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We have completed the integration process from all the higher energies which arrived in March (along with so much new that began at the end of December), and we are now perfectly poised to resume forward movement once again.

So then, we are locked into our very new spaces in the higher realms and it looks awesome indeed. New connections are now perfectly in place and we are anchored to them with a very strong and unbreakable connection. This relates to people, residences, work, and much of everything else.

These new and very strong connections will bring us much strength and a very new bonding with the higher realms. Yes, we are connected once again. All the re-calibrating and re-arranging is now complete. We will continue on in these new spaces for some time, until a new shift and opportunity arrives for change once again. For instance, if you are in currently in a relationship and you recently had an opportunity to leave, but you chose to stay, you will most likely remain in that relationship for awhile now. If you just recently left a relationship, you are now in your very new space and will continue in that space for awhile.

The matches in vibration and soul purpose are now complete for this phase. In order to match up, many experienced grand and exciting leaps in order to be in similar vibrational spaces with others, and some chose to remain in their current spaces for various reasons….ready to move ahead at a later date. All is always in perfect and divine order.

With this latest integration now complete, the magical energy again magnifies, with awesome synchronicities, supports, and great nudges forward. In any regard, we will now be matched with our current vibration and soul purpose, whether we are consciously ready or not! You may feel nudged and pushed ahead to your next step, as your soul and the universe seem to know more than you do what your very next step should be. Great energetic openings are now present, and thus, many opportunities abound.

The sluggish, negative, seemingly dark, and tense energies are now smoothed out and dissipated. Things have adjusted indeed. The gates have opened once again, and the time for our dreams to come true is now. We will be lifted up by invisible hands, guided by the higher energies, and propelled forward as never before….into wonderful and exciting experiences in the magical land of the higher realms.

A lightness can be felt physically as well. It is as if we are in the space between the thoughts in a meditation, or in that space of no space where the center of creation exists. For me, it is almost as if my body has shut down in some ways, with no appetite and no feelings of any pushing or gravity within. A total lightness, neutrality, and freedom. A sense of no connection to any density as we are now very connected to a much higher vibrating reality and energy.


Virginia Tech

On Monday here in the US, we experienced a horrific incident. 33 individuals were killed and 15 injured on a college campus when a student went on a shooting spree. It most certainly was something that captured all of our attention, as we grieve for the loss of life and the families involved. When anything occurs at this magnitude, it is because we need to be paying attention to something in order to make a change and to raise our consciousness. What was the higher cause of this event? Why did it occur now and what are we needing to pay attention to and change?

The incident at Virginia Tech occurred on the heels of the big collision energies of the higher vibrations meeting up and contrasting greatly with the lower vibrating energies (please read the energy alert for April 16th for more details). The contrast between the higher and lower vibrating energies was huge. Beautiful souls lost their lives (but as we know, there are no accidents as each of us chooses at soul levels when and how to depart to a higher reality). When a horrific event occurs, many exceptional souls choose to depart as they have agreed to use their departure (such as 9/11) to assist in giving a message to the planet and to assist in raising the consciousness and vibration for many. All is always in order.

So then, what was the message we needed to hear? What do we need to change and give more attention to? In the particular incident at Virginia Tech, the individual who was responsible for all the deaths had been exhibiting strange and alarming behavior for some time. A few took as much action as they could in trying to remove this individual from the rest of the campus, but things were never taken to any great lengths, even though the energies of this individual were fairly known to most.

In the higher realms, we shut the door behind us (there is an entire chapter about this in the new program Stepping Into the New Reality…and yes, I promise it will finally be ready soon!). Lower vibrational energies are simply not allowed in. In a compassionate and loving way, they are sternly given the message that they cannot exist and be a part of a higher vibrating society and reality. What we are now learning is that we must take stronger action when we know there is a dark and lost energy trying to exist in a space of lighter energy.

Without exhibiting hatred, disgust, or anger, these energies must be escorted to a healing place where they belong, and they must not be allowed in the New World. The gap is far too great to be sending love to this type of energy while it continues to exist along with the masses, as love cannot be accepted or recognized by energies such as these, and therefore cannot make any kind of change or create any kind of movement within such a dense and dis-connected energy. As harsh as it may seem, when a vibrational gap is very substantial, forms of healing and love must be utilized, but after the individual has been removed from the higher vibrating whole, and at times, these very lost souls simply cannot be saved. The only recourse in situations such as this, where the density and darkness is far too great, is to remove these energies from the masses and let specific beings give them as much healing, love, and attention as possible while they are segregated.

At times the light needs to be firm, and this was one of those times. So what we are being shown, is a situation that was created so that we would begin to take stronger action in regard to removing the darker and denser energies from spaces where these energies can no longer exist. The cultures of the ancients and the indigenous ones knew this and practice it still. And in addition, unity between those experiencing the fall-out is always a higher level by-product when these types of situations occur.

The collision energy of these past few weeks between the lower and higher vibrating energies has indeed created explosions of many kinds, and the incident at Virginia Tech was a profound example.

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.

Until next time,  

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