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There has been so much going on this month regarding shifts and planetary alignments, it's difficult to keep up! Sometimes I feel that I need to write an energy alert every other day! Along with the energies and purposes that the eclipses and equinox are bringing us this month, we are also experiencing unusual and regular blasts of energy that can keep us reeling.

March 16 th brought in another of these monumental blasts of higher energy. Here is what is occurring with these intermittent surges: We are bumping up in vibration most intensely from now until the summer months. With each surge of energy the vibration of the planet, as well as ourselves, will be raised until the vibration culminates around July or so. June, July and August of last year were pivotal months, and these same months will be pivotal this year as well, but for another reason and in another way.

The equinox and the solar eclipse will bring in more pieces for our individual clarity and more pieces to support the new beginning of our new purposes. The lunar eclipse brought us into our shadows for clearing and more clarity. You may have experienced a day of self-loathing or been smack in the middle of the energies of the parts of yourself that you aren't so wild about. “Everyone must hate me,” you might have been feeling during this time. But when we are “down” we are also offered the opportunity to really decide what is working for us and what is not. What needs to be cleared away in our lives?

So now arrives this intense energy of Thursday the 16 th . Like a powerful laser beam, it hit the Earth and really moved the energy. For me, I always experience extreme bloating and indigestion as I am expanding and trying to integrate this energy. This was the most intense experience I have yet encountered. And then I lay awake all night. But these new surges that are occurring and will continue on will be intermittent and brief……they are similar to supports arriving to hold up a new platform……and they are arriving one by one.

For some, this latest surge may have left you reeling. The first day or so that a new energy arrives always feels great. With this latest surge, again like the energy of the 2 nd of March, a great clarity arrived which was a wonderful opportunity to see what will be in store for each of us. It also brings in a unity and a feeling that things are being resolved. Then immediately arrives the integration. This latest surge really pushed things around.

I don't know how a lot of you are feeling these days as I have been basically in seclusion for the past two months, so I can only describe my personal experiences here. I am currently perched upon an underground pyramid of new energy that is emerging in the White Mountains of Arizona. This area will become a golden city and a mecca for the new world, so the energies here are greatly magnified. But higher energy always magnifies things, no matter where you are. My cats are also behaving very strangely…….very clingy, confused, acting as if they are in pain, and at times very hyper.

If you are one of many who never felt they belonged here, or that nothing ever felt right or fit, you will really feel this now with the latest energy of the 16th. Energy shifts nearly always bring in the old familiar “no sense of place” feeling. We are being knocked out of our grooves with these shifts. We don't want to get too comfortable in old energy or old ways or we will never make change! You may now feel like you don't belong anywhere, can't get comfortable anywhere, and feel generally out of sync. My non-physical star being companion calls it “grossly out of sync with the outside reality.” Notice he said “grossly!” So now we are vibrating much higher than our outside world.

This mismatch can create an intolerance to being in a store, for instance, and an inability to become involved in most conversations as they will make no sense to you. “Why are people blindly handing over money for services, like slaves to some monetary power? Have we forgotten how to create for ourselves instantly and in the palms of our hands?” This is the store scenario. “Why are you all talking ‘round and ‘round and getting nowhere? Why aren't you being and doing in a straight shot of energy without the peripherals? Why are you discussing “what is” and there-by creating much more of it? Why aren't you experiencing instead of discussing?” This is the conversation scenario.

Vibrating higher creates an intolerance and inability to be part of the old. And at times this can create a hermit, but it is simply part of the process. The higher we vibrate, the more we will be forced to create on the outside what we are vibrating on the inside. And the summer months will finally bring in all the changes in form. We are simply readying at this point.

Also on the 16 th , I felt an immense magnetic pull from below my feet. And currently, we are basically spinning, as the Earth is experiencing a great shift and it is difficult being on her. This can cause a scattered feeling and inability to concentrate and stay grounded. The magnetics are changing. I don't know much about the scientific aspects of this kind of thing, but this is what I am experiencing. A big shifting is occurring. The Earth is turning inside out, or basically beginning to vibrate rightside up in order to correct herself and maintain this alignment of a higher vibration.

As we have completed the last phase of detoxing and emptying out, we are now starting to fill up as well. Except for the night of the 16 th , I have been sleeping for 12 hours straight each night. Much is occurring in the night as we sleep in regard to a new integration and receiving of new information and new ways. We have arrived in a new place and are now “becoming” it.

For first wavers and the highly sensitive, these new changes are really rockin' and rollin' for us. First wavers have been at it the longest and are therefore more emptied out and ready to receive the new. We're also the most tired and also, then, the most ready! And being tired and not caring is the perfect by-product that ascension produces to put us in an energy space of allowing, getting our egos out of the way, and receiving.

So here's the progression: Solar eclipse and equinox energy will bring in more pieces to support our new roles. Mercury moving forward will assist. More energy surges will continue at various intervals providing rungs for the new palette. The summer will bring in the culmination of it all and we can begin creating in the physical a more higher vibrating reality.

Another important piece of news is relevant here as well. These energy shifts can really scatter everything, including friends, identities and our old roles and relationships with people and “things.” Things will be coming back together again and this will begin at the end of March and especially in April. Gradually we will begin strengthening and connecting with “new” everything…….people, places and projects. These new connections will perfectly match how we are now vibrating and what we will now be doing and creating. By the summer months, we will have unity with a whole new scenario.


Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times,



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