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Oooooowheeee! The solstice really brought in some interesting energy. Although a message was just posted here on the 20 th , this most recent energy is worth mentioning. Solstices encourage us to go deep. The solstice energy represents a time when the sun is the farthest north or south of the equator. Depending upon where one resides on the planet, that day has the most sunlight or the least sunlight of the year. Energetically, this time supports going deep, or “the farthest.”

During this time, any remaining darkness is up and out. There is no one currently “minding the store,” so the darkness or denser energies, or what I call “dis-connect” energies, are basically running rampant now and thinking that they can do whatever they please. This is a common pattern of ascension. If you have read The Ascension Primer , you will know what I am referring to. Whenever we reach a pivotal point of reaching a higher vibrational level, we then immediately receive directly on its' heels, the opposite, in order to release or integrate, as there is no polarity in the higher realms.

These energies that are now up and out can feel out of control, bold and nervy, unpredictable, and even downright ugly. The more connected one is, the more uncomfortable they will feel during this time. Those who are mostly in dis-connect energy, and navigate from it, will be feeling great, as they think that everything is going their “ego” way. Sounds harsh, but this is the way it is.

If you are fairly well connected to Source, you will most likely be feeling uncomfortable physically as well. You may be experiencing diarrhea, upset stomach or a gut wrenching feeling, head pressure, body stiffness and inability to move about easily, exhaustion, and basically feel as though you are repulsed by something. Lots of pressure and perhaps difficulty with breathing. Basically, UGH!

Emotionally, this energy that is up can bring about short tempers too. You may feel as though there is nowhere to go that feels remotely good. You may find yourself lashing out at anything that is not making sense or is coming from a lower vibrating space. It can feel as though you have had enough and don't mind telling that source of denser energy, exactly how you feel!

Those who receive a lot of their higher information in the dream state and therefore connect there more easily, will be having dreams related to darkness, or fighting darkness. At any rate, what is left of the denser energies is running around, out of control, with seemingly no light to rein it in or create a boundary. This is why many of us are screaming at these energies, as we are having to set them straight ourselves, without any back-up or higher vibrating energies at our disposal right now.

Basically what is occurring, is that the light has stepped back as it is revving up for a big tidal wave of light to arrive in July. We are at mid-point, so to speak. It is as if the teacher has left the classroom, and those who do not know how to behave, are taking advantage and mis-behaving. No worries, as this phase is not going to last very long. Although these phases are part of the ascension process, with less and less darkness remaining, the patterns begin to get shorter and shorter at one end. In the beginning of our ascension process, the dark end of the process was long, as there was much of it. But now, it is the shorter end, so to speak.

As the darkness that is left thinks it is OK to come out now, it is then up and visible, just in time for the big wave of light to arrive and sweep it up. Almost like a cat and mouse game. So don't despair if you are one who is uncomfortable right now. The tide will turn very soon. During these times, I usually just try and lay low.

Short message this time, as I just wanted to clarify this seemingly sudden turn of the tide. For a longer and more exciting message, please feel free to visit the archives and read the message for June 20th. God bless…



Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times. Until next time,





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