Time to Jump In, the Waiting is Over

As the fall of the old world continues in earnest, varying scenarios are becoming more and more evident. If we can remember that we are smack in the middle of the end times, it can perhaps ease our minds that all is in divine and perfect order. The end times...we are in the end times...and considering this fact, I believe we are doing very well indeed. 

As the transition from the old to the new continues on, we may thus find ourselves enmeshed in a little of this and a little of that. This grand process of ascension was meant to be gradual in order to create the most ease possible. So then, the more we find ourselves enmeshed in the old, the more difficult our lives can seem. And the more we find ourselves embodying the new, the easier and more effortless our lives can be. 

The energies of the old are frightened now. They know at some level that they are leaving. In this way, they are becoming ever more difficult to interact with, as fighting, fear, nastiness, and an extreme effort to maintain some kind of control has the lower vibrating energies by the coattails. When those of us embodying more light begin our attempt at departing into the higher realms, our departure can be met with grasping and holding on by the old. Like a swimmer attempting to rescue someone who is drowning, the rescuer can easily be forced under and dragged down by the one who is drowning. 

It is ever important now to stay out of what is falling, or we will go down with it. And when we stay out of it, we can easily find ourselves in spaces of magical synchronicities, a new unity with others, and a new reality where all our needs are always met. 

We cannot bail out the old. We are in the higher vibrating energies now, and thus, there is no more energy to sustain and fuel the old. There is nothing left for it to hold onto. If we go back, we can easily get sucked under, turned inside out, thrown off balance, and become lost in a whirlwind of fearful and grasping energies. What is creating this now rapid fall is the simple fact that so many souls have now arrived on "the other side." This joyous fact signaled the next phase resulting in the fall of the old very rapidly now....and it took nearly the entire year of 2008 to complete this latest phase. 

Enough souls had to be on board...enough had to be ready to let go and leave the old behind. Those struggling to hold onto what must now depart are in a space of unpleasantness, most certainly. It is time to surrender to a new way. 

And in this regard, our time is finally here. It is finally time for us to jump in...to jump in to the new...not the old. Who is in your space now? Whom do you find alongside of you? In what energetic space are you now residing? 

While the old continues its' fall, those on the other side will be forming small communities of sustainability. In my small community here in the mountains of New Mexico, we are having talks of year round community greenhouses, mutual supports in building natural and earth sustained homes, and the like. Individuals are coming together now more than ever before. Putting our passions together to form a whole is the key. 

The "temperature" has not been right in all ways until now. So now, it is time to jump in. It is time to move forward, to create, to unify, and to begin some new. And in this way, we will thus be supported. 

Thus, October is bringing in some very new projects for many. Our time is now. We have completed our "re-connection" (although this process has different and varying timelines for everyone), and we are now very ready to roll along with the new, as we are the ultimate creators. It is those who are bearing the most light that will hold this planet up now as never before. By staying out of the old and out of what is falling, and creating new connections and a new grid of reality, we will most assuredly find ourselves in a very new Heaven on Earth. 

Re-connecting to a new us, a new us with more and different responsibilities to the spiritual evolutionary process of the planet, has then ushered in these very new projects. In this way, all is in divine and perfect order. Some manifestations of this re-connection or new space can be felt as sleeplessness (as we now need to be here, more than ever before), various muscle pain, especially in the feet (as we are now very grounded here), feelings of pressure (as there is so much to do and these energies are arriving rapidly now), and even upper back and neck pain as we open more fully and connect to our angel wings. 

The key to staying centered and on the other side during the fall is to align with your creativity and passion. Staying in this space as much as possible allows for anything and everything needed to arrive for us all on its' own. And even though it may be difficult at times to watch what is occurring now within the old, knowing that each and everyone there will have the opportunity to be where we are now, can give some comfort. 

It is time to get ready with our store-fronts. These arenas of our service to others who are still on the other side will serve to sustain us while we are transitioning into a reality where money no longer exists. In hard times, there is always money available. This is an undeniable plan we created at soul levels, and thus, it will work. In this way, we will all be fine. And when we are not involved on that dimensional border with our store-fronts, we will be interacting in unity with our brothers and sisters on the other side, having fun, enjoying ourselves, and having all our needs met in an effortless way as we each contribute to our very new whole. 

