Receiving from the Real Source The Wave Collapses in You

Beloved ones, as you become the heart of Love, as you move into this resonance, then you become true co-creators, for you become the focus of God. You become the place where the quantum field collapses the wave through your consciousness and the rush of Creation itself flows effortlessly through you.

You are the zero point. You are the genesis of Creation, as all that is held by the still breath as the potential of God I Am coalesces, beloved ones, to know itself and to be expressed through you, through the heart of God you are. You are the place where the energies of Creation become known. You are consciousness and Love being extended, made manifest in brand new ways.

You are reaching the place where you are recognizing this truth – that life comes forth brand new each moment through the conduit of the heart of God that is you.

It truly is an orgasm, beloved ones, the expression of all of the energies of Creation exploding forth through your glorious hearts focused by your consciousness, given birth through the womb of Love that is the expression of the Twin Flame heart of God. It is made manifest in the Now Moment in glorious perfection. It is so effortless that there need be no preparation.

Attuned to the resonance of Love, it is infallible in its creation. It is guided perfectly by your focus as the expanded awareness of perfection of Love. You are truly the open doorway through which I am expressed in all this glory into a dynamic, magnificent experience of life that is the place where all life comes to be known, to be loved, to be blessed and to be expanded through grace.

How this can be… how grace appears in this Moment of Creation that you are, is that Love has a purpose that is ever and always its multiplication. Its giving, its extension occurs through you. Therefore, your heart need not guide it but rather becomes a part of the dance, joins in the miracle of Creation to be “blown away” by the orgasm of Love. It becomes the place where all life meets and is expanded in indescribable ways.

So to become the place where Creation exists, begins, is made manifest, where the forces of life make themselves known as an experiential unfolding…this, beloved ones, is you. All of this is an expression of the resonance of Love, the vibration of Creation in the eternal Now Moment, the miracle of life bursting into communion as Love understands itself through this cascade of Creation that is you. Love is born of our endless communion, expanded by the glory of your heart, propelled by the essence of your nature that is the “en-conscious-ment” of Creation itself. It is allowed to paint itself before you in a luminosity of the expressions of what is possible in God.

This is how Creation occurs in the non-physical. It is ever pouring forth through the heart of God I Am made tangible by each ray or expression of divinity, each facet of this energy and Love – dancing forth in communion, the communion of the heart of God with all Love.

It is inherent within your being that you are the living quantum field and you are the zero point, the Moment of Creation. You are the energy that collapses the wave and the consciousness that brings it through the open conduit of My heart and makes it visible in the realms of spirit, which, of course, everything is.

Beloved ones, it is time to hold this resonance and to raise your vision, to expand your hearts into this field of Love that you might come alive to this ongoing miracle and begin to be in alignment with the truth of your being – that Love might live itself as you and be made manifest according to grace, according to the Will of Love itself, according to Love’s inherent nature which is, of course, your own. It is ready to be born anew right now.

This resonance of Love can be felt. It can be heard with your inner hearing. It can be seen with the vision of the heart and you can be aware of your place in Creation, co-creators far beyond the mental picture of the little mind, alive in the vibrant reality of Love, timelessly.


So all the things that keep you looking at yourself as human beings and keep you focused on creating what the ego wants and thinks it needs…all the things that keep you examining the illusion for answers, such as looking at the past or believing in the subconscious… or attempting to decipher the present from the experiences of the human ego…

These things keep you at a vibration point that isn’t able to encompass the Word of God, the resonance of Love…whatever words you choose to use for this explosion of glory. As you raise your vision up – not only your vibration, beloved ones, but where you look for your source of energy, information, inspiration and identity – when you live, dear ones, through your heart – then all of this occurs naturally. You will feel the collapse of the wave -- to use the terminology of quantum physics -- becoming real in you and through you, making Love visible in brand new ways.

You are on the very important threshold where many of you are teetering at present. You are lifting up to fly, feeling the pull of your true vision, acknowledging the heart’s resonance as the answer to every question – while at the same time, believing in the world as a source for your identity and your experiences.

This is why I come to give you a nudge that you might tip the scale toward the truth of Love, that you might feel your heart as a resonance that is the supply for everything. All that you believe that you need, will be superseded by Love’s perfect vision and bring to you an experience of your destiny that the mind cannot begin to hold.

I Am the Source of your life. Love is what I Am made of. You are the expression of my heart. Giving Love is your destiny. The nature of Love is multiplication. It is the exponential expansion of Love’s gift, reality and blessing, when you recognize the wholeness of these things as your essence, your inherent nature, your heart as the fulfillment of your purpose and your experiences the result of your consciousness communing with this Love.

All of you are understanding that you are co-creators and you are meant to be. This is pushing to be known by everyone, by every precious person in the whole world. Yet, the knowing can be perceived within the dream, within the mist of the illusion of duality. It can be seen as you, the human being, attempting to create what the mind believes you want and need.

Or…you can open to the vehicle that is the expression of your reality as the heart of Love and feel the living song of the divine, the voice of God I Am singing forth as you. You can allow the build-up of orgasmic Love and feel that you are integral to Creation itself. As you step into the Divine, into the pure experience of the Now Moment, you become the open heart of Love manifesting its perfection as you and thus, creating in every endless dimension of life the Moment of Creation, the zero point, collapsing the wave.

Because you are the center, the heart, beloved ones…all of this can be real to you. It can be experienced through the vehicle of your heart that is boundless, free and fully aware in its communion with All That Is. From the perspective of a human being, beloved ones, your experience of life is so limited. It is like looking at the cosmos through a pin hole.

