We're Almost There!

Well folks, we are still put-put-putting along as we make slow and steady progress. In bits and pieces, we are integrating and aligning with the new energies of this next dimensional leap and connecting as we go, if only ever so slowly. Small pieces are coming together, but we have yet to be able to say “YIPEEEEE! We are finally engulfed in the new energies and everything is moving ahead like a magical whirlwind of effortless creation!” Like a fever that has yet to break, we may feel stuck, waiting, and wondering what the hold up is. Butting up against a dam that seems to be holding us in check, we may feel stagnant and immobile.

Will we ever move forward? Will the tide ever turn? Is the world falling apart and readying to end forever? Are we catapulting into hell as old prophesies often predicted? Will dark energies run the planet forever more? Is there some mistake here? Have we been overlooked, forgotten, and left behind? Are we simply hanging in mid-air with no supports in place? Are all our old securities disappearing and leaving us helpless, lost, and confused? And where is that support anyway????!!!!! Do we have to do everything ourselves in order to make anything happen at all? Are we too tired, exhausted, drained, and empty to continue on? Where are our reinforcements, anyway? Are our non-physical counterparts simply staring at us and doing nothing to help?

To all of the above I say “NO.” And yet there is much to say “YES” about once we understand what is indeed occurring.

Even though the scenarios above may seem to be what some of us are feeling and experiencing, the dam is beginning to leak, we are seeping through into the next dimension, and eventually it will finally break when enough souls come on board with an alignment to the new and thus push through the dam into the New Reality. In regard to this massive rebirth we are about to experience, we are still in the birth canal “dilating,” and we are not yet at a “10.”

As for the scenarios above, we will indeed move forward when the time is right…the tide will indeed turn in a very dramatic way as it is currently doing in small increments in order to build momentum…the world is indeed falling apart as the “old” can no longer exist…many are experiencing “hell” as it serves as a wake up call to surrender, try something new, and in order to create a willingness to let go…there are no dark energies as we are only “seeing” the darkness that is leaving us now and spurring on many to make change…there is absolutely no mistake, as everything is progressing in divine and perfect order (this is a MASSIVE undertaking this time and each and every living thing is being given an opportunity to cross over into the New Reality), our old securities are indeed leaving and this can indeed make us feel lost and insecure (more on this further on in this alert), our old supports are leaving as well (more in this also), and no, our non-physical companions have not abandoned us as they are beautifully allowing us to create our own new reality…just as they should be doing!

For the past 9 months, I have been working with a new web team who has been readying my site and making changes in its deep formatting to allow for optimum viewing for all my readers, and then a switch over to some new hosting to allow for many more to view all at once. There were glitches and problems, and finally, a sort of disappearance of the web team altogether! It was taking forever and then it just stopped!

After feeling abandoned, sad, confused, and certainly lost without a properly working web site, I had finally just given up. I was simply too tired to make things happen from my “lower” self. It did not feel right anymore. “Where were my supports?! How could I present my work and passion without a vehicle?! And why, oh why, was I being left on my own, in the dark, without any help??!!” I had asked myself countless times! And the sadness I felt seemed overwhelming at times…

Finally last week, I emailed the web team and said that I would be taking legal action against them if they did not deliver in one week…period. They had a substantial amount of my money. No more excuses. And then I heard nothing for another week. Why do we seem to have to get very emotional, angry, and take such a hard stand before we can get anyone to listen? Aren’t we supposed to be naturally and gracefully attracting what we need through the laws of matching vibration? Why do we have to do everything ourselves? What in the world is going on? Where is our help and support?

I finally got some results after more threats…not my norm for sure but I had absolutely had it…and I was almost too weary to even muster up any anger! The situation began to get very clear as it progressed, even though I was experiencing great sadness at how it was transpiring. Here is what became clear, as I was most certainly experiencing what I had been writing about for the past few weeks:

Getting angry and emotional does indeed serve to move the energy. This has been the case for eons of time, as emotion is what serves as a vehicle for energy. But becoming angry did not feel right, and rightfully so as it only served to create a “temporary” fix and only in one particular situation in my life. Becoming emotional and angry did not place me in the natural flow of where we are currently residing as a whole. It placed me out of sync and out of alignment, even though it eventually did create some movement.

Know as well that anger is one step up from sadness, so in this regard we can feel a bit better indeed. Anger is certainly not always a bad thing.

But the space I had to occupy while resolving this situation really whacked me out. By that evening, Phil finally asked me, “Do you realize that you are still in your pajamas?”! “Why don’t you take a shower or maybe even comb your hair? You might feel better…”! Oh, the joys of working at home! In the meantime, Phil had spent the day cleaning the house from top to bottom, moving out all the furniture and cleaning under, behind, and on it, and preparing a scrumptious dinner (I am very blessed to be married to a man who does this on a regular basis!) The deep cleaning, if only in the house, made such a difference! I felt so much lighter, fresh, and new.

On that day, I decided to consult my brother, who is a system’s analyst, writes software programs, and has been a computer whiz forever (for those of you who are familiar with Sherri, this is her husband). I needed help understanding what was involved with virtual servers, web site language, and the like as I felt at a loss while attempting to communicate with this web team. Normally, I do not bother him as he is very busy with his business and carries quite a load. Although he would usually like to help, he simply cannot.

Ultimately what transpired was this: My brother became very helpful in assisting me, and it became quite clear that we were establishing a new and more aligned connection in regard to my web site and the technology involved. He was, in fact, desiring a change and new direction, and I had been receiving information for quite awhile that we would all be connecting as a family to bring forth our joys, talents, and assistance for the creation of the New World. This family connection would be one of my “communities.” I knew it was coming, so I was quite thrilled when it finally transpired! This was but another piece that I had not even thought of.

