Wow! Hold On!


Immediately after the solar eclipse we began a forward movement. Although gentle at first, it is rapidly accelerating to the point of WOW! As of last night, April 5, this energy is knocking our socks off. Some of you may be thinking, “I don't feel anything,” and others may be barely walking and talking. This is a short message this time, as I am one who is barely walking and talking.

I have not felt a surge of higher energy this intense for several years. If you are fairly open and sensitive, you may be having heart palpitations or the like as our hearts are trying to accommodate a much higher frequency. You may feel very nauseous or need to run to the bathroom every few minutes. You may have a headache or you may feel as thought your body is turning inside out with severe muscle pain and weakness. You may feel extreme anxiety as so much energy is racing through your system. Or you may even feel as though you are losing your mind……..

Doesn't sound like too much fun, does it? What is happening here is that we are having to accommodate 100 watts of energy into a 75 watt lightbulb, but we would not be doing this if we were not ready. Can you imagine having this happen a few months or even years ago? We would probably be dead.

All the aligning and readying that needed to occur the past few months is finally finished. We are now actually inhabiting the new space that all the readying was for. All the new information is arriving. We are now in our new places and the process will now begin unfolding. The new places we are inhabiting are lined up in all ways. This is why we are feeling so much energy moving….there are no more blockages or integrating or readiness required.

Basically, although things may feel intense, something very holy is occurring. Even though we are now in new and higher vibrating spaces, and even though we have already done much preparing, we are still purging and detoxing when we first arrive. This will be a very short and intense phase of an “arrival detox”, ergo feeling sick inside. It results from an immediate arrival into a higher vibrating reality and can cause a sort of “shock” to our systems. And in addition, you may even feel a bit traumatized when it is over.

What comes next? We are moving into our new places with our new roles. This is different for everyone. For many, you will not be doing anything remotely resembling what you have done so far. Why? You have been reincarnated into a new life with a new role on a new planet. We are now in the process of creating the new world, and this will be your new role.

This new energy space we are now aligned with will also provide an exit point for some. Basically, we have a pre-birth soul plan, so we are all right where we need to be at exactly the right time. But for some, the opportunities presented for growth and expansion were not chosen and they will leave. These exit points arrive continually and there is always a another new one on the horizon.

Whatever level you were at before will now be gone as you will be arriving at the next level that is perfect for you. I have been getting substantial amounts of information about living totally connected to Source and the higher ways without the need for outside modalities. Manifesting in the palm of the hand, creating in new and higher ways, and connecting at much higher levels. Although exciting, it is a bit nerve wracking as well. But the New World is ready to be birthed and we signed on for this project!

You're probably growing weary of hearing me say this over and over, but the longer the energy is “out,” the bigger it is when it comes barreling back in again. And here it comes! Are you ready for the next adventure?  


Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times,




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