We made it!

We have finally reached the pivotal point of critical mass and this is creating “the big release.” Enough of the masses have now had time to choose, change, and expand, and thus, we now have the opportunity to reside fully on the “other side.” Our waiting and also our so called work of holding the space for the masses is now over. The end of March usually brings in much new, as the equinox serves as a vehicle for this flow. Add to this the full moon and the energy of Easter, and a final thrust was created that served to complete this opening.

This pivotal point allowed much to be left behind. It was as if a huge chunk of what many of us had been burdened with or attached to was now allowed to dramatically drop away. The connections created from unplugging ourselves from the old reality and into the new are now becoming more permanent than ever. We are finding more and more new connections on this “other side” which are much more in alignment with who and where we are now (more on this further along in this energy alert).

Now many of us will begin to experience instant miracles, a substantial lightness, a life of no attachments or burdens, and an incredible freedom. These experiences arise when we are willing to let go of our fears and are willing to let go of what we thought our securities were…and most importantly we are now being asked to let go of our “bondage” of responsibilities. When we can choose to release and let go of “old world” burdens, old relationships that make us feel heavy and drained, and the like, we will then find ourselves in a brand new reality if lightness, ease, joy, laughter, fun, light, peace, love, and wonderful like minded and similar vibrating companionships.

This great release means mission accomplished. And in this way, many of us have been released from our old roles as lightworkers (more on this further along as well as this release can create some strange and unsettling feelings).

The ascension process greatly mimics menopause. With short term memory loss, abdominal weight gain, depression, anxiety, hot flashes and night sweats, crying jags and emotional meltdowns being experienced by men and women of all ages, we may wonder what in the world is going on. It is a process of leaving one reality and identity and moving into another. Leaving our old life and old roles behind, just like menopause.

Part of this process created a desire for more time for ourselves without all the responsibilities, perhaps feeling that we wanted to be “done” and ready to let go of all the “child rearing,” giving, being there for others, and sacrificing that we have done in the past. It suddenly seemed to be time for us…perhaps our time at last.

So just like menopause, some of us were at the point of being “done” with a large part of our roles as lightworkers, or in other words, raising the planet (or its vibration!). This state of being created anger, frustration, and a very severe need to allow others to do it now, to allow others to do things we were weary of doing, and a desire to simply stop. Creating exhaustion and dead batteries, many of us were more than ready for this new residency to occur, and the final stages of this waiting period proved to be challenging at best. Now enough of the critical mass has been affected through this latest shift, so that it is now time for many to allow others to take over. What exactly does this mean? Are we done, washed up, being put out to pasture? Will we be leaving soon? Are we going to die?

No…we just have new roles now and we get to “retire” into the land of our wildest dreams with perfect companions who fit us to a tea, while we continue to provide our service to the rest of the planet in limited amounts on the dimensional “border” while we reside predominantly in a heaven on earth reality of our dreams…phew!

The more time we spend and the more connected we are to the old world, the more uncomfortable we will be. Trusting that we can let go of the old will allow the new to arrive.

And this brings us to the matter of our body weight. That old weight gain. During the first phases of the ascension process, it can be common to suddenly lose a substantial amount of weight (but not necessarily for everyone). This is because our bodies go into shock, so to speak, and we can freak out, have panic and anxiety (or depression), and it can be difficult to eat. Our bodies are beginning to house a massive change and restructuring and they can really be hit hard during this first stage.

After this stage is complete many of us begin to experience abdominal weight gain. This is because our relationship to the world is changing, we can no longer reside in these denser energies, and thus, we put up a wall of protection in this area in the form of a weight barrier. This additional weight also holds a higher vibration or much more light. Our solar plexis area thus holds more of the light as it represents the barrier or our relationship to the old world and denser vibrations. And in this way, when we were still spending time in the old world, we needed this area to be dense.