So then, here it is: Things that may seem to be abandoning us or giving us no support, are doing so because they are no longer in alignment with where we are vibrating. We created them at a time when we were vibrating differently. They are no longer in our vibrational space. They exist somewhere else. There is much re-arranging occurring now. My brother is very savvy in regard to the ways of the New World…he understands the new energies on a conscious level. He was ready for something new for himself that more fully matched his vibration, as was I. I feel so truly blessed to be connecting with him now in a more permanent and new way! He will now be handling all my web site needs. Whooopeeeee!

As the old systems begin to fall away, we will then be matched up with new supports which match who we are and how we are vibrating. We can no longer utilize and team with energies that will soon be departing and which are no longer in alignment with who we are (it would not be to our best advantage and differing vibrating energies cannot line up anyway)…but we still need to be able to create and we need supports. So in this way, we will be experiencing new supports, or perhaps just supports that are in alignment with the New Reality.

Then there was the situation with… our house. Phil and I found our temporary home in the area where we knew we would be residing for awhile. We were truly blessed to find a rental home in this small town of 400. We also knew we would only be in it for about 7 or 8 months. What a house it is! Built in 1933, it has some interesting quirks. The floors are not level, so one can get seasick looking around! The plumbing gets backed up on a regular basis. The other day I heard some wild gurgling, ran into the bathroom screaming “Phil! Phil!”, and there before our eyes was an eruption in the toilet…water was spewing up all by itself and having a wild party! We died laughing as at this point we have begun to get accustomed to these interesting and at times amusing quirks.

At times our electric just decides to “stop.” It seems to have only so much to spare, and then it rests for awhile until it can build up again. We can be using the microwave, and then suddenly it stops in mid-stream to take a rest. After about 15 minutes it resumes. We never know when this will happen with any given outlet! Phil used to teach electricians in the Peace Corps, so he knows about these things, but he still finds it all very amusing indeed!

And then there is our landlord who lives in another state, but that is another long and wildly strange story as well. It is near impossible to interact with him in a logical way, although we really like him.

We need to move from our house…it is making us insane! This is why it is becoming more and more difficult to live here. Everything is in divine and perfect order, as we are now ready to look for our land here in the area where we are now residing. The situation with our house is telling us that it is now time. We cannot stay here any longer. We are so excited!

When I was experiencing frustrations and sadness about my web team, with my new bank (customer service, what is that?), and with any of the old structures I was still needing to connect to, Phil, who is very removed from much of the system, sat there so very calmly wondering why I was so “stuck,” until…….the television would no longer connect to the satellite. Aha! I was no longer alone in my frustration! My gentle spirited husband became irate with the television satellite company, as we had had five crews come out and try to resolve this situation already. And once again, the anger moved some energy for a resolution, but ultimately we are still re-aligning and dis-connecting from old energies.

In the areas where we are still maintaining a connection to the old systems, we are no longer a match and will most likely experience a lack of support, a falling away as if these connections no longer exist, which can create a feeling of hanging out there with no supports.

In time, and this is happening now, more individuals who are embodying the new energies will catch up as a whole, and we will then begin receiving new supports. This is all part of the creation of the New Reality…it is transpiring in divine and perfect order and it takes time.

Yes, we are still being turned inside out as the re-aligning continues and the new energies begin to take a foothold in positions of influence. Just yesterday, it made headlines that the governor of the state of New York, here in the US, was resigning because he had been caught allegedly paying for services from highly expensive call girls for a very long time. His replacement, Lieutenant Governor David Paterson, is a blind black man and very highly revered. How awesome is that! Whooopeeeee!

As the big energy shifts that are usually initiated from the cosmos have been taking a break for awhile, we are being given the opportunity to create from within, or in other words, assist each other and unite as a whole as brothers and sisters of the light. We are connecting now from deep within ourselves. Our connection to Source then, is coming from our deepest connections possible. These connections run higher and deeper and arise from our soul memories and our new and higher alignments. This is the beauty of creating the New World by ourselves. No interference from star beings or the like is allowed. We are the ones who are ascending through ourselves and taking all of the cosmos with us. In this way, it is our experience so we get to call all of the shots and create a very New World according to what we choose to create….all by ourselves! The sky is the limit. It is up to us. Fresh and new….yes completely new and thus not necessarily in accordance with the original blueprint of the planet earth. We get to decide!

We are here as representatives from every nook and cranny of the universe, and in this way we will have many ideas to contribute. It will be truly awesome!

So is the world coming to an end! Yes! But only because a new one is about ready to hatch. If it is difficult to have faith and to trust that this is so, simply notice how many new babies are arriving and how many women are pregnant right now. There are so many new and evolved souls waiting to arrive for this New World, that they are even coming in as twins! They cannot get here fast enough.

As Phil just told me, “When you look at the night sky, you cannot see the stars move. But if you look away for awhile, and look back at the same stars, you realize that they have moved. They are moving at the speed they are supposed to, but we cannot see this with our human senses.”

And this is how it is now. Things are indeed shifting and moving. This is a big process this time. We don’t want to start the train moving, and then have to stop and say, “Wait! Some stragglers are running down the track trying to get on board! Stop the train!” We want as many on board as possible to ensure that the New Reality will indeed take hold with no possibility of failure.

Are you ready? Can you feel the small steps and new alignments getting stronger and stronger? Can you feel your brothers and sisters aligning with you for new and stronger connections that are oh so much higher? It is most certainly almost here! Wheeeeee!

Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times...

Until next time,

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