Vulnerability and Our New Power

The energies are finally shifting as we near the most condensed and pivotal point of the shift, which is the equinox of Sunday, September 23. Feelings of vulnerability may be present for some of us, or perhaps just a feeling that something monumental is about to occur. Dizziness, vertigo, weakness, and just plain feeling fragile is part of this scenario, as we are moving into new territory as new beings of light. Shedding so much of the old in the past three months can leave one with that old familiar feeling of wondering who in world is gazing back at us in the mirror! And without our old and prior identities of what we thought was our power, we can feel very vulnerable indeed. But after these feelings of vulnerability pass, we are then in the very new space of the higher realms, or a much higher vibrating reality (more on this further on).

Yes, the old masculine ways of power are truly leaving. Some indicators? I have a good friend whose soul purpose is with the animals. Recently, she had volunteered to do some work with her local humane society, which had been trying to get established for several years. She made quite an impact, but the current president seemed to block much of anyone’s suggestions, and carried some immense energies of the old masculine. My friend finally put her intent out there that the way would need to be cleared, or she would have to leave herself. Within an hour, she received an e-mail that the president had resigned, and she was immediately elected as the new president. Many old members came back on board, and now the road is free and clear for some new and higher creations!

As the old masculine energies of inappropriate power, dominance, and the like begin to leave, they can then be replaced by the new and higher ways of a much more feminine nature. Here in the US, there is currently a trial underway regarding a Mormon leader named Warren Jeffs who allegedly forced many women into premature relationships with men along with inappropriate forced sex. Polygamy was ever present here with disrespect for women. In addition, OJ Simpson is once again at the forefront as he has been arrested for alleged armed robbery. The old masculine is being called on the carpet…it is up and ready to be addressed and dealt with.

But the old feminine needed to be brought higher as well. Releasing and purging some of the old feminine energies we may still be embodying within us could be experienced through dreams about our mothers. Much transmuting occurs in our dream state. I prefer this method, as it seems to be the most immediate and the least painful! The mother energy, or any mother energy of the old world, needed to be tweaked into a more higher version of the feminine. In this regard, abdominal pain, abnormal and frequent menses, and the like, may have also been an experience for some of us. Yes, we have transmuted much in the past few months and our bodies and emotions are fairly exhausted…but this is our role and we are getting used to it.

Relocating is still a present theme as well. Last night I spoke with my 25 year old daughter who lives south of Asheville, NC, on the other side of the US from me. She is married with three children. Suddenly, her employer told her that she would have to come in to work each day at 6:30 in the morning, or work nights and week-ends. She is a wonderful mother, and wants to be there for her children as she gets them ready for school each day, and certainly at home at night. She is now desperately looking for a new job. In addition, they have been looking for a new rental home, with absolutely no luck. What is happening here, is that they are being encouraged to move to a new town, where there are many more opportunities.

They are no longer a vibrational match for their small town, and moving would place them in a safer place where everything would simply fall into their laps. This will be a stretch for them, and a big change, but once they “arrive,” a new and much better world will rapidly unfold for them. When we trust in Source and are willing to let go of the old, and get out of our own way, we can easily and surely be led to a new and better world. And as always, things never seem to be our own idea!

And this is what is on the very near horizon for many of us. As we pass through the energy of the equinox, we will be much more securely in place on the “other side.” Beginning right now, with the energetic window already in place, we will once again find all the synchronicities once again occurring, things will magically and immediately fall into our laps, we will think of something, and suddenly it will occur, and so on. I was listening to Bonnie Raitt yesterday (“I Can’t Make You Love Me) right before I went out the door to the post office. And of course, when I arrived at my P.O. box, that same song was playing, as I could hear it through my mail slot in the employee headquarters behind it! When we think of something in a detached and very casual way, it can seemingly arrive in record time. We just have to not care too much about what we are wanting…

We are now poised to be elevated to new creations and new life experiences, and new ways of financial support as well! How do we optimize this feeling of vulnerability and align more fully with the higher realms?

The vulnerability comes from releasing our old ways of what we thought was our power, or how we utilized energy to get what we wanted. Because of this, we can feel that we have no power, or that we are just hanging out there without any protection. Not so. When we tap into the real and true power of the higher realms, where we are now residing, we will then feel safe and truly awesome.

How do we do this? We stay in the eye of the storm, so to speak. Not only is the old falling away within us, but it is falling away in the physical world as well. So these methods of staying in alignment will then work within and without. What is staying in the eye of the storm? We access the higher dimensions by going through them, and we cannot go through them if we are moving. This means that we need to stay still. Be present. Do not reach. Do not extend. Do not help or save or rescue, unless it is your purpose or passion, or you are coming from great love and compassion. Not from responsibility or duty and most certainly not from a well meaning arrogant ego. We need to stay in our centers. We need to really and truly be who we are, and know who we are. We can stay focused on what is ours to do and be. We need not interfere with the process of another. Individuals and systems cannot hit rock bottom when we continue to save them. And we cannot rebuild until the fall has reached a certain point. We need to stay away from what is falling and simply let it fall. We need not go down with it or allow it to frighten us. We are no longer in this space, if we so choose. We can look somewhere else entirely.

What is our true power? It is the power of allowing the universe to take care of us and to do the legwork. If we sit still and wait, while in our joy, passion, compassion, and creativity, the universe will bring everything to us. No looking, as this places us in movement and the higher realms exist in the stillness. No promoting, no seeking, no taking charge.

Last week my husband Phil gave a tour of the ruins here, and had only one participant…an archaeologist. Phil had put together a series of photos showing the alignments at the site on pivotal dates, and where the sun hit certain rocks and petroglyphs, etc. Phil is an awesome photographer, as well as having a passion for the ancient sites. The archaeologist was so wowed by the photos, that he connected Phil with a grant source so that he could be paid for his work. In this way, he gets to be in his passion and creativity all of the time, and be supported financially. Just wait until you see some of these photos on the What’s Up On Planet Earth? website in the future!

So how do we make money in the higher realms? Do we sit on the sofa and wait? No……We stay in our passion and joy, which keeps us in a higher vibration, while we put out our intent to be supported through our storefronts. Our storefronts are comprised of our passion, joy, and creativity. And because we are still a monetary based society, we will need funds to support ourselves for a bit longer. The storefronts are what will serve this purpose, but the mechanisms that run them (the old 3D ways) will encourage us to only be a part of them for brief periods of time. Passive income will become more prevalent, then, as well as these brief periods of spending time in the “lower realms.”

The fall will create the need for our storefronts, which will be comprised of our gifts, talents, and creativity. The fall will be the precursor for the creation of this New World we have been waiting for. The universe will lead us where we need to be, if we allow ourselves to follow the trail of crumbs, take things lightly, and be willing to let go and try something new. Our souls and the universe know much more than we do. Will you allow them to lead you to the higher realms?

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.

Until next time,

Karen Evolution glyph swirl


Mariù 23rd September 2007 12:58 pm

Well, today is Sunday September 23rd and I can say that the symptoms are accurate once again :thumbsup:

Sallie 23rd September 2007 1:52 pm

You are an amazing writer and your words so resonate with me.

Thank you


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