Most recently, many of us are experiencing a substantial amount of weight gain all over our bodies. We can look in the mirror one day and be quite surprised to see the shocking image reflecting back as it may appear that we suddenly gained a huge amount of weight almost overnight! For some, we have never been this weight in our entire lives.

Here is what is occurring: When we are interacting with the denser energies of the old world, or with any energies that we do not resonate with, we begin to hold more light as a protection. We are thus holding in a resistive fashion, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. This creates a tightness and a flow can then not be created. Also, we have had to let go of so much of who we thought we were, or our lower vibrating density, that in order to remain “here” on this planet, we subconsciously think we need to create a heavier physical form to keep us “here.”

As we are carrying more light for the whole, we were thus “carrying more weight” than others. We knew we needed to “pull our own weight” by being in our integrity, by coming from our highest stance, and by being a purified version of who we really were (our own individual gifts and talents).

This extra weight then, was needed while we were interacting with the whole and influencing it through our presence alone. I frequently notice that when I visit my family in California, and am in the energies there if even for a week, I come home with a bigger belly. At lower levels, these interactions with the lower vibrations can cause stress (I’m not specifically referring to my family here…sorry mom), and this state creates a chemical change within us which can cause weight gain as well. All the same thing.

But now things have changed. We have been released from this role. Thus, our weight will begin to fall off the more we begin residing on the “other side.” Again, the more time we spend and the more connected we are to the old world, the more uncomfortable we will be. Trusting that we can let go of the old will allow the new to arrive.

And this brings us to our very new connections. We are now carrying enough light as individuals that we will begin connecting to others now instead of connecting to Source as our means of support and higher energy. Yes, Source is ever present and we will always connect to it, but we are embodying so much Source within us now, that we will begin to connect to each other in new and different ways.

If you are one who has been experiencing a lack of support from others, or a feeling that you have to do it all, or a feeling that you are taking on all the responsibility, here is why: You are most likely still connecting to others who are either not in your vibrational space, or to others who are not yet embodying their passion, or their specific role in the new world.

In the new world we each have a specific passion or role to fulfill. The ascension process creates a spinning off of anything that is not ours to do, thus, we no longer have the energy, where-with-all, or desire to do it all or to wear all the hats.

Our new roles involve being very true to who we are, or to our authentic selves. When we do not do this, or are not really being who we really are, we are out of alignment and chaos and unpleasantness can result. Being our true and authentic selves involves being in our integrity at all times and thus bringing forth our true and highest selves to the whole. And in this regard, we need not ever settle for less in any arena or in any way.

So in this way, we are now creating new connections to others. As we begin to embody our true and authentic selves, we then begin to connect to others who are doing the same. Then, when we connect to these others, we create a very new whole which is comprised of those embodying their passions, gifts and talents, and who are very good at what they do. Each of us then has a sincere desire to do our jobs well, we never tire of it, it comes easily for us, and we are then in heaven living effortlessly as we become a piece of this very new and highly vibrating whole.

These types of groups are beginning to congeal now, as they break off from the old world and form small groups of their own. It involves higher vibrating energies connecting to each other. So in this way, many of us are more than ready to let go of the burdens of our old responsibilities. I talk a lot about this scenario in Remembering Your Soul Purpose (I am so blissfully happy that the time is finally here!), and when my new web site is done, there will be complimentary information for you in assisting with identifying what that purpose is, along with other helpful information.

(I just returned home from a trip to Santa Fe. The phone in my hotel room had the message light blinking. Not knowing if I had a message, I dialed in to see. What I heard were three wonderful messages for the last three inhabitants of my room. They were all so beautiful…thoughts of love from friends, invitations to unite, and the like. Every few days I receive emails intended for others, as some folks hit the reply button instead of the forward button. There are so many wonderful emails from one friend to another, saying how much they enjoyed their last reunion, along with messages of love and support. There is so much love between friends!)