But the open heart is seeing the perfect view of everything in the Now Moment, all of it in communion with heart and spirit, ready to be expressed uniquely in you, through you, as you.


So to begin, choose to remember that Love is the source of everything. I Am the essence of all life giving everything to you to be manifested through your heart that Love may be extended. Because you are reaching for the timeless realm, for the power of the Moment of Creation, for the vibration that truly is the Word – it is the place where Love is now exploding into communion with itself in such countless ways that only the heart can define them…

Therefore, attune yourself to the resonance of Reality. Attune your heart to the perceiving of the Moment of Creation itself. Align your consciousness to the receiving of this communion and be willing to be the open conduit. Let go into this resonance of Love. Allow the lifting up of your whole vision, the vision of your heart, of your limitless consciousness, and beloved ones, of your little mind, that you might consciously become aware of the creation point – that place in the heart of your being where All That Is is now exploding into conscious awareness.

Love is knowing itself as you, becoming itself brand new, exploding into the expression of God I Am, fully “en-conscious-ed” through your awareness and brought forth by your Love. All of this is ecstasy – the collapse of the wave, the orgasm of creation, the meeting of Love and consciousness, the union of the Divine as masculine and feminine, the place where the void becomes conscious creation – all of this is the same expression for that which lives in you.

Beloved ones, raise your vision. Feel the resonance of the Moment of Creation. Let it reverberate through your whole being and lift you beyond the vibration of duality, beyond the habit of looking for causes, searching for identities in the world outside of you, playing in the limited field of the mind, when the whole of Creation is the consciousness of God, the I Am within you.

Most of all, I want you to feel this exquisite and orgasmic explosion, beyond all possibilities of naming, but effortlessly available to the heart. Beloved ones, it is so important to shift your source from that which you see as the world to the life of the spirit, to the presence of this communion, this Love, the receptivity, beloved ones, to receiving your identity directly and eternally from Me in the Now Moment.

You are the Alpha and Omega. You are the beginning and the end of the circle. You are the building of the desire to give this Love and the orgasmic ecstasy of doing it and all around you, perceived by your heart, is the results. The results of seeing your true source and accepting that which I Am ever giving you is that everything that is made manifest by your Love will be in resonance with the truth of your being and will be in accord with the Will of Love as you.

If you perceive your source as the world, then the expression of your truth can be two things. It can be perfectly in accord with your true being or it can be the limited human and all that duality incurs – a “mixed bag,” so to speak, the expression of the possibility of other than good and other than Love and other than the truth of your being.

It is the shift in the awareness of your Source, the Source of all things, even those things perceived as physical – the source of your life, your breath, your identity, your Love, your abundance, your home, that which feeds you – all of this comes from the explosion of the miracle of our communion and of your reception of the gift of your life. Your Real life and true identity…

It is only when this changes that we can hold the Real as the resonance of the expression of this life on Earth. Beloved ones, this time is here. It is not coming. It is NOW. Every moment it is your choice – choosing your heart, or choosing the ego. Choosing, dear ones, to live your potential as the true creator, the heart of the All…that the vibration of Love then becomes the entrainment of every aspect, dear ones, of your experience and the experiences of all who touch you.

This creation point that is your heart, this amazing resonance of the Creation of life, the orgasmic presence of the explosion of Love, ready to power all your creations and power them with the resonance of unity…this, dear ones, can be your choice, and thus can be Love made manifest as you.

As this choice is made, as you remember your Source, as you allow your heart to be that which you live through…then the world of two eyes, the choices of ego to believe in Love and “not-Love” together …these things can change instantly, the moment you choose to be the zero point, to be the collapse of the wave of Love, Love made manifest through you.

Then the world of two eyes will transform and your heart will show you every circumstance. Because you are functioning through Love, every expression of your life and identity will be magnificent beauty and the heart’s endless experience of joy.

You will find that the vision of your heart far surpasses the world of two eyes and though it may be difficult to comprehend, what it would mean to see only Love. It will be Heaven on Earth. Yet the color will have richness and depth, luminosity and inclusiveness, encompassing the endless omni-verse in every expression of your life each moment.

Oh, dearest ones, there are no words for it beyond “stunning” and “beautiful.” It will mean that you are fully alive to the whole, to the hologram of God and the heart sees all of it right now. From “All That Is,” you can choose your focus and bring that expression before you. There shall be no limits, no perceived barriers, no physicality. Just being fully alive in the all-encompassing Love…

I have said to you many times, beloved ones, that I Am your Source for everything. Now this choice to remember where you receive from, to align with the resonance of Love is ever more important, that the consciousness and the heart of humanity can open and live the truth.

I Am with you Now in whole new ways as you experience the Moment of Creation as the center of your being, as your true identity and as the gift of Love that you are giving just as naturally as you breathe your next breath. Love is providing all for you. I Am showing you all that you are and you are completing the circle in gratitude and giving Love through your open heart.


miecsha williams 31st January 2011 1:31 pm

Amazing! that's all I can say

Steve and Patrica Amarant 31st January 2011 7:23 pm

Sweet, holy, light of infinite love. Now banded together, ever turning, ever expanding from causeless joy and wondrous grace. I feel for the treasure in my chest..aaahhhh
right here, right Now, in my heart. Thank you for your good message.

Peter fox 20th June 2014 4:18 am

I'm with Miecsha- and with "thank you" is all I can say!


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