Do we need to live in remote areas to stay safe and secure during these times? No. In 2007, the San Diego area of southern California experienced some intense fires. There was so much community support there, so many services were offered, and so many came together, that there was actually an overabundance of help! A love and respect for one's community is all that is required, no matter where we reside. 

There will be more natural disasters, most certainly. The eastern US will experience some untimely and intense hurricanes. While I was there most recently, I continually picked up this vision of what is to come. But here is another certainty as well. One year, I saw that the US would experience nine hurricanes that year. The very next day, CNN reported that they we predicting nine hurricanes that year as well. As it turned out, we did not have even one. With so much unpredictability now, and with the ability to make change and choose differently, as we are the ultimate creators, most any scenario is possible. 

We will all be right where we need to be. There can be no mistake. We were not meant to go down with the old. It is not part of the plan. 

As we begin to connect very rapidly now to our new and very needed roles, the roads before us will open very clearly, and we will be united with our very new projects, very new people, and some very new ways. These are very exciting times indeed...and if we are willing to let go, the river will take. 

Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times...

Until next time,


lrm 6th October 2008 5:30 pm

Is everyone aware of weather manipulation? Of HAARP? [see 'Angels don't play this haarp']...
Much of the 'earth cleansing' [sd fires,new O.] is owed to manipulation of the iosphere and the earth. This technology has been in place for sometime-based in Alaska,in the US version. The longer we think and live in a fantasy that the earth 'cleanses herself',the longer it is until we awaken and be free/sovereign.
The manipulation of humanity goes on at many levels,continually.
If you have done your homework on this subject,and disagree,fine. But if you are not aware of this information,and somehow think it means that I,and people like me,are not in love and light or are focusing on the negative,then my suggestion is to read up a bit,to come to a balanced perspective on the matter.
Being informed allows for better discernment.
Yes,our bodies are literally made up of the same matter as the earth; in this way we are in fact the earth,for the time that we are here. And yes,the field,including the earth is affected by consciousness,and the elements along with it. But that is another story.

patriciapearl 7th October 2008 7:47 am

Irm . . . thank you for this entry . . . it got me thinking.
If the ALL that is does contain both the dark and the light . . . then where you find yourself, and that is, standing right in the middle (the centre) of now being able to be witness to both . . . is that not the place (the existence) of balance that we are seeking?
Feels so good to me . . . ahhhh

Rhiannon 8th October 2008 11:11 am

Poor you, and your blah,blah,blah. Your thoughts are manifesting instantly your terrible and dark place where you are now. You are right, not everyone is ready for ascension. I respect their choice, but it is not mine. Some are vibrating at the ascenson rate right now and you cannot feel it? Or sometimes, maybe you do, but you have no control of your duality?? What happened to your discernment? Oh, right, you vibrate too low. We agree. On the HARRP issue...Kryon has been right on target for all the years "he" has addressed this to millions of people all over the world. For more information, go to www.kryon.com. Some will be able to discern what is what and not blah is blah. Thank you for this encouraging message, Karen Bishop!!! :smitten:

Bella 8th October 2008 12:15 pm

I love Karens reports and some may not..It is really up to whom and what vibrates with you..If you have so much to say about how wrong she is and how srong everyone elseis and it is all a falseness made up..than get out of it, writing a comment to every post placed is growing so old and not very condusive at all for you. Have you not gotten that by now?? Your looking for help/attention/ and love sparking some type of controversy/debate it some how ignites you, maybe your playing your role now as a antagonist? maybe, do you think? I guess no one to play with or have conversation with usually bordom will do that to a person when they have nothing else to grap on to, done it myself.Alerts are just an update of what someone themselves "feels" "sees" or "channels" through their own vessel do you have to own it or make it your own, no..by all means don't read it or get involved with the message. If I don't like someone or something stay away and find another place to get invovlved with. Your going out of your way to play a "game" and you know it as much as we all. be better than that.


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