The Wearing Away of Our Ego Selves

Connecting to Our Brothers and Sisters

Chaos, swirling energies, unpredictability, overload, feeling apathetic and lethargic, anxiety, sleeping like a baby and having insomnia for brief periods as well, losing things, having wonderful new connections, and helping our animal companions with ailments are but just a few of the many and varied manifestations of the incredible energies that the summer solstice has created. 

The solstice energies served to dislodge much. In this regard, much movement was created. Like an enormous eruption from beneath the earth, much of anything and everything was jolted out of its old position, old rut, old pattern, or basically any space that used to feel remotely comfortable and familiar. 

If you are a sensitive, you may feel that you have been hit by a tidal wave, traumatized, severely clobbered by who knows what, or perhaps even finding you have a great need for rejuvenation, rest, and some solace of a much needed order. 

When the energies rev up, as they have been doing of late, especially since the solstice, we can begin to feel beaten down. Ascension energies at times seem to wear us away, with no break, reprieve, or time to rest in between the high pressured waves that serve to polish us and bring us oh so closer to Source and our authentic selves. 

We are being worn away so that what is deep inside of us can be revealed. In this regard, our ego selves cannot seem to keep up, get in the way, or even navigate things. When we begin feeling helpless, powerless, weak, exhausted, or not in control, it is then that we open and can begin to connect to our brothers and sisters and to our authentic and true selves. 

When we surrender, we then begin the new and perfect connections that the solstice energies came to deliver. 

We are being seriously squeezed now from every direction. This can cause feelings of great apathy about our work, our futures, and even the effectiveness of what we believed we were here to do and create. As a part of our ego selves begin a rapid depart, we may feel that nothing much of us is in charge or in the know. But feeling apathetic and not caring anymore has always been a continual phase of the ascension process and it always passes. 

With all this occurring at once, we are literally being pushed into connecting to one another. We know now more than ever before that we can no longer go it alone. We absolutely must come together. I have been writing for several years now that we will be forming small communities of mutual support. As we evolve higher and higher into higher vibrating ways of being and living, this blueprint will begin to finally form. We were prepped for this time for the past several years, and especially the past several months. It is now time. We are indeed ready, even if we feel we may not be. It has been decided by our souls at the higher levels that the waiting period is now over and we will now move fully into our very new beginnings.

We have been preparing for so long for this. And now, the outside realities that the higher energies are creating, notably the fall, are supporting this very new reality into forming itself out of grave necessity if nothing else. So then, all is in divine and perfect order indeed. 

And this is when the new beginnings will finally "begin." We may feel that suddenly we do not know who we are or what we are indeed here to create. We may feel insecure, unconfident, ineffective, or perhaps greatly confused. We may feel rocky, ungrounded, fearful, unfocused, and as though we have lost our bearings. It is the solstice energies of great movement that are creating these feelings. 

We may feel that we do not know anything at all. We may feel that we do not know what will indeed happen next. We may feel that we cannot count on a thing, as when one thing adjusts and changes, a domino effect occurs and everything down the line is thus affected as well. 

But in these times of great change and new beginnings, we are also being given the opportunity to connect to new and more highly vibrating relationships, endeavors, and anchors. As much begins to change and re-align, we then begin to re-connect. Things we never believed would ever happen will begin to happen now. Miracles, relationships, and opportunities of the divine will find themselves at our doorsteps. 

We may begin manifesting so much wonder so very rapidly that we can begin to feel overloaded. We may feel overloaded as well with any type of manifestation that has arrived in our consciousness as a brief thought....whether a higher vibrating one or not. 

The key now is to get out of the way. The key now is to surrender and let the divine enter. The key now is not to navigate out of fear and a knowingness stemming from what used to be, but to allow for a new and better scenario to enter that one would never expect. 

The key now is to come together as brothers and sisters and to support one another. The key now is to know that our ego selves are no longer in charge. 

I can guarantee you that we are being highly protected by the divine at each and every turn. We were not meant to suffer through this process, and if we allow it to be so, we will thrive in great wonder in times to come. 

A few days ago I decided it was time to break down all the cardboard boxes I had discarded directly outside my back door in my outside porch area when I unpacked. As I began this process, I suddenly felt a great pain in my foot. I had been stung by a wasp, and now needed to go into the house, put my foot up, and tend to it. 

Phil came over and doctored me up, and together we began again to tend to the removal of the boxes. In a very short time, we found a rattlesnake directly underfoot. It coiled and hissed, and Phil was able to remove it from the premises. (I have since had a conversation with the snake community and everything is now fine...) 

The wasp had indeed protected me from the rattlesnake. And this is the way it is and always has been. Even when we feel we may be being beaten down, in actuality, we are only being protected and watched over. And although it may not feel like it at times, all is always right where it needs to be. 

Even though it may feel rocky right now for some of us, at the highest levels things are being put into place. New connections are being made. Higher level doors are opening. Things we may have always wanted are beginning to arrive. We will no longer have to go it alone. 

And while we may feel relegated to staying nearly housebound for a variety of reasons, it is only because we are readying for these very new connections. The miracles are beginning now and dis-connecting from the old systems, structures, and ways of doing things is a great assurance to arriving in this higher vibrating reality. 

As we begin to connect together with our brothers and sisters, we will then begin introducing these new ways for the masses who are needing our assistance, and we will then be assured of thriving as it was indeed intended. 

We are the ones holding the light now. As we evolve higher and higher, it is a natural part of the process to rely on our guides and non-physical companions less and less. They become inaccessible to us. This is because we eventually begin to vibrate where they are and we literally become them...these higher aspects of ourselves, as we are and have always been one in the same. And as we receive this light from one another, we will begin to form the beautiful grid of the very new world. 

Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times...

Until next time,
Karen Evolution



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