When we come to the point where we are willing and ready to let go of the old responsibilities, we may feel guilt. But after we let go, we then feel blissfully light and very connected to the new. It is then that we are more fully able to reside in the new world and the other side. We have been relieved of our old responsibilities of raising the vibration of the planet. It is now OK to retire, enjoy ourselves, and to take time for us within a reality of our wildest dreams. We are no longer in a “bondage” state with our old responsibilities as lightworkers. This can feel very strange at first, as this is all many of us have known, but when we allow the new “us” and the new reality to arrive for us, we will feel better than we have ever known!

I frequently mention our store-fronts. These will be the portals which exist on the dimensional border and which serve to house our gifts and talents in regard to service to others. We will be able to have lives of effortless existence, but many of us will want to continue to serve through these store-fronts. They will also serve as portals for money, until money is no longer needed.

Another scenario symptomatic of our new residency is a common one that involves the feeling of no boundaries, or perhaps even a feeling of being violated. Whenever we vibrate higher or reach a new vibrational residency in a higher dimension, we can feel that our boundaries are greatly thinning, and rightfully so. This can make us feel very vulnerable, as if things are happening seemingly out of our control.

Much more density is gone in the higher realms and we can really feel it. But as we vibrate higher, we now connect to other higher vibrating energies and things do get better. As we begin to connect with others vibrating high in their integrity and purpose, much else will fall away and cease to be in our spaces.

Our connections to electronics are being affected as well. We are vibrating differently than our electronics now. It can be hard to connect with or to have these electronic devices work for us! Eventually, we will be much more focused on our internal electronics instead of the external ones, and they will no longer be needed, but not for quite awhile yet.

As we continue to refine who we really are, to stay in our integrity and not settle for less, then much will arrive for us effortlessly. And when we are willing and able to allow ourselves to let go of our old responsibilities, we can then jump right into the higher realms.

Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times...

Until next time,

Karen Evolution glyph swirl


Graceanne 24th March 2008 11:23 pm

Fantastic. I have been going through menopause and the ascension process at the same time. Consequently I was able to give each symptom at least a double tick!. It's good to get some information on the biological effects of ascension. There doesn't seem to be a lot of information about on this aspect of the process which is often very puzzling and disturbing.

Love Graceanne

Edi 25th March 2008 7:06 am

Hello Graceanne - try googling 'ascension symptoms'! There's a plethora of info online. xxx.

And Karen, another gorgeous and very timely entry. Thank you, dear one. What a beautiful service you give to the world, both Old and New. xx.

lrm 25th March 2008 10:22 am

For Biology of Ascension [which is different than simply listing 'symptoms associated with ascension'],check out www.spiritinform.com
There is a science rooted in this process,and in fact our bodies are an integral part of it!
While weight gain has always been known to be a 'protection' tool [check any hypnotherapy or psychotherapy approach],and has been known in mainstream medicine even for years to be related to stress,and menopausal changes,it is a bit of a stretch to consider that it is holding more light or vibration.
I believe that is entirely possible,but this energy alert has the sense of justification.
In my experience,people gaining weight often make it seem to be a mystery or something out of their hands,when in reality,after talking with them,there is always something they are eating,not eating,not resting enough,not getting enough bitter greens or spirulina,etc,etc,. And sometimes the body just needs a good old fashioned cleanse,as well.
Anyway,that is just IMHO.
www.spiritinform.com provides a new approach with alot of biological info.

Andrew Karpenko 1st April 2008 7:24 am

Wow! This energy alert resonated strongly for me. Thank-you Karen. I am a male, and have been experiencing some of these symptoms including fairly sudden weight gain without much physical explanation in spite of eating about the same and exercising).

I feel relieved that we can let go and allow our deepest heart-felt soul intentions to surface at this time.

Thank-you for reminding me that guilt is a wasted emotion and that I need to follow my deepest soul intention.
I had to let go of a family commitment to attend a screening of The Moses Code, follow-up to The Secret (with a global and Jerusalem meditation/healing). I felt the need to promote this event that is being held around the world this weekend. Google James Twyman or The Moses Code for more details and events in your area. Most events are low cost.


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