my stone

they'll write these words

Here lies a man who lived life

for all that it's worth.

Will you share your special gifts and talents with the world? Will you offer your own unique and amazing contribution and assist in bringing up the vibration of the whole? Will you not be affected by any of the old and lower vibrating energies? Will you love with all of your heart?

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.

Until next time,  

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