The Winning Ticket

We are still being turned inside out in various ways, as the aligning process for the higher realms is completing its latest phase.

Each and every living thing is going through this process, and we will not move forward completely, until enough of the masses have had an opportunity to get on board this amazing train.

Currently, the “turning inside out” phase is manifesting as one substantial role reversal. We are literally unplugging from one energy source or dimension and plugging into a very new and different source, which will thus create a very new beginning when all is ready and aligned as much as it can be.

The role reversals? We are experiencing role reversals as we begin the re-aligning process, as this experience supports the very needed balancing of our personal energies and the energies on the planet.

Manifestations? Those near and dear to us will begin to manifest the behaviors and energies that we have always manifested and we will begin to manifest theirs.

For example, one individual I know is slowing down, not working, and will be able to stay at home due to a new circumstance (she always worked, was the responsible one, and also took care of all the household duties and child raising). Her spouse is suddenly working two jobs and bringing in all the financial support.

Another friend has always tagged along with her spouse and worked where he did in a part-time way as he was the bread winner for their 35 year marriage. Now she has found her passion, is making great money, and he is wanting to quit his long time profitable work and tag along with her as her support in her work.

Someone else I know and love dearly has been passionately involved with animal rescue and care, and her husband was not very interested, and even irritated that she spent so much time with her passion. Recently, they adopted a puppy they were fostering, and he is now in love with this dog, greatly understands her work, and is there supporting her as never before.

We are having experiences where we are beginning to walk in the shoes of others, in order to understand them, accept them, and to balance all of our energies together in one big and beautiful pot. This is part of the new unity energy.

If you are one who feels that you absolutely cannot do something anymore, are completely exhausted when you even think about how you used to be and what you used to do, then you are most likely being encouraged to try a “role reversal.”

In the old 3D reality, we attracted others into our spaces who balanced out our energies. If we were go-getters, we usually attracted a more laid back personality who stood back and waited. Now these individuals are being encouraged to stand back and wait a bit more, as they were probably too extreme in their aggressive posture. And vice versa for our partners. These balancing and role reversal scenarios can manifest in a variety and multitude of ways…not just in the ways mentioned above.

In the higher realms, there are no extreme postures. Our gifts and talents are utilized when they are needed. We need not be “on” 24/7, as the remainder of the time that we experience this reality when we are not “on,” we experience it within a group as fun, joy, ease, equal partnership, and most certainly blissful companionship. We exist then, as equal contributing representations of energies. We need only be “on” when our area of expertise is needed. The remainder of the time we can simply enjoy ourselves as we unite with our brothers and sisters in fun and laughter on equal terms. No more leaders now as well in this new world of unity and equality.

Unity energy is a must in the higher realms, and this role reversal many of us are experiencing is simply a manifestation of living in a higher realms reality. We are thus quite naturally now morphing into beings who then match a higher vibrating reality.

If we choose to resist these supports and suggestions for change from the higher realms (yes, we are being lovingly supported for our arrival there), the suffering begins. And through the suffering, we are being encouraged to make a change, to let go of the old us, and to allow these internal adjustments to be made.

Why so much suffering this past year or so, and why so much suffering and pain appearing to manifest in the world of late?

The suffering exists for a few reasons. We suffer when we need to go deep and make a change. As 3D human beings, change occurred much more frequently through suffering than through joy. When we are seemingly happy and contented, we are not as motivated to change what needs to change in order to continue evolving spiritually. Suffering is the old way, but being that many were still in old energy, it was decided that suffering would be the catalyst and the vehicle into the higher realms. Many more would be captured this way and thus a massive relocation of beings into the new world would be more assured and would happen more quickly.

The new unity which is creating change and alignments for residency in the higher realms is also creating resistance from some factions. When fear of change, or perhaps fear of an impending non-existence occurs, we then experience volatile actions and sudden outbursts, fear, and what can manifest as violence and an uprising energy. These energies or the forms which they embody are terrified that they will cease to exist. Not knowing how to re-connect to their souls or higher selves, or even to Source through trust, they freak out and react. This is when understanding and compassion are in order for these factions, even though we still must no longer tolerate their ways.

Here in the US, there has been an epidemic of shootings with a sometimes accompanied suicide. It seems that every week, someone opens fire in a public place and kills seemingly innocent victims in a rampage. It can be heart wrenching at best. There has been recent activity in regard to energy movement in South America, as Colombia and Venezuela are experiencing extreme tensions, the Israel-Palestinian conflict has intensified, and Kosovo and Serbia are still experiencing great tensions as well.

These are all manifestations of the “turning inside out” and fear energy, as it can be extremely difficult for some. The changes that are necessary for a higher realms reality to occur are massive as well as impending, and thus, chaos and suffering can at times seem to be all that is occurring.

Here in the US, we are still experiencing amazing surprises in regard to our presidential elections. As the new energies strive to maintain a new foothold, the ups and downs continue to manifest in regard to which candidate will be the forerunner. (I ask that you please read this energy report in its entirely and with an unbiased stance before you send me emotional correspondences as to why I am wrong and you are right…much of the time we are all right. I am giving you an energy report here…it is not my personal opinion as to whom I think should be our next president.)

As unity and balance are mainstays in a higher realms reality (balance thus creating that zero point or an alignment to higher energies), it has manifested as a seeming change of flow in regard to which candidate will be most desired as our new president. The current energies will thus create a candidate which matches where we are now vibrating as a whole.

