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Lately, it can feel as though we have experienced a beautiful spring shower. Fresh and clean, with a feeling of new . With so much being washed away during the end of September, and processing it through October, we are now poised for that very new to arrive.

Whether we were consciously aware of it or not, we dropped a big chunk of our shadows during this time. This could have manifested as feeling a dark presence around us, being called on the carpet for our unintentional behaviors that we have embodied up until now, or perhaps even just feeling “off” or icky for awhile. And while we are purging, as always, we can become tired, achy, and even feel like something toxic is in our system as it readies itself for departure.

And then we begin to open even higher. Many times this can manifest as one huge sinus related headache, as our crown chakras open more fully. As higher energies create expansion, this can cause the discomfort in the head and neck areas as we are growing our angel wings. Allergies can abound as we are now vibrating higher than our outside world, and our bodies go into resistance mode, releasing those resistance chemicals that can feel toxic as well.

But with any or all of this going on, many are feeling absolutely wonderful for no apparent reason. Beaming and glowing, cleaning and cleaning our spaces, and rearranging much in our spaces and immediate environment, we are readying for this fresh and clean, new and pristine, time to arrive.

The higher we vibrate and the more we evolve, the more we separate. This may sound strange, but what is occurring is a natural and perfect consequence of living in the higher realms. As we fine tune, purify, and refine ourselves, we create an even stronger resonance with the universal effect of like energies attracting like energies. And as we purify, refine, and fine tune what we are all about, dropping much else that no longer fits or serves us, gaps are then created in our spaces. What used to comprise and embody these spaces is now defunct or pure fluff…no longer needed or able to exist in a higher vibrating reality. And this can cause separation…feelings of separation from Source and from others as well.

But in addition, a much higher quality and order of things begins to emerge. The falling away will continue on for a very long time, as this ascension process reaches higher and higher levels. Due to this energy refinement within ourselves, we are then connecting now to things, individuals, and much else that greatly matches who we really and truly are. Things we used to do in regard to our work that were not the perfect fit, we may find simply leaving our spaces or becoming intolerable.

In the higher realms, we really and truly know who we are and what we are about. If something is not a perfect fit for these refined gifts and talents that we possess, we will know it in due time. What comes effortlessly for us…what we are good at…and what we love…is what remains. All as it should be. Staying In Alignment is currently in the process of printing, and goes into much more detail about this process and how we can stay aligned with the higher realms while we are continually transitioning. (I will announce within the energy alerts when it is ready for ordering… in a week or so.)

So although we may have interests and involvements in many arenas, as we fine tune due to being in higher and higher vibrations, we begin to slough off or lose anything and everything that no longer matches the highest form of who we are and what we are here to contribute. Anything that no longer has a place in a higher vibrating society, will no longer exist. But this will feel great, as we then get to experience only the best of everything.

Can you feel the excitement brewing? Can you feel that something new and fresh is about to emerge? Does it feel as though you are about to enter a very new stage in your life? Does it feel as though a part of you and your life has left…a part that no longer fits the new and more powerful you? If you are conscious of these feelings, it is because this is what has most recently occurred.

December has the possibility of bringing in a substantial shift through a world event, but this is not a certainty. We are needing to come together and unite as a planet. If we do this on our own, we will be progressing according to the plan. If we are dragging behind, we will then create a scenario that will create a shift in consciousness, or a leap in vibration in one fell swoop. An incident will arrive that will serve this purpose, while at the same time, allowing for many souls to depart by creating a perfect exit experience. All will be in order, no matter how the tide turns.

October brought in the opportunity to process and integrate the loss of a chunk of our shadow sides, as well as bringing in connections to the new…connections that will manifest in form and support our new spaces more fully as November progresses. Now that we are more clear on our more purified and refined purposes and roles, these connections cannot not occur. With the way of being in the higher realms involving like energies attracting like energies, this scenario becomes more prevalent the higher we vibrate.

The earth is providing us with more energy now than ever before. I have been getting so much information lately about living with no money and getting our strength and support through and from the earth…I can feel this energy pulsing through my veins more and more each day! She is truly one of our greatest gifts.

