The Temporary "Standstill"


When the moon reaches its maximum northern or southern declination, it has what is called a lunar “standstill” similar to that of the sun near solstice. The lunar standstills occur every 18.6 years and were widely known, respected and harmonized with by the ancients.

We are currently in what I would call “standstill” energy. To eliminate confusion, I'm not saying that we are currently in the lunar 18.6 year cycle……. I am just using this as an example of how our current energy feels. It is like the space in between spaces, the perfect temperature of no temperature, the space of bliss and contentment, the space of no movement. The space where the pendulum has stopped, if only briefly before it again begins movement. If you are not currently having this experience, you can experience this energy if you choose to…….I will tell you how further along.

April 6 th brought in a very powerful energy. Over the week-end the debris or fallout from this horrendous movement began to manifest. Some may have not felt this energetic cleansing or severe surge, while others did. A day later things calmed down, but then, as always, on its heels came the alignment and manifestations resulting from this new energy arriving.

For the first 6 months of 2006, we will be readying and adjusting for the big manifestations to come in June/July and through to August. We have come far with detoxing, a great time of waning energy and removal and loss with nothing seeming to arrive, and great changes in direction. All is always in order. This process knows what it is doing and it is doing it well. Part of the readiness involves the energy surges. These surges serve to uplift the vibration of ourselves and the planet. They have arrived and will continue to arrive intermittently until the summer months. They are preparing us.

This last surge bumped us up in vibration again and caused more movement, fallout or rather, placed us in higher ways of being. Although these times can be unpleasant, we are always bumped up higher and usually feel much better after we align. Quite frankly, I love the ascension process as it is so natural and always in order. All one needs to do is to follow the lead of the energies, be open to what they are offering you, and go along for the ride. No planning, agenda, meddling or interference from ego required. If you can be willing to accept what is occurring, see what the energies are highlighting for you, make the appropriate changes, and let go, you can experience these changes rather quickly and then be poised in your very new position with a much higher connection to Source. In this way, you will always feel better and better as time goes on.

The surge of April 6 th (sounds like a natural disaster or something!) brought in a great amount of light that illuminated much. These surges really force us to see what is really going on and give us an opportunity to really get real . As the vibrations of the planet increase exponentially, everything becomes magnified. When a surge occurs, we can really see what we are about as our outside reality suddenly manifests very clearly what we are vibrating personally. What is happening is that the universe is very lovingly supporting us in creating and manifesting what is true for us. What a wonderful opportunity for getting a very clear view of what we are about………and what an opportunity as well to make some changes and clear out the old.

So what about getting real this time? Well……..What are your relationships about? Do you have an agenda for each one? Are you in them for reasons of need? Are you “using” another or letting another “use” you? Do you have a very hidden and subconscious reason for maintaining your friendships? In the higher realms, relationships revolve around pure and simple love for one another. If you are not interacting with others from this space, it will become very clear as you progress into a more highly evolved human. Your relationships will blow up in your face if you are not here. A genuine caring for others is a higher way, and in addition, are your friends genuinely caring about you?

As for your work or your “contribution”……….are you creating or “working” for the money? Is that your agenda? Are you doing things for other reasons than for the pure joy of them? Are you going down a winding road to get anywhere instead of going in one straight shot of pure vibration? In the higher realms it is very simple… doing this in order to get that or manipulating or rationalizing or making excuses.

In the higher realms, everything is done for the very pure purpose of pleasure, joy, connection to Source and to the real you. This is the “hidden agenda.” This is the higher space. If you have been having unpleasant experiences or crashes and calamities, most likely it is in relation to the part of you that is connected to and involved in “the old world.” These are the lower vibrations that no longer match us and they then result in collisions, unpleasantness, mishaps and disappointments.

As we see-saw our way to the higher realms reality, we let go, move “up,” tweak what we choose to keep in order to ensure a better fit with the higher ways, and continue on with this process. Although a slow process of zigzagging, we need to continually adjust as the old falls away and no longer functions for us. And during this time we are also creating the New. Let go, align with the New, create the New and repeat this process.

After this last energy surge, I was motivated to clean my entire house (a lower manifestation of purification). Letting go of some of the illusions that I had been allowing in my life greatly helped as well. This bump up and clearing then resulted in a feeling of a very clean, shiny New reality for me. Did you all feel it as well? In addition, when I was out in nature today, things looked very clear . I would imagine that many of you have had this experience as well…….when everything looks very focused (literally visually, not metaphorically). It is as if you are wearing a very New pair of glasses that are correcting your vision and you can now see every detail of every rock formation in the distance. While I was lying on the riverbank today, a hawk flew overhead. I could see every feather on his belly in great detail. It was glorious.

So how, then, to intentionally arrive in the space of bliss? Just go there. It's that easy. Just let everything around you go for a moment or a day and place yourself in a situation that will make you feel great. The world will not end if you are no longer in the lower, denser vibrations. Frequently I turn off my phones, shut down the computer and just be . Today I spent my usual time in nature lying on the riverbank in the ancient lands with no one around for miles. The nature community and I had a wonderful time playing and communing and talking. We were simply being . Even the star beings came and we simply hung out with absolutely no agenda except for the agenda of basking. The peace and joy and gratitude for the beauty around me and the gratitude for the earth existing were profound indeed. Even the gentle breeze felt like pure heaven. It was divinely blissful. These pockets of heaven are there for us all. We need just find a way to tap into them. Know that all your needs are now and will always be met, trust and trust and trust, connect to whatever lights you up, give yourself permission to support yourself in making yourself feel great, and simply soak up the higher realms. Leave it all behind and know this is where you really reside.

As we “standstill” poised on the ridgeline of a very New beginning, the energy surges will eventually come again. We are moving into very New roles as the advent of creating the New Planet Earth is rapidly ascending upon us. Each of these steps or phases is vitally necessary. We cannot rush the process. We need to be very ready and in alignment for what is to come in regard to our New roles. We are going to need to be creating from our connection to ourselves in regard to Source and not from our ego selves. This connection needs to be very pure. This is why this preparation period is so necessary. We are really being supported here even if it may not feel like it.

With all the letting go we can at times feel very ungrounded as we are no longer connected to our old securities. But as we progress ever so surely, we become connected more and more to a much higher source and in this, we can feel the bliss, the trust, and the absolute knowing that all is in order and that we will always be provided for. If your money source seems to be drying up, know that it is only because you are leaving one means of support in readiness for another. In our very New roles, our sources of support will come from very different connections. We need to be very poised in all ways for these New roles, as come summer, there will be manifestations and occurrences that will blow our minds. The purer and more connected we are, the more blissful and pleasant the manifestations. Would you want to be creating from a place of density and illusions? Would you want to be creating a very unpleasant scenario because it is what your limited ego mind insisted upon?


Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times,




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