Balance and a more centered candidate are beginning to make their presence known. John McCain representing the more conservative Republican party, embodies a very evident energy of the center, or rather a more centered Republican (in other words, not as much to the right) that we have yet to experience. This is why he moved so very unexpectedly to the forefront, and this is also because any extreme energies of this party are now becoming defunct, as extreme energies cannot exist in a higher vibrating reality. The extreme energies of conservatism are making their way out, and will eventually cease to exist.

Barack Obama most certainly represents the center as well as more of the whole. A child of two races, a man with a middle name of Hussein, and having a strong desire to listen and respect all sides, along with a vision for a new beginning, he appears to embody the energies of the whole in many ways. But then we have Hillary Clinton, the first woman presidential candidate, who thus embodies the much needed feminine. The result?

I have always said that each political party embodies a needed representation of higher vibrating energies, if used appropriately. The combination of both parties would be a third and highest vibrating form. And this is the way of the higher realms. A full representation of all forms in their highest state. Not this one only, or that one only, but all together as a whole.

So then, what would be an outcome of balance, center, and equal respresentation? Obama and Clinton together on one ticket as president and vice-president would certainly represent a good portion of the whole. But what about McCain? We have not yet evolved to a point where we have but one party, so then a Democrat or a Republican must win. The best scenario then, in regard to these candidates matching where we are currently vibrating in our evolutionary process, would be a combination of the highest vibrating facets. This then, will be what eventually transpires. And if we are not yet ready for this combination, then we will elect a president who embodies the most of what we are now vibrating and desiring.

The re-aligning process has also manifested itself in ways relating to our physical bodies. Back and neck pain usually accompany an adjustment. This is because we are growing our angel wings in bits and pieces, and it can be felt in the back and neck areas as we expand and move energy there. Sinus and head colds, and chest congestion are also common. And intentional bloating usually occurs as we fill up with new energy and begin expanding. But also know that if you need to seek medical attention, please do what you feel is best for you, as you might just have the flu!

What about that old familiar weight gain, especially around our abdominal areas? 2007, especially the latter half, was the year of yet more weight gain for many of us. All the purging, releasing, and aligning caused stress for many, and this stress can create weight gain. But there other reasons for weight gain through the ascension process as well.

As we evolve higher and higher, we begin to hold more higher vibrating energy within us. This energy needs a certain amount of density to house it. Phil and I have found through visiting many ancient sites, that the ancients in this area usually chose to build around massive amounts of stone. Stone carries a great amount of density, and thus could house their higher vibrating secrets and ways.

During our ascension process, we are embodying these energies within ourselves, and thus we can experience the bloating and intestinal distress at times (we can also experience intestinal distress when releasing). As we are currently experiencing a re-aligning and an attempt to establish a new foothold, many are thus experiencing diarrhea and then constipation. Our physical vessels are what holds these energies and what is usually affected by all the changes as well. When housing higher energies through our bodies, we can find that no matter what we do, we simply cannot lose weight!

Emotionally, we can be affected as well. Currently, due to the latest phase of un-plugging from one reality and plugging into another, we can feel scattered, unable to speak the correct words, lost in our thinking, not all here or there, and not very focused on one thing. We may seem to not make much sense to others, or be unable to explain things in a rational or easy way. We simply have not yet landed completely. The turning inside out energy is affecting some of us.

Many are experiencing vivid dreams of late as well. These dreams are giving us important messages during this phase of adjustment. And in addition, for some of us during a time of rebirth, we may find ourselves examining our lives and reviewing what we could have done differently, or even looking at all that has happened in our lives up until now. This is simply a form of life review before we take the next step into the new reality.

Another scenario which is currently manifesting as a result of our transition is the letting go of some of the things we manifested a few moths ago while we had not yet begun the transition. We were in different energy then, and manifested what was present within and without at that time. And that was a time of much darkness, so imagine what we may have connected to! In this regard, these things no longer match where we are now, and this will result in experiencing non-support from these particular manifestations. It is because they are no longer connected to us, and are somewhere else. It is then that we must know that something very new and much more in alignment with where we are now will soon show up for us.

Currently, I find myself without web site support and we are also going to have to move out of our temporary rental home very soon. Both these manifestations represent a housing of two things most dear to me…my self expression via my web site and my home. Where we are residing then, can be most ready for a very new connection indeed!

As these many re-alignments and this massive restructuring continue on, know that this is a monumental process this time around. It is taking so long because what is due to arrive is so massive as well. We are making great progress and new connections in bits and pieces as much is beginning to come together, but we are not yet all there. All is in divine and perfect order as always, even though we may not always understand what seems to be occurring!

As always, follow your heart, follow what feels best even if it does not make sense and you cannot see how it will work, and know that you are always being guided and protected. Be good to yourself and give yourself what you need and the universe will follow your lead.

Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times...

Until next time,

Karen Evolution glyph swirl


Penny 6th March 2008 5:51 pm

:smitten: Hi Karen,

Thanks for the update ~ it's always good to read your latest.
Another tip I've heard to keep us on track is:-

Every morning write down 3 things you are grateful for in your life.
It can be the sunshine, roof over your head, etc. Anything, as long as you are truly grateful for it.

Then write down 3 things you will be grateful for in the future....

Do this every single day for 30 days and you will be amazed at what begins to manifest in your life....
It is extremely powerful.

Kind Regards,


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