At times we can feel unsupported and that things are just not quite right. Today I was out in the middle of nowhere in the mountains of Northeastern Arizona looking at land. As I was driving along a gravel road, I noticed a calf off the road a bit, all by itself. There was not another cow or four legged creature around for miles. There stood this little, lonely calf all alone. Although it somehow looked unnatural, I none-the-less drove on, after I had stopped to look this situation over.

When I returned back on this road, the calf was still there. All alone, he had not moved. Somehow, he looked so fragile and alone, unable to survive by himself, and certainly abandoned. This time, I got out of my car, walked the distance to where he was up against a fence, and began to herd him to the road. I had noticed a corral and shoot down the road about a mile, and there were some cattle and calves inside, with an abundant supply of water.

The whole time I was “herding” this little guy toward the corral, I was wondering if I was indeed meddling. After about 45 minutes of moving him along, we came upon a spring, and he stopped for a drink. Still feeling not quite right about what I was doing, but also feeling as though he was at least no longer alone and vulnerable, a truck drove by pulling a horse trailer. “Aha! A rancher has finally arrived!” I thought.

The door to the truck opened and out came a magnificent Indian. As he approached me and my little friend, he asked, “Did the calf become separated from its' mother?” As I stammered away with my explanation, I asked him his advice, as I assumed that he must know much more about these things than I.

What a beautiful explanation he revealed to me. He said that this calf appeared to have been born that very day, or perhaps the day before. Evidently, at times, a mother will leave its' calf to go and find water, or for any number of reasons. He remembered a time when a calf was separated from its' mother by an entire mountain, and they found each other the next day. He felt that this calf would indeed reunite with his mother in due time. They would begin calling out to each other, and would indeed be together once again.

With much relief on my part, he then asked me if I needed a ride (as there we were in the middle of nowhere!), we discussed some open and available land that he knew about, and then parted ways.

At times we can feel abandoned and all alone. We can feel that we are all by ourselves, perhaps left to fend for ourselves when we are not quite prepared. But even though it may appear that we are vulnerable and something does not quite feel or look right, all is always in divine and perfect order.

With these disconnections that we may feel, we are still very connected. The mother of the calf knew exactly what she was doing…she knew how to reconnect with her offspring and that her seeming disappearance was only temporary. When we are very fresh and new as the result of yet another “birth,” we can feel lost and alone in a very new space.

There is much, much on the horizon coming for us all. We are getting stronger and stronger every day, as we connect more fully to the purity of who we really and truly are. While I was out on the land today, I spoke with my favorite non-physical companion. It is so very clear now, that we have come so far, and because of this, we are being asked to make many decisions on our own. We have learned much through the ascension process, and can now then utilize what we have learned as we create our new experiences.

Yes, there is guidance there if we ask. But the difference now is that we must ask first. And at times, we may not receive an answer, as we already know the answer because it is right there within us. We can now take our power. We are wise enough now to forge the trail ahead. Learning through direct experience is always the best way to go.

And as we take our new spaces, everything we need is right before us as well. We are surely being lined up with all the resources we desire and need…we need now to only reach out and take them.

When it's time to clean, I always turn on my favorite cleaning music…Marvin Gaye's Let's Get It On . My poor cat has had to endure more experiences of dancing and twirling around the living room! (Grandchildren are even better, as they will even dance with you in the grocery store!) So I leave you with his words of wisdom, as they so relate to our relationship to Source:

 “I've been really trying

Trying to hold back this feeling for so long

And if you feel like I feel

Then come on, come on

Let's get it on…

Let's love baby…

We're all sensitive people with so much to give

Understand me

Since we've got to be, let's live

There's nothing wrong with me loving you

Giving yourself to me can never be wrong, if the love is true

Don't you know how sweet and wonderful life can be

I'm asking you to get it on with me

I aint gonna worry, I aint gonna push

Come on baby, stop beating ‘round the bush

Let's get it on

You know what I'm talking about

Let your love come out

If you believe in love let's get it on

I know you know what I'm dreaming of

I aint gonna worry, I aint gonna push

Stop beating ‘round the bush”


O.K. Source…let's get it on!

(A brief note: I will no longer be doing World Puja broadcasts, but hope that you will continue to tune in and enjoy their regular offerings.)

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.

Until next time,  

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