Yael and Doug Powell

Yael and Doug Powell

Yael Powell began meditating as part of her ministerial training many years ago. For over thirty years she has had a daily communion with God that she has faithfully recorded. She stands in the tradition of Hildegard von Bingen and other mystics who found God's loving voice through experiences of great suffering transformed into Love.

In 1983 Yael was diagnosed with a painful progressive disease of the spine. She was in excruciating physical and emotional pain, a true dark night of the soul that ended the active life she had known. Death seemed preferable to the life before her, and she began to contemplate suicide. In her darkest moment, she called out to God for help. "Suddenly I began to be lifted to a place of great beauty, of sparkling light, and I was filled with an amazing energy that felt like dancing golden rain. I felt the loving presence of God." Each day Yael began to receive beautiful visions during meditation which gave her strength and the courage to live in her painful physical condition. She faithfully recorded these experiences with her words, becoming "the pen in God's hand."

In 1986 after her marriage to Doug Powell, the Messages intensified and began unfolding the SoulMate teaching, new to the planet, and their path of service as SoulMates. The Messages helped Yael and Doug grow through Yael's release of a childhood of incest and pain and through the challenges that disability can bring to a marriage. They grew as a couple from ego-relating to a heart-centered relationship. In Yael's words: "We now understand that we are walking every step of what has been the human path back to the reconnection with God that is now happening on Earth. My body will be healed when it is the reflection of the healing of the Divine Feminine on Earth, and with that, the Divine Masculine will return to balance. At that point, Twin Flames everywhere will return into perfect union, as we were created."

Yael and Doug Powell live at Circle of Light, their spiritual center in Eureka Springs, Arkansas in the Ozarks, where they are ministers in their own wedding chapel, hold workshops and publish books through Circle of Light Press. This couple holds a vision of a world where all of humanity knows our deep connection with our Creator and where every person is with his or her SoulMate. They share the Messages from God and their experiences through workshops, the Say "Yes" to Love series of books and their websites. They have been blessed with the stewardship of their beautiful spiritual center where the natural surroundings enhance spiritual growth and understanding of how the shared heart is the pathway for God's Love on Earth.

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