Time To "Bring Forth"


Wow! Where do I begin? The recent break in the energy is continuing on and manifesting all kinds of wonderful and miraculous things. Like a dam breaking, the waters are pouring forth at last. We are out of ascension and readiness jail, out of the dark hole of aligning and preparing, and finally beginning to receive our newly arriving pieces in great abundance before we move ahead.

The best news so far is most appropriate for we lightworkers who carry the vain gene: The weight is finally dropping off! That extra weight mostly around our mid-sections is leaving for another destination at last. Do I get to go back to my size 8 after two years; from that strange and uncharacteristic size 12? I do believe so, and there is good reason. And it all has to do with the New destination for the weight, so to speak (smile).

The supports and clarity are moving in, in regard to the pieces for our New roles. Everything that we had to leave behind is finally being replaced. This was another deep, intense and at times challenging time as we prepared ourselves for our New roles. 2006 is still the year of manifestation, but we could not begin to manifest until we were very much in alignment with what we would be doing and manifesting.

We have come far this year, examined much within ourselves, released much in the way of people, jobs, residences, and even body toxins. We have had wild dreams at night, night sweats, times of no sleeping, and times of deep sleeping. Our old lives and roles have come to and end and we have grieved all the losses that finally seeing the illusions created. We have felt futile, exhausted and perhaps even questioned our faith in the whole thing.

So now what? One of the reasons that many of us put on that extra weight, which would not budge no matter what we did, was because we were holding the New and higher energies within us. And now we do not need to hold them any longer. It is time to release these higher energies and ways into the world…and these pieces that are arriving for us are coming to support us in doing just that.

What are you here to teach? What are you here to create? What are you about? What are you here to contribute through your passion, gifts, and talents? What will be your role in bringing these higher ways out into the world?

For all of us, these shifts, New blueprints, and energies affect us at basically the same time, but there is still room for some variance in the time frames. For some, their New changes are well on the way and for others, they are still in between. If you are one who is in between, you may very likely be feeling quite lost right about now.

When we disconnect from one reality before we move into another, we can feel displaced and disoriented. This in between space can also manifest at lower levels and feeling ignored, useless and very alone. When we are still in between we have simply not connected yet with the New.

Another scenario that is becoming quite prevalent is the separation between higher and lower vibrations in regard to relationships, business, and all much else. For example: I know I have mentioned this before, but there is only love and genuine straight shooting energy in the higher realms. There is now occurring a great separation between what is real and what is not.

Love and deep caring are genuine and real in the higher realms. Relationships are not based upon hidden agendas, needs or give and get. As the vibrational levels rise, any relationships that are not of this genuine base become blatantly obvious and can feel downright horrible. Are any of your friends caring only about themselves? Do your service providers (banks, doctors, stores, etc.) only care about themselves or money? Are you suddenly seeing things or people for what they really were and what the connections were really about? Deep respect, a genuine caring and concern for others, and much of anything heartfelt comes from the higher realms. Good manners, being polite and doing the right thing because we are supposed to do not. And of course there is also the ego connection. The more ego, the less Source. Those operating from ego become very obvious as well…but in addition, those operating from love and caring become very obvious too.

Most of the old ways and old structures were based upon the lower vibrating ways of survival and they are now rapidly falling apart and blowing up. Last night my very close companion and best friend Aspen was hit by a car. Although she is a cat, I never saw her that way. Trying to find a vet here in the middle of nowhere that would see her after hours was near impossible. After what seemed like a thousand phone calls, a vet an hour and a half away agreed to see her. So much of it was about the money or about being bothered. We do not have a vet here in my small town because they can make much more money elsewhere. Although Aspen 's star family came in and explained her health situation to me, there was still not a human who seemed to care.

With this glaring separation becoming more and more evident, it is very surely paving the way for us to bring in the higher ways. People have to be ready for change. People have to be willing and strongly desiring what feels so much better to arrive. We know the higher ways and now it is very surely time to introduce them. When we are willing to let go of the old, a New and better anything can then arrive.

And when the New arrives, it almost always comes into our awareness without any looking on our part. If we intend that we want something better and do not accept anything else, the New usually arrives in due time. Many times it was right under our noses and we were simply focusing elsewhere. If we can get out of our rational and analytical minds and be open to anything with no judgment, who knows what surprises may arrive! (Short message this time…I'm still in cat grieving mode.)


Